What is Wealthy Affiliate about, scam or legit learning platform?

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With the recent shut down of MOBE & Digital Altitude by the FTC, there has surprisingly been talk about other training and learning platforms questioning their legitimacy. Among the sites under scrutiny are STM Forum(Stack that Money), DeadBeat Affiliate, Affilorama & Sitesell aka Solo Build It just to name a few that I haven't ever been involved with. I have, however been a Premium Member at WA since June 2015 so I do know what Wealthy Affiliate is about and whether it's a scam or a legit learning platform.

My answer is absolutely and without a doubt that Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a legitimate learning platform that I highly recommend to all of my Family & Friends who ask for my advice. Not only is the training top-notch, up to date and appropriate, it is also well worth the minimal cost of $49 per month for Premium Membership and Benefits.

Not only is the Premium Membership well worth the investment, you are able to sign up completely free. That's right, keep your credit card in your wallet or purse, sign up for Free and remain a Free Member as long as you need and/or want to. You will also have 7 days to try out some of the Premium features, Live Chat, Support, 1 on 1 coaching and other wonderful ways to truly find out if the Wealthy Affiliate training and community are a fit for you.

You'll learn how to create your own WordPress website through the amazing SiteRubix.com platform and even have 2 websites with hosting including with your Free Starter membership. You'll be able to choose your niche, domain name, create your blog and even monetize your website & all at no cost to you. You'll also have the first 10 lessons available to you along with 30 FreeJaaxy Keyword searches, your own personal blog here within the WA platform and the ability to earn 20% Affiliate Commissions when and if you choose to share the Wealthy Affiliate platform. That is only one of the ways that you'll be able to earn as you learn even as a Free Starter Member.

When you do decide that the Wealthy Affiliate learning experience is for you, you'll be able to upgrade to being a Premium Member with many benefits including the following:

  • Jaaxy Lite Keyword Research Tool with Unlimited Searches
  • Up to 25 Free SiteRubix Domains with Hosting included
  • Up to 25 WordPress Websites that you either already own or that you purchase hosted as well.
  • Premium Training for all levels as well as the weekly Live Training Webinar hosted by Magistudios (Jay, pictured above) who has been a Member for over 11 of the 13 years that Wealthy Affiliate has been online.
  • 2X higher payout for a 40% rate Affiliate Commissions when and if you decide to share WA through your website, social media sites, emails etc....
  • Access to the Owners, Kyle & Carson via Private Messages as well as Live Chat.
  • Your own blog here within the WA platform. (Blogs here rank very well) (For Proof, Google "MOBE Federal Trade Commission") MY WA Post should be on Page #1 after the FTC.gov posts.
  • 24/7/365Website Support(The most amazing that I have ever experienced)
  • Website Feedback Platform
  • Website Comments Platform
  • Website Analisys
  • Website Backup
  • SiteContent - The Ultimate Writing Platform with over 1 Million Free Images included as well as CopyScape, Spell and Grammar Checker, Templates and more!
  • Ability to list up to 7 website and/or social media site(s) on the right side of your WA profile page for more exposure and growth.
  • After 90 days you'll be able to create and earn with training on WordPress, Social Media. Internet Marketing etc.... topics.
  • So much more as the Wealthy Affiliate platform has grown and gotten better and better in my over 3 years as a member here.

Once You sign up for free here at Wealthy Affiliate, make sure to complete your bio and upload a picture as that is by far the best way to get off on the right foot here within the community. When you upload your picture and write your bio, don't worry about getting them perfect at first because they can be edited, added to, completely changed at any time.

View mine below:

So, this article started out being about whether or not Wealthy Affiliate is a scam like the MOBE, Digital Altitude and other sites have been accused of and shut down for. Back to that now, What completely separates WA from those other sites as well as so many others is that they are MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) and Wealthy Affiliate isn't. WA is truly and without a doubt completely Affiliate Marketing in every sense of the true meaning, others claim to be so as to not sound scammy...... WA also takes the GDPR very seriously, sharing with membership how to make sure that our websites are compliant and safe.

Don't take the above in the wrong way, I am not at all against MLM's, Network Marketing, Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing or any other kind of marketing. I am however against selling products and/or services at outrageous costs in order to pay huge commissions to many upline members and I am also not a fan at all of up charges, up sells and add-ons.

Here at Wealthy Affiliate you have the choice to become a Premium Member or not, there aren't any other levels of membership. The same with the Jaaxy Keyword Tool platform within WA, You either stay with the Jaaxy Lite or upgrade to either Jaaxy Pro or Jaaxy Enterprise.

Of course if you choose to buy your own .com ,net .org etc... website(s) in addition to the up to 25 Free ones available to you as a Premium Member then they will cost you about $14 each per year. The amazing thing is that you'll be able to purchase them right here with WA through the SiteDomains platform and they come with Site SSL https: Encryption, Site Speed, Site Protect and Spam blocker for better SEO rankings with Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc..

Now that we've established that Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a legit learning platform and not in any way a scam or anything even remotely resembling one, it's time to also thank WA for not only letting us try this amazing platform for free. Also for allowing us to remain free members as long as we need and/or want to be plus the ability to upgrade to Premium Membership for such a low cost of $49 per month.......


There's More!

Yes, it gets even better!

You will be offered an amazing discount price of only $19 for the first month when you choose to upgrade within the first 7 days!

Another reason to upload your picture, write a biography and get started with training as well as with the community right away so that you can see if Wealthy Affiliate is a fit for you to be able to take Kyle & Carson up on their 1st month "Action Takers" discount!


There's More!

Yes, it gets even better!

After the first discounted month at $19 you'll then have the opportunity to either remain a monthly Premium Member or accept the awesome Yearly Premium offer of $359 for the entire year!

Yes, that's right!

For a mere .82 cents a day you'll be able to learn and earn on the internet with your very own WordPress blog along with the most amazing training, most helpful community and the most ultimate support in the industry!

Are You ready to start on your journey to living the Laptop Lifestyle?

I and the entire WA Family are here to assist you all along the way, All of our success is my daily prayer.

Thank you for taking the time to read and share this article with Friends & Family who would love to earn 100% online with their blog and from anywhere in the world!

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Smashing Review Tony. Love the way you highlighted the one on one coaching, a good reason for going premium, and the weekly webinars from one of the best in the business, Jay. Thanks!

Thank you so much David for the Smashing compliment my Friend!

Jay's weekly webinars are indeed top notch and the best in the Affiliate Marketing Business.

You are welcome David,


Good Post.

Thank you Jerry,


Wealthy Affiliate has always been legitimate. What really makes it stand out is that the owners of it will respond to questions or concerns that you have and the training will be updated if necessary. I love being a part of WA and what they teach here is life changing as long as you apply what's being taught.

So true Brian,

Kyle, Carson, support and the entire community are wonderful about responding to questions and concerns,

Thank you for sharing your feelings about Wealthy Affiliate my Friend,


Briliant, brilliant post Tony, to add to this awesome post of yours, one of the things we learn here, through doing reviews and the training is... Just HOW poor some of the ventures that we get passed and pitched on a daily basis ARE.

Like you and many others here, since being at WA, I have scaled back on many of the ventures I was associated with and in ding so, at least one of them, which I thought was good & a blogging platform, has shown itself to be a very poor choice indeed.

Thanks for sharing

You are welcome Dave and thank you my Friend for the brilliant compliment.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Wealthy Affiliate and how good the platform is compared to others that you've been involved with.


Great article even though i have only being a premium member for around 6 months I love wa

Even if I never earn a penny the cost of being a premium member is so good that I can create websites and have them posted up to 25 of my own how good is that

Having said that I am still working on making some money but the brilliance of wa is the massive collection of training available and the immense help that you can get from other members

Well done we and well done for a great reminder article

Awesome Paul!

I agree with you my Friend that the earning is simply the icing on the cake that is already magnificent in and of itself.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the massive collection of training and immense help available to us all here at WA Paul.


The question comes to mind why is it necessary to bring comparisons into such an otherwise excellent blog of WA to those companies currently closed down by the FTC. Is it not sufficient to state the benefits offered by the WA product only and emphasise its compliance rather than stray into the “mirky” territories such as the HTAM companies seem to have been operating in?

The answer is undoubtedly traffic driven but for me, as a veteran by age but newbie to Internet marketing, it raises ethical questions which surely WA would be better off not to be associated with? Why drag WA into that space when the positive factors towards it are so strong?

Hi Will, I notice you answered your own question. Yes, the association is definitely not to drag WA's name down but to harness some of the traffic.

Have a look at previous posts by Tony about the masses of traffic he received when he blogged about the Mobe shutdown.

I would imagine another reason would be to help the people who were affected by the shutdown of those companies. They will be looking for safe ways to make money online and this is where they can learn the skills to build an online empire.

I think it's perfectly timed post. To me, it's a brilliant move of Tony's.

Hi Will,

yes my Friend, traffic is wonderful to this blog as well as anyone's blog who is looking to create an audience and provide quality content.

The reason behind sharing the other not so legit "Learning Platforms" along with WA is more than just creating more traffic, it's also a rebuttal to those who have brought up the question as stated above.

Thank you so much Will for the excellent question, it provided me with many thoughts and ideas.


Thank you so much Lauren Jean, I couldn't have said it better myself my Friend!

Hmm, you’re somehow missing the ethical question posed, it’s a balance I recognise and I just question whether mixing these factors is a wise thing to do overall.

Tony has taken time to reflect on the issues raised and I commend him for doing so. I’m still in the process of building out my site so time will tell how my approach to content will develop.

However, in the meantime, my challenge is simply to get people to consider the ethical questions raised before writing comparative reviews.

I’m not sure of the issues that brought DA down, however, in MOBE’s case I believe it’s due to many complaints from its affiliates who failed to get any return. This is what I’ve gleaned from the Receiver’s website and must surely be reason to advise caution a) for WA’s security and b) as the Court is still in progress there are also legal issues to be addressed in making public comments.

I’m not a lawyer, so please don’t take me to task on this, rather I’m just making comment as a principled individual. Neither do I wish to detract from the excellence of Tony’s post other than my feeling it’s such a shame to bring the mirky element in to it.

With best intentions,

Thanks for reminding us Tony of what a gem of an opportunity this is.

Wonderful Robert!

You are welcome and thank you my Friend!


Awesome info thanks for sharing this With all of us, you have written an excellent explanation of why WA is the right place to to learn about the benefits and features as a member

Excellent Juan!

Thank you very much for the awesome compliment my Friend and also for sharing that you agree about why WA is the right place to learn and about the great benefits.


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