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May 15, 2022
Are your articles on Page #1 at Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.......?Being seen on Page #1 is keyAre your articles not receiving the attention that You would like?Utilize Jaaxy in order to target low hanging fruit and increase the probability of your article being seen on page #1 of potential customer's searches.Being on Page $1 is the key to creating an audience and generating sales through your content that answers the questions of your potential customers.Are your articles on Page #1?Are your sale
May 13, 2022
The Most Powerful Motivator is Your Why!What's Your Why?When You're thinking about quitting, think about Why You Got Started!Your Why is the Most Important Thing!What's Your Why?
Without sharing your website name, what's your niche?There are so many niches in the world and also here at WA so it'd be nice to know who's site to visit when we're interested in what other members are sharing!Instead of buying from a random person on the internet, it'd be nicer to buy from another WA Member.Do You Agree?We all know that we can place our website link(s) on our WA profile page so that any Premium or Premium+ Member who is following us can click on it there.That being said, What
Are You, like me and Love receiving emails that say that You've just been paid?The screenshot above are emails from just 1 of my Multiple Sources of Passive and/or Residual Income. (not WA)As most of You know, Wealthy Affiliate pays on the 1st of every month & in the almost 7 years at WA I've indeed been paid on the 1st like clockwork.Some affiliate programs pay monthly, some weekly, some daily, some instantly and most only when a specific threshold amount has been achieved.Regardless of wh
May 11, 2022
Have You heard about the new site....... NewProfilePicDotCom?My new profile pic here at WA was created there as well......It's really Awesome & Fun........See some of the pics that I was able to do there......Me, 1991 in Fort Leonard Wood, MOMy Dad 1954 United States ArmyMy Brother & I in 2019My Son's Basic Training Graduation United States ArmyMe with my Detroit Tiger hat, shirt & jacket onMe & my High School Power Lifting Coach, many years after High School......My Son & I
Happy Mother's Day to all of You Beautiful Moms!Mother's Day is indeed a time to show and tell our Mom how important and appreciated that they are...... We should of course do that every day! My Mom had 6 Children, at the age of 22 She had a 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 & Newborn.... I am the oldest, our youngest Sister came along 5 years later.I'm always sad on Mother's Day as my Mom took her own life back when I was 22 years old & stationed In Germany while in the United States Army. I had just fin
There are many Friends here at WA from all over Our World, where do You currently live?
Wealthy Affiliate Training Works, Do You?The images above show just a few of the Multiple Streams of Passive and/or Residual income that I earn online.Wealthy Affiliate Training Works when We Do!Where are you at in your training?Do You promote a niche site and/or a Make Money from Home site?Even though I've been earning an income online since 2009 I absolutely love the training here at Wealthy Affiliate & learn something new here every day!What have You learned lately from the training here
It was a deal that was way too good not to take!Are You going to upgrade to Premium Plus & Yearly now?
November 21, 2021
I've been an upgraded member here at Wealthy Affiliate since June 2015 so I've been through quite a few Black Friday sales.The beginning of this year when Premium + was introduced, I decide that the value was way more than the cost 0f $99 per month. I upgraded to Premium Plus right away from being a Premium Yearly member at the Black Friday costs of $299 per month.This coming Friday is the very 1st Black Friday event since the new Premium + membership package and Kyle/Carson have not disappoin