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It was a deal that was way too good not to take!Are You going to upgrade to Premium Plus & Yearly now?
November 21, 2021
I've been an upgraded member here at Wealthy Affiliate since June 2015 so I've been through quite a few Black Friday sales.The beginning of this year when Premium + was introduced, I decide that the value was way more than the cost 0f $99 per month. I upgraded to Premium Plus right away from being a Premium Yearly member at the Black Friday costs of $299 per month.This coming Friday is the very 1st Black Friday event since the new Premium + membership package and Kyle/Carson have not disappoin
6 years ago today Wealthy Affiliate found me or did I find WA?I've been earning an income online since 2009 and WA has been around since 2005..... How did I not find it until 2015?I'm sure that in the 6 years online prior to joining WA that more than 1 person shared and/or tried to share it with me........Was I not ready, did previous people share it with me in a wrong way, was I blind?Most likely it was a combination of all of the above........When I finally joined WA in June 2015 it was throu
Are You utilizing Instagram yet for Your Business?If not, maybe now is a great time to look into it for more business and growth!Don't let the outer numbers fool you either.....the likes, comments etc...... don't mean near as much as the insights and of course sales generated!I've been utilizing Instagram for quite a while and absolutely love the results, it's my favorite of the mainstream social sites.I do indeed network on other not so mainstream sites that also generate income but as for the
June 15, 2021
All of the above pictures are from earlier today except for the one at the middle right, which one in your opinion is the best look?The middle right one was taken on 28 January 2021 which was a very eventful day in my life.Just for fun, place the 8 looks above in your order of what you believe to be the best look.......1) Goatee & PorkChop Side Burns2) Just a Moustache3) Handle Bar Moustache4) Clean Shaven5) Trimmed Beard6) Goatee only7) Full Beard8) CaveManThank you WA Friends for playing
May 25, 2021
What does it take to grow your following?We all started at zero and go from there!I personally follow everyone and am perfectly aware that only about 10% will follow back....Sometimes even less than 10%It's the Law of Averages at work......As with anything in life, about 10% will and the other 90% won't!Here on WA, I recommend that You click on "Your Rank" then that page will take you to a Top 200 at Wealthy Affiliate page. Follow those 200 people as they're the most active at WA!Does that mea
Yes Facebook banned my main website(not the 1 that I have listed here on my WA Profile Page)It's the 1 that I have reviews to sites/opportunities that may or may not be scams.....The reason for the ban is most likely that a couple of so called "opportunities" that I had my writer write about rank high in the search engines and also many of my "friends" at FB are online marketers.Onpassive (hasn't launched & has been in pre-launch for over 2 years) & Cash FX Group are 2 of those sites me
Personal Development is a Huge Niche!Is it over saturated?At first glance, it would appear that way but take a closer look......The above screenshot from Jaaxy shows numbers that aren't so favorable for the niche and being able to compete..... especially as a newbie.See the screenshot above?The traffic isn't as huge but the QSR(competition) isn't near as massive......75% of young people are interested in some form of personal development...... is that a niche for the future?Have you ever been a
Wealthy.......My definition of being wealthy = having more than enough.How much is "more than enough"?More than enough in my humble opinion is the ability to not only support and provide for yourself and your family but also being able to move more towards your goals.As most of you know by reading my Vision at my Wealthy Affiliate Profile page that I have a Huge Vision and the date of achieving it is 31 December 2023.I've had that goal for quite some time and to be completely honest with you,
Wealthy Affiliate is such a diverse community & we have members here from all over Our World!Where do You currently live?Have You always lived in the Country that You live in now?Have You ever visited different Countries?Which Countries have You ever been in?Are they pictured above?I live in and was born in the United States of America..... I have traveled to Mexico, Canada, France & was stationed in Germany for 2 years back in the 80s while in the Army. Thank You Worldwide Friends for