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March 17, 2018
Shiny Objects or Real Opportunities?I hear time and time again about how many Friends here at WA are avoiding the "Shiny Object Syndrome" and are completely opposed to doing anything besides Wealthy Affiliate training and promoting it's affiliate program.While I do agree that WA does have an amazing affiliate program and also that the Affiliate Platofrm within Wealthy Affiliate does Rock, I also know for sure that there are other great opportunities online as well.Not one day has gone by in my
March 15, 2018
Wealthy Affiliate MentorWould you be able to list just one person who has been a mentor to you here at WA or are you like me and have many Friends here within this wonderful community to thank?Of course I can name Kyle, Jay, Nathaniel, Loes, Marion, Steve, EddY among those who I have gleaned much from and have also even tho I am 52 years of age have grown by their advice within the Affiliate Marketing Realm.Although I have been earning an income online for over 10 years, I am still striving and
March 07, 2018
My first car was a 1970 Chevy Camaro when I was 19 years old and in the United States Army.I blew the engine acting a fool with it .......What was your 1st car?
March 07, 2018
I have been here at Wealthy Affiliate for 33 months and in that time I have purchased 912 Comments for my many websites.Are you aware that you can purchase website comments here at Wealthy Affiliate? = The link that can be found by clicking on your small picture in the top right corner and then on "Credit Dashboard" That is where you can purchased credits and each credit = .50 centsComments can then be requested here at a cost of 2 credits or $1 per comme
March 04, 2018
SWATS = Super Wealthy Affiliate Top Secrets - are You in?I have just created the first training video in a series of videos titled SWATS = Super Wealthy Affiliate Top Secrets.I will share with Friends here at WA some of the ways that I have been able to gain referrals to WA and also welcome anyone else's input as well.The world is a great big place and there are many Friends out there who want to start earning an income from home.March is historically "The Best Month" for sharing Home Based Bus
February 28, 2018
Do you use the SiteComment Platform at Wealthy Affiliate?I do and besides the rare times when someone doesn't know the difference between a comment and feedback everything is great.Friends,Comment below with your thoughts on what the difference between Comments & Feedback is Please and Thank you.Here is a link to the SiteComments Platform - is the link to the SiteFeedback Platform -
February 28, 2018
February 28, 2018
February 27, 2018
We all know that Content is King!Do You also know that Marketing is Queen?Did You also know that the King is in charge as long as the Queen allows him to be?Marketing can include Social media marketing, Online Marketing, Network Marketing and actually just about anything else that helps promote you, your products, services and/or website(s).Did you also know that creating content is great but takes a minute or two to gain traction?What do you do while your great content that you created is cont
February 22, 2018
Has anyone else noticed that lately when we refer someone to WA that we also simultaneously receive and email that we have referred a Jaaxy Trial member?The Wealthy Affiliate / Jaaxy Affiliate programs just keep getting better and better!I absolutely love Jaaxy and am a yearly Pro Member, I encourage all Friends who can to also become Pro members at Jaaxy.What other ideas would you like to see happen here at WA to make things even better, more profitable, user friendly and/or amazing that they