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November 11, 2019
Have you ever thought about outsourcing your content creation?If you're like me and would rather do other things that you are better at than spend time researching and writing articles, outsourcing your content creation may be something for you to take a look at.It's not near as expensive as you would think.Keep in mind you do get what you pay for and choosing keywords as well as titles for your article are some of the things that I suggest that you still do.Seven of the past 8 articles on my m
Affiliate Marketing is indeed the world's simplest business model for newbies!You should notice that I said simple, I didn't say easy!Actually it is also easy, it's also easy not to do ...........Don't be a hamster on a wheel, running and getting nowhere!2020 is fast approaching and so is the Holiday Season, Black Friday & Cyber Monday as well.I just today realized that I had gone over 100 commissions earned for an affiliate program that I joined exactly 9 weeks ago so I am Super Pumped for
Yes, it's now November and the 1st week of the month is now over & it will be Black Friday then Cyber Monday before we know it.My traffic has steadily been increasing and this past week has broken a record that was set the week prior as well as the week prior to that.what do I contribute to the increase in traffic?A number of things including more content being produced while utilizing Jaaxy Pro (Upgrade to Jaaxy Pro now, it's only $19 per month, the ROI is Huge) as well as advanced trainin
The Black Friday Wealthy Affiliate 2019 Yearly Sale is from November 29th through December 2nd, have you seen the banners yet?To view the banners here at WA just click on the $ tab at the top right while on the dashboard then click on "Banners" which will take you to this page. Then click on the down arrow for the drop down menu and choose "Black Friday 2019 (4)" See screenshot below:As the (4) shows above, there are 4 banner sizes available & the sizes are:1000 pixels wide, 1000 pixels tal
Yes you read the title correctly, my main website has 4 new articles in the past 4 days and each of them is over 2,000 words. Not only do they each have over 2,000 words, they also have about 6 YouTube Videos embedded in each of them & no affiliate links!It's part of an experiment that I am conducting & I must also admit that I didn't write the articles myself. I hired freelance writers to write the articles, do the research etc..... All that I personally did was to Google the keyword
Summer is over in the United States and that means more people will be surfing the internet, hanging out on social media sites and spending money online.This past week my traffic has really exploded as the Google Analytics screenshot below shows & most of the increase has been due to organic searches as well as social media sites.Have you noticed an increase in traffic to your website lately?My website shares ways to increase passive & residual income 100% online, right now many people
Traffic to my main website is down this week, about 3 weeks ago I wrote a blog here on Wealthy Affiliate titled Google Love Finally! and yes my organic traffic from Google is still doing well. Now it's both Yahoo & Bing who have gone almost absent, do they all take turns ranking and not ranking our content? View the Google Analytics image below to see how my traffic has gone down in the past week.My website was averaging over 800 visitors per day and is now down to less than 800 per day,
Basic Training also known as Boot Camp is over now, Advanced individual Training is next.I am very proud of my son and it was great to be able to see him after 10 weeks, we were able to spend 4 days together.Now I dropped him back off for his next step in training, the AIT phase where he will train to be a wheeled vehicle mechanic. (His goal is to have a Jeep YJ Wrangler Business) He has already owned 2 since he turned 16 and is only 18 years of age.Jeep YJs were only built between 1987 - 199
High Commission Sales are so exhilarating!Don't take this the wrong way, I also love small commissions too.It's just that when the High Ticket Commissions start rolling in, it can be life changing.Not only do I love getting emails like the ones below, I also get excited when friends receive them as well.Do you remember getting your 1st email stating that you earned a commission?The email that I received below arrived while I was on vacation watching my son graduate from Basic Training over 700
Yes, you read the title correctly! It does indeed say "Affiliate Internet Marketing Marketing Marketing" having Marketing 3 times because the Marketing is absolutely that important. Have you ever heard the saying by realtors that the key to real estate is "Location, Location, Location"? The same goes for Affiliate Marketing online, the Marketing part is the key & the formula AIM3 is the right chemical for generating traffic and sales.More specifically, targeted marketing that generates t