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Yes Facebook banned my main website(not the 1 that I have listed here on my WA Profile Page)It's the 1 that I have reviews to sites/opportunities that may or may not be scams.....The reason for the ban is most likely that a couple of so called "opportunities" that I had my writer write about rank high in the search engines and also many of my "friends" at FB are online marketers.Onpassive (hasn't launched & has been in pre-launch for over 2 years) & Cash FX Group are 2 of those sites me
Personal Development is a Huge Niche!Is it over saturated?At first glance, it would appear that way but take a closer look......The above screenshot from Jaaxy shows numbers that aren't so favorable for the niche and being able to compete..... especially as a newbie.See the screenshot above?The traffic isn't as huge but the QSR(competition) isn't near as massive......75% of young people are interested in some form of personal development...... is that a niche for the future?Have you ever been a
Wealthy.......My definition of being wealthy = having more than enough.How much is "more than enough"?More than enough in my humble opinion is the ability to not only support and provide for yourself and your family but also being able to move more towards your goals.As most of you know by reading my Vision at my Wealthy Affiliate Profile page that I have a Huge Vision and the date of achieving it is 31 December 2023.I've had that goal for quite some time and to be completely honest with you,
Wealthy Affiliate is such a diverse community & we have members here from all over Our World!Where do You currently live?Have You always lived in the Country that You live in now?Have You ever visited different Countries?Which Countries have You ever been in?Are they pictured above?I live in and was born in the United States of America..... I have traveled to Mexico, Canada, France & was stationed in Germany for 2 years back in the 80s while in the Army. Thank You Worldwide Friends for
Are You utilizing Instagram to increase your website traffic, referrals and/or income?My answer to the above is Yes!Of all of the "Mainstream" Social Media sites I would say that Instagram is my most productive site for sharing.Do I spend much time on there? No, I don't spend much time on there at all...maybe 30 minutes a day and only a few minutes at a time.....Actual "Likes" on an image, video etc.... is very misleading & that's why I love the "Insights" feature at IG, it's much more tell
Yes, yesterday was the 1st time that I went over the 4,000 mark for a single day!4,000 per day x 365 days = 1,460,000is that correct?Numbers are usually my strong point but then again I am now 55 years old.....I'm not sure if the 4,000 per day will continue but I see no reason why it couldn't, do You?Keep in mind that I've had the above website for quite some time!Even before I joined Wealthy Affiliate in June 2015 I had the site.... years beforeIn my previous blog here at WA I talked about the
A little while back I wrote about how Google Loves Me.......It's now gotten almost scary, who else is noticing this?Time on site is low but sales are way up so that's fine with me!April & May are well-known for being great months for earning online!Are You Ready?Is Your Website Ready?All of Our Continued Success is My Daily Prayer!
April 09, 2021
It's kinda crazy, Google used to not rank my articles very quickly at all!The past 13 articles that my writer has written for me, by the time I submit them to Google, they're already indexed by them!Has anyone else noticed this?It's shocking and I thought that it was a fluke but now after 13 consecutive articles already being immediately indexed before I even submit them to Google, I am a believer!Someone asked me before if my writer was my Son..... No, my Son actually has no interest in the in
Winter & Spring Selfies.......What a difference the change in weather brings!How many years older do I look in the Winter Selfie?How many years younger do I look in the Spring Selfie?The 1 on the left is only 2 weeks later than the 1 on the right :)OK, about my About Me website........I've owned the site for quite a while now and previously just had it redirected to my WA profile page.March 30th I decided to start the month with it being an actual website......well kind only has 1
471,406 Words written on the Site Content Platform since it's launch!How long ago did it launch, do You remember?We didn't have the Site Content Platform back in June 2015 when I joined Premium at Wealthy Affiliate. I can't remember when it arrived for us here as there have been many improvements over the almost 6 years that I've been at WA!I must admit that many of those 471,406 words weren't written by me.........Most of the articles in the past year have been written by my writer whom I fou