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What have you heard about Plugins for your website?How many is too many?How many do you utilize?I use 12 plugins but I'm thinking about adding 1 more because my favorite # is 13So, since I have 12 plugins, my website stats for plugins say that I'm at 0% My 12 plugins as shown above are:GDPR Cookie ConsentHummingbird ProSmush ProAWeber for WordPressAll-in-One SEO PackClassic EditorGP PremiumInsert Headers and FootersPretty Links Developer EditionSocial Media and Share Icons (Ultimate Social Medi
Friends, we all know that it takes 300 Premium Referrals in a calendar year to qualify for the Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference that WA has every January. Are you currently learning with the Affiliate Bootcamp Training here at Wealthy Affiliate and starting to have referrals accept your invitation to this amazing community?Something that you may or may not know is that every September 1st, if you haven't had more than 200 referrals then your number will go to 100.Yes, that's true!I've had
July 24, 2020
Yes, the training at Wealthy Affiliate is second to none and when we work with focus and determination, we will reap the benefits!It's even better when we have results because when we do it once, the commissions start coming in larger and more frequently.Wealthy Affiliate pays commissions to PayPal on the 1st of every month, other programs may pay weekly like the $900 one to my e-wallet then to my debit card in the screenshot below and there are still others that believe it or not pay instantly
Yes, in my just over 5 years as a part of this amazing Wealthy Affiliate Community, I have over 60,000 followers. Here at WA, when someone signs up via your referral link, they automatically are your follower. That being said, I have referred over 1,200 friends to this amazing site in the past 5 years as well, so technically they followed me by default. How many WA members am I following? I actually am following over 460,000 WA members & ironically that equates to about a 12% follow bac
88 comments Have you checked your site speed lately?Click on the link above to check yours now. (It's of course, not an affiliate link)Why does site speed matter?For me, the #1 reason is because it makes for a much better user experience for my website visitors. I average 1,600 visitors per week currentlyI really love to have my site fully load in less than 2 seconds (1.1 as shown in the screenshot above)I attribute my site speed being better because I now use the "Hummingbird & S
2020 has sure been a crazy and depressing year for Our World so far!It has really been bad for those friends who have lost revenue and/or their businesses because of forces that they had no control over.It's my Prayer that they all have a much better 2nd half of 2020 and beyond!Because my business is Affiliate Marketing & 100% Online Worldwide, my business has actually grown. I don't feel guilty about this because I have indeed been sharing the opportunity with Friends all over our world &
Yes, 5 years ago I joined Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium Member & it has benen a wonderful journey into learining and earning more with Affiliate Marketing.A lot has changed here at WA since I joined back in June 2015 & I can truly say that for the most part, it has gotten so much better.Why have I remained a member at Wealthy Affiliate for 5 years & never plan to leave?I'm so glad that you asked and I'll list just a few reasons below:I learn something new here everyday because of t
Hello Wealthy Affiliate FriendsDo you promote the great opportunity that is the WA training, community etc....?Do you have some friends who sign up but don't show up?Some that join then completely go away without even setting up their profile page?Me too & it used to bother me quite a bit, especially when it was people that are personal friends who I've met in person and not just online. The reason that it bothered me was because I know the value provided here at Wealthy Affiliate & whe
I changed this website to a WordPress site and completely redid everything a couple of months after joining WA in June 2015, I've had this website much longer than 5 years.My website before I started learning WordPress & Affiliate Marketing at Wealthy Affiliate was more or less just a bunch of links with almost no content. Back then I generated sales on a daily basis but it was almost entirely from Social Media sharing and very little from Organic Search Engines. I don't think that Google
I've been a member here at Wealthy Affiliate since June 2015 & in the over 4 years WA has never not paid me for Premium Referrals on time.The 1st of every month is payday at WA & also Jaaxy ~ Although I sometimes receive commission emails from PayPal multiple times in a day, week and month, I always look forward to the 1st.In my almost 5 years here at WA as a Premium Member, I have 1,219 referrals, 6 of whom joined yesterday.Not all of the 1,219 have upgraded to being a Premium Member &