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January 15, 2018
There's something about receiving an unexpected Commission that excites me!The normal deposit that I receive each month is nice and all but it is expected.The deposit that I received (pictured below) wasn't expected and was for the efforts of a Friend that I referred to a platform about 1 1/2 years ago, He was #1 last month.I am not even promoting the platform and although I am a member, am not working on it at all.The Friend that I referred because of his efforts received a commission of $1,00
January 11, 2018
The Guy above is definitely doing it wrong and giving terrible advice!I was doing it wrong, Are You doing it wrong too!Kyle, private messaged me to let me know that I needed to remove the links from within my Bio here on WA as that is against the rules.I was unaware of that and quickly complied and removed the links from within my Bio and now there are only links at the right side near the bottom of my profile as that is where Kyle said that all links need to go.Are You doing it wrong as well?I
January 10, 2018 you seen Kye's invitation yet?It is in the link at the Top!I have had 632 total referrals to WA since joining on 18 June 2015 almost 31 months ago.Not enough of them have become Premium Members and I have never qualified for the Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference with WA.That all ends this year, 2018 will be the year that I really & truly not only share Wealthy Affiliate but also the year that I actually take the Boot Camp Training and also the year t
January 06, 2018
I have been working really hard on establishing myself on the Internet as:"The Marketing Veteran"I am now in the #1 spot at Google for the Keyword "The Marketing Veteran" and want to continue to occupy that spot.I have created some banners that I can use for 486 x 60 and/or 728 x 90 ads.Please do me a favor and let me know which of the ones shown below that you do or don't like and why.If you are feeling really helpful, please list them in order of preference.I am going to run an ad utilizing
January 04, 2018
As the chart above shows, You can earn some nice Commissions from your Referrals becoming Premium Members here at WA.Notice the writing below the pictures to see that the 1st month's commissions are $8 because of the discounted $19 first month of Premium membership.Also notice in the same area that even Free Starter Members can earn Commissions and that they are 1/2 what Premium Members earn.Click here for more details = link can also be found by clicking on
January 04, 2018
As you can clearly see on the screenshot above, I have over 1,500 Approved Comments.You can also see that I still have 19 Pending Comments on my website that I still need to answer/respond to.What may not be so obvious to some Friends here at WA and especially for the Friends who are new is that the Red 102 means that I also have 102 Pending Comments to answer/respond to within the WA Comment Platform.I know, I need to get busy on that!I very rarely utilize the comment platform by giving commen
January 04, 2018
Are you loving the site content platform as well?Almost 100,00 words written on the WA Site Content Platform, that doesn't even take into account the other platforms that I share content at either :) You probably thought that I meant almost $100,000 right?Well that's not true, I actually made more than $100,000 for the year.2018 will be even better, let's take action and make it happen Friends!Are You going to decide to take Tony Robbins advice and "Decide Today Who You will Become, What You Wi
December 26, 2017
If you were given the opportunity to choose any of the Men above to be your Mentor, Who would You choose?Can You name all 8 of them?Who would You choose if you could choose anyone even if they aren't pictured above and why?Choose wisely my Friends ...............
December 25, 2017
It has been a busy fun week this week!As this post talks about -> I have been sharing the posts and trainings that I have created onto the Google Search Console so that it has a quicker and better chance to get ranked.I also share them onto the Bing Search Console as well - Not only do I share my WA Blog Posts and Trainings at those places mentioned above but I also share my website posts there as well.The results have been
December 19, 2017
Hopefully you can see the above picture OK, I will also share it in the comment area below.I write a Blog about 10 hours ago here on WA Titled "Amazon Affiliate Beginner's Guide" - The picture above shows that it's already in position #12 on Google #12 on Bing and #11 on Yahoo.I'm excited to see if and when it makes it to page #1 with a few more comments from this great WA Community.I'm sharing the above picture to show how powerful and awesome that Wealthy Affiliate is and the Authority that o