Traffic to MOBE FTC Shutdown Federal Trade Commission Post

Last Update: June 16, 2018

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has recently shutdown MOBE, also known as My Online Business education and formerly known as My Online Business Empire.

No, I am not nor have I ever been a member of MOBE. That being said, the post that I shared onto my website doesn't say that MOBE is a scam and it's not a negative post. It is simply a post about the FTC shutting down the platform MOBE so that Friends who would like to learn how to earn a legiitimate income online can do so.

The screenshots above show my stats for the week (Sumo)and/or day (The post)

I use the SUMO Free Plugin and have it connected to Google Analytics as well.

Do You have any Friends who were and/or are a part of MOBE?

I don't know if MOBE will survive this and I have no opinion wether or not MOBE is indeed a scam or a legitimate online business. I don't judge other "Opportunties" and don't write negatively about anything on my website. This post is about as negative as I have ever gotten on any post on my website as it's not my place to decide for anyone else.

The stats above I am pretty happy with, the average session duration per visit is kind of low but I have some posts and/or pages that don't even have words but simply a clickable image to an Opportunity so those visits only last about 2 seconds :)

Thank you Friends for taking the time to read this post, comments and questions welcomed.


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RDMD2 Premium

Thanks for the post! By the way, SUMO is a great tool! I use it as well on my main website.

I view the occurrences of Pyramid Schemes and MLM as pretty close to similar behavior. Also, I think the judgment for the FTC to become involved is all about the $$$. Put yourself in the shoes of people who have $10 million and don't mind traveling around the world living the high life. A $30,000 retreat in another country or luxury resort where I meet Kevin Harrington of " As Seen on TV" giving me tips on how to start an online business. One thing is missing - this description doesn't sound like a pyramid scheme because of the emphasis is on education. Yet, that is what MOBE primarily focused on.

This is only opinion so don't throw stones at me, unfriend me or flip me off. I only call it as I see it. People spend large sums of money they don't have and then complain when something goes wrong in their mind ie. I have made an ROI without acknowledging they invested more than was affordable. After attending a MOBE seminar, I thought the EDUCATIONAL parts were valuable so I invested $1500- $49, $497 and $997 but ended up with 3 separate programs. Whenever, I called my coach, he answered. I called support and had no problems getting my issue addressed and they never tried to upsell me. Never had issues logging into the portal. The key thing is I only purchased what I wanted to afford and what I felt had the greatest value to me.

Finally, I am not in denial and realize that MOBE was shutdown but how is that different for any other MLM? They also have top-tier products and services that require you to sell to friends and family members to recoup the cost. Pardon me if I sound biased - there are plenty of schemes out there. Which one is believable enough to lure you into spending your money depends on the sales approach. Likewise, the only caveat for an FTC shutdown may only depend on how many people complain.

Thank you,
YumaBloggers Premium
Most MLM do operate outside the law and over 200 are shut down or restructured a year via court order. Look at Herbalife for example which was forced to change over 20 parts of their comp plan because they were not operating properly under law but had not shown intent to commit a crime.

Where MOBE though is a pure Ponzi Scam is in the fact they overemphasize the pay plan as a reason to buy each tier. To make money off a tier you must be a customer first, and the training is so overpriced that the only reason it makes sense to buy in is the investment potential which is made clear. People like John Chow made millions while most people lost thousands of dollars. Instead, they got pieces of training that didn't stack up to a similar dollar spent on a lower valued program or even a university level education while these people were promised the moon for their hard earned money.
If there were any scamming going on in MOBE, it would be in not letting potential customers, especially newbies in affiliate marketing know that the platform was intended for those who are seasoned and have a large cash flow already to play with.

This was a very expensive proposition, even just getting started, but the advertising was provocative and urged folks on, much like Empower Network. I'm sure there is a fair share of people who have been taken by this scheme. It was just one big affiliate program

I looked into this in 2014 and wrote a post about it here on WA, though I removed it, along with about 400 others from my WA Space last year. The post remains in my archives somewhere, but it would take me too much time to try to find it.

One of the things that turned me off, or actually more than this, was that it appeared to be a MLM business model in affiliate marketing clothing. I may have been wrong, but that was my impression.

The other thing was that, before you could promote a product from the marketplace (which were all horrendously expensive,) you had to purchase it aforehand, else you could promote it but your superior or the person above you would get the pay-outs instead of you until such time you finally did purchase it.

In spite of these things, people were purchasing the program and getting in, to find that this is something they could not do for reasons of funding. I was not happy with this opportunity at all, and there was a short time here on WA when MOBE (MTTB) was hot news within the community.

I am actually glad to see it go down, and even after four years gone by, this post jumped right out at me.

loweryourtax Premium
Interesting. They took the same path as Emerald Passport and will most likely reach the same end. Be careful of high priced seminars. Seminars are not a bad thing (as I am a seminar speaker) , but when you pay over $10,000 for one, it is hard to attach a corresponding value.
MatthewLS Premium
Thanks for the information I don't really see that as a negative post from th screen shot it was more telling the truth. I think the truth can be interepted wrong sometimes. I believe in the law of attraction so what we put out is what we will get back if that makes sense.

I hope the best for you
QAVAVO Premium
Scammers need to be weeded out, to me MOBE here appears to be one
Tirolith Premium
Matt Lloyd from Perth in Western Australia started it up years ago. I joined it when I knew very little about the internet years ago but had no money to climb its ladder.
A bit later I joined it again but was told to find a teenager to teach me how to use a computer.
No decent teenagers here in the Australian bush, only young kangaroos.
Nkaujzeb Premium
I don't know anyone or what MOBE is. I think it's a good thing...
cbg Premium
Thanks for this info. D.A got shut down few months ago and I believe MOBE and D.A had a similar way of operating their business. Cleaning up the industry.
MatthewLS Premium
I remember DA I know a few people who were involved with DA (never met them in person but talk to them here and there),

I have heard michale force DA owner was with MOBE at one point and based DA off of MOBE. Now can I say this is true no but all the top earners from DA have all jumped ship and acted like nothing happened.

DA from all the FTC transcripts was just out to get money I can say just glad the FTC is crackng down on programs that may be not so good. can't say if any are scams since I wasn't affiliated with any. I can say though that it is nice to know WA is around you know?

I hope the best
Pio Premium
Thanks for sharing, Tony.

MOBE conducted several workshops here in Auckland, New Zealand for 3 days in January 2018 (22nd, 23rd and 24th of January 2018) and all of those workshops were packed as I heard. The one I attended on the 22nd of January at 6pm was about 200-300 attendees. I wrote a post about that one: .
They are also advertising on Facebook some scheduled workshops here in Auckland, New Zealand for the 26th, 27th and the 28th of June 2018, which is this month.

Lucky I've got Wealthy Affiliate and what I now know from it to be able to determine the viability and legitimacy of every such program being introduced online.

And for this one, It was a Big NO from me!!
YumaBloggers Premium
Mobe had what would normally be very legal products but greed and an ill-planned pay plan were always going to head them to this point. They wanted more money than their products were worth which required them to sell people on the pay plan for each tiered training system instead of the products themselves. This alone made the program a Ponzi Scam. Add in the fact you had to be a customer to earn money and had to purchase each tier to be able to sell each tier made it shady and a bit more sinister throughout.

You, of course, were told to get your business started you only had to pay a small amount and what you got for that small amount was an overview of the compensation plan, promises of people closing sales for you, and a pay more button to get the first level of overpriced training.

Some questioned the training itself because they could learn everything in it free on the Internet but you can even learn to be a surgeon or CEO for free on the Internet you just can't get a degree or license free. No hands-on training for surgery etc.. but you can learn through photo and video most of the skills needed to be a doctor in some small 3rd world country where licensing requirements are not as strict. Mobe like veery training based program including the University and College education systems compiled this information and charged a fee but it's how they set their fees and how they chose to sell their products that now has ownership fighting for their freedom.

Meanwhile, a lot of good people saw the upside and fell for the constant doublespeak and may go down with the sinking ship. Great marketers like Ewin Chia and John Chow could be held as accomplices should the Federal Government choose because they sold millions of dollars of these packages and banked a large share of the commissions based on their names. John helped develop MTTB a spinoff training and entry point making his spot even more precarious.

Good people who know better are caught up in this because the payday was too big to ignore. I pray for all the victims and hope this sends a message that selling your soul for a piece of a big payday is simply not worth it.
flashell45 Premium
Thank you for the information.
deadcards Premium
i am glad of this.
BenjisDad Premium
I've never reviews MOBE. Could anything like that ever happen to WA?
YumaBloggers Premium
Nope WA offers a straight affiliate program with no progression and the product far exceeds the cost of ownership. It teaches you how to use free affiliate programs to build out any niche and operates fully within the law.