WAy to go . Leaving a Legacy

Last Update: April 10, 2017

WA is the way to go. I have no doubt about it.

I have been here 6 months already and made great progress initially and then, by the law of diminishing returns, my progress has levelled off. I need to be more committed and to have more DRIVE to succeed.

To have more DRIVE, I need to be sure about my purpose. What is my purpose?

I need to keep the end in mind. What am I aiming for?

Am I moving AWAY from or moving TOWARDS something? What is driving me?


I think that is the best word I can use to describe what I am doing?

So what do I mean by legacy?

While it would be nice to leave my children a financial legacy, what I am working on is far more important than this. I am aiming to make my children proud and to show them how to follow their dreams. This is my purpose. This is what is driving me. If I don't follow my dreams and achieve my goals, how can I expect my children to do that?

So how can I ensure that I don't lose sight of that legacy?

Visionboard, Moodboard, Affirmations ... all of these are important.

The most important thing is watching my children make decisions about their lives. If I don't see them following their dreams, I need to be the example. I am passionate about making their lives meaningful by making my life meaningful.

I am following my dreams - of writing and publishing my own books; of creating sustainable businesses which help other people to fulfil their dreams; of living a life which is authentic and full of the things which mean a great deal to me.

WA is helping me to achieve this (but I have got stuck on Course 3 and Lesson 8). Now I need to see what I would say to my children to achieve this if they were stuck.

Leaving a legacy for my children starts with being authentic to my own purpose.

Thank you for listening.

Warmest wishes


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BobbyCorno Premium
I agree- decide what the prize is, then keep your eyes on the prize! Best wishes for your success!
Techiescot Premium
Keep your eye on the prize! Love that. Thank you.
drcmaint Premium
Thanks for this.
Techiescot Premium
You are welcome.
CraigW315 Premium
I love this post. It's almost like reading my own thoughts. I think people sometimes lose sight of why they are doing something and the motivation just fizzles.
Best of luck on your continued journey.
Techiescot Premium
Thanks, Craig. We are all in the same boat. We just need to keep taking baby-steps in the right direction.
Chrissies Premium
I really agree with Margaret, you are doing so well in 6 months you must need to take a break by now!! A bit of time out and time for reflection can only be good for you in the long run. The best of luck :)
Techiescot Premium
Yes, it is important to reflect but it is also time to take action. By the end of the week, I will have completed challenge 8 of course 3!
Balloons29 Premium
You cannot go like the clappers all of the time, Techie. A period of incubation doesn't harm intentions. Perhaps a clear picture will appear. You have already done so much! Tracy
Techiescot Premium
Thanks, Tracy. I appreciate it. You are so right.