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So, I followed the instructions and set up my Amazon affiliate account some months ago. I even managed to get some sales but then Amazon decided that my account was not up to par and closed it :-( So I need to start again.So, today or tomorrow I will be setting up new Amazon affiliate accounts for UK and USA. If there is anyone would be willing to swap "purchases" through these links in order to keep our accounts active, please let me know and we can make the necessary arrangement.Let's work
I recently came back to WA after a little absence because I am SUPERBUSY in the summer! Now, SUPERBUSY isn't my superhero alter ego but it is my well worn "go to" excuse for not keeping up with the blogging. So, realising that I need to take myself in hand, I have turned my attention to identifying productivity tips which just might help me to create great blog content even when life gets in the way.Tip #1 - Get up a little earlierIf you get up a little earlier every day, you will be able to
WA is the way to go. I have no doubt about it.I have been here 6 months already and made great progress initially and then, by the law of diminishing returns, my progress has levelled off. I need to be more committed and to have more DRIVE to succeed.To have more DRIVE, I need to be sure about my purpose. What is my purpose?I need to keep the end in mind. What am I aiming for?Am I moving AWAY from or moving TOWARDS something? What is driving me?LEGACYI think that is the best word I can use to
So, I have been with WA for 6 months. Wow, time has flown. In that time, I have launched 2 blogs (complete with FB pages, instagram and twitter accounts) and am building a following in these different but related areas. I have also publlished a book on Amazon related to one of my niches and have sold over 50 copies in just over a month.On the downside, I have had an Amazon affiliate account closed because of infringement (still not entirely sure what I did wrong) and another closed because o
I was getting on very well with WA and was feeling very confident that I would make progress consistently. BUT life has got in the way and I have come to a complete stop.I decided to have a little look at exactly what has been going on and it is really simple...When my life got overloaded, and my time was squeezed, WA disappeared off the agenda. If I am honest, so did some of my other rituals.I am a morning person and, because of not getting enough sleep, I have been sleeping in and therefore
This week I got a diagnosis ... not a really bad one but a lifelong underlying illness which has no cure. It is an autoimmune disorder and I have had it (without symptoms) for a very long time. However, it has had an impact on my heath. So, how did I respond to this?Tears? Gnashing of teeth? Dread?No! None of that at all ....I simply thought - great ... fantastic ..... that is a niche that I can really get to grips with and become an expert!It suprised me that this devastating news had gi
Hi Everyone, Sorry to blow my own trumpet but I have just achieved one of my lifetime ambitions. I have written a book for those who want to start Meditation. I am not sure if I am allowed to post the link here but I am so excited I could burst ... It was on my bucket list to publish a book so this is really huge for me. If anyone has any advice on what I do now, then please let me know. If you are interested in the benefits of Meditation, I can highly recommend it. I have found that it ha
We have all hear of these phrases "paying it forward" and "what goes around comes around" and we might think of it as a 21st Century concept, one to be espoused now in this time of uncertainty and spiritual awakening.But this idea isn't new - like all good ideas it has been around a long time, from the time of Buddha 2500 years ago and perhaps even before. The Greeks were well acquainted with it - Menander's comedy The Grouch (sounds like a Jim Carrey movie) centred around the theme of "Paying
Recently I had the honour of spending time with a woman of 90 who had no family living close by and who was deteriorating because of dementia. She was a friend of my mother's and, for the last year or so, I have been visiting her every couple of days in the nursing home where she was being so very well looked after. My business partner suggested that I was wasting my time (and that of the business) by going to see her, as she didn't know me well, wasn't anything to me, and had nothing to leav
Napoleon Hill is one of those writers that I have found makes more sense the more often I read his works. But, like many people, he owes his success to another .... Andrew Carnegie, the Scottish philanthropist (1835 - 1919) who moved to America, became an industrialist and, it is widely agreed, the world's richest man, told Napoleon Hill the story of two envelopes - one called Riches and the other named Penalties - which we will get depending on whether or not we take possession (control) of