60 Referrals in 30 Days: A New Milestone! (Update I've Added Video Training!)

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I just wanted to pop in and post an update. If this is your first post you've read from me, "hello". Thanks for taking your time! Hopefully, we get to meet and interact more.

If you've been reading for a little while, "welcome back". I'm so grateful for your ongoing support reading my posts and interacting with me here (or anywhere).

I'm still pressing on in my Youtube challenge and I invite everyone (including you) to join me. It's one video every day, one blog post, one email to your list, and one post here. It's more than I've been able to accomplish, but it's pretty exciting pushing myself as hard as I can go, and seeing all I can accomplish. Plus, it's pushing yourself and taking massive action to create content that gets results.

In a previous post less than one month ago, I mentioned that I'd hit a milestone: 30 referrals in 30 days! Guess what?

I just noticed that it's doubled! Now, I've been getting more than 1 referral per day, 2 some days, 4 quite often, and as much as 6 in a single day. I thought my number of referrals would go down when I decided to stop direct linking, and instead, I've started directing traffic to an email optin page. The change didn't seem to negatively impact the results which is good news.

Now, in addition to referrals, my email list is growing. I know it's milestones like this and continuously growing traffic that signal I'm going in the right direction, so I'm going to continue doing what I'm doing.

As of right now, I'm:

  • Publishing daily videos to Youtube (often times more than once per day)
  • Publishing blog content, but I have slowed down since publishing on Youtube
  • Paying close attention to what's working in the SERPS for me and improving that to work even better
  • and my other tips are in my previous post 30 referrals in 30 days here.

I've been working towards building my website for 15 months now and it's starting to get more exciting now. The first 15 months weren't nearly as exciting (in my book) because I was celebrating milestones without achieving my big hairy audacious ones, but now, I'm seeing the light.

I've reached nearly 800,000k words in Sitecontent since 25 January 2018 when I started here and I also have 56 videos on Youtube (most of which are very thorough), so I haven't been an overnight success. Haha, and I'm still working to achieve my goals. I'm having a blast though, meeting great people, and sincerely enjoying the work I'm doing.

As a takeaway, the growth of the website is very slow when you're starting out on the path with SEO, but it suddenly hits like an avalanche, and it goes from predictable (almost standstill and steady) traffic to a gigantic line going upwards where you can't tell how much traffic you'll have day-to-day because it's low one day and continuing to climb at an unexpected pace the next.

My traffic was 3000-3500 pageviews for awhile (seemed like forever), then suddenly, it spiked and it was 9000+ pageviews and it's higher and higher by the day. I keep setting goals/milestones in Trello like "10,000 pageviews", "4 referrals per day", and the growth is making it where I can document my goal completion much faster than I could in my first 15 months.

It's pretty interesting to watch. I'm completing outcome goals much more frequently now, and before, I was completing mostly task-related goals, and the outcome ones were moving kinda slow. Now, I'm quite sure my tasks are driving my outcomes, whereas, at times, I felt like it was a fluke. It's good to set task related goals and to hypothesize which have the most impact on your business until you really notice a pattern, and when you notice a positive correlation.... double down!

Now, let's hear....What are the goals you're accomplishing? What type of task-related goals have you set in your business? Are they driving your outcome related goals to completion? Do your tasks and outcomes correlate? Leave your comments below.


I've added a video training of my site case study that hopefully will answer many of your questions. Check out my video case study here.

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Awesome Tiffany! Great to hear about your success! As for my goals I'm accomplishing, well, I think you already know about them, since they were in my last WA blog post. LOL.

LOL. I think you could pass me by with referrals since you have much more traffic. CRO is the keyword for you since you're doing so well with traffic. "Conversion rate optimization".

Oh, giving me free keywords to use? Thanks! :D

Yeah, I'm trying to funnel all my traffic to different places. It just takes time. Hopefully this month, I can get some things in place to actually convert my traffic to money, besides through ads. But, we'll see.

You can do it. You're right, it takes time and testing, but you'll get it. Keep working at it. It's something I'm continuing work on too. Your definitely leagues ahead of many with the amount of traffic you're getting though.

WOW, WOW all I can say is WOW way to go, girl, I am so happy for you wishing for you much success.

Thanks Ruthlyn! I'm going. Haha. Best wishes in your business as well.

Way to go Tiffany!

It's been pretty rad to see your site and YOU grow exponentially over the last few months and am excited to watch the continued growth.


Thanks Jay! Have you seen the line in my Analytics going up and up? It's pretty cool. I'm hoping it just continues, so I've been trying to serve Google's customers well.

Awesome great job!!


Awesome. Keep it up Tiffany!

Thanks Jerry! I'm trying to be like you and get to Vegas with less than 6 months into the year next year. Haha. You set the bar high for sure.

That’s great! It’s my pleasure. See you in Vegas!

Congrats, Tiffany!! Crushing it 💪

I'm definitely thinking about starting my own YouTube channel soon, so I'll join you in this sense ;) Though unlikely will it be daily but we'll see!

Let's go. You got this. Shoot me the link so I can subscribe when you get started.

Tiffany- WOW!!!!! People say I inspire but this post has blown me away.
You are 6 months ahead of me in WA and I am doing really great but need to lift my game when it comes to YOuTube videos as they seem to work very well for refs
Also, I am looking to get an email program soon as I know this is so important.
My main focus has been to hit my goals with content and grow out from there and I am almost ready.
Thank you so much for sharing all this wonderful information and I hope you fly sooooo high girl

Love this post so much 10/10

I know you've been aggressive at publishing. You hit the ground running.

Definitely get on YouTube for sure. I can't say I get a lot of referral traffic from YouTube at this point. I think it's been set at 80 for this month, but instead, a byproduct of adding YouTube videos to my ranking posts is their climbing the rankings faster, my time on page is longer, my bounce rate is lower, and more of my keywords are getting impressions because Google is trying me out more.

That's my observation. I know the referral traffic Youtube is getting from me, and the viewership, will cause a positive effect for my growth there as well. So far, I've had over 6k minutes of watch time, and I've been working on it for the last month. I'm pretty happy with that outcome considering our Wordpress sites are typically much slower with the growth curve.

Definitely, give it a shot!



Awesome work! Congratulations! Keep up the great work and you'll be in Vegas for sure!

Kind regards,

Thanks! That's one of my big, hairy, audacious goals. Haha.

Hahahahaha! You go, girl!

I sure will. Best wishes in your business as well.

Thank you very much!

Woooo hooooo!
Congratulations Tiffany!

Thanks so much! I hope this train keeps moving like it has been.

Oh yes it will!
Best wishes

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