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Today, I noticed that I hit 1000 email subscribers. This is a milestone I've been working towards for a couple months now. Originally when I started my website, creating an email list wasn't the #1 goal. I wanted to get traffic and sales! As a result, I created content and most of the conversions were a result of direct linking from my blog post to my affiliate partners.Over time, I decided this wasn't a good long term strategy because I've seen internet entrepreneurs who lose alot from doing t
When you're starting your business, it can be tough to decide which tasks you should be doing and the order you should be doing them. When I started here at Wealthy Affiliate, I came with a schedule. I had a life before, and many of you can relate.We come with:JobsKidsHobbiesand other things that divide our timeBut, we also come here with a desire for a different life than what we have. A different life cannot happen if we continue doing the same things, right?As a result, we have to move thing
When I first started in online business, I had no clue how much it costed. Some people say you can start for free. Some people say they spent $100 and other people will say they started with $10,000.My question was always, "How much should I spend to start my business?"Added to the confusion, there's so many tools. There are:So many courses!Funnel softwareAdsWeb design softwarePremium themesCountdown timers and conversion toolsEmail marketing softwareLive chat/chatbotsand so much more...The Fac
Affiliate marketing can be downright confusing. There are so many competing theories and scammers. It can be difficult to see whether it's a legitimate marketing strategy for merchants, or an income source for affiliates.These affiliate marketing stats can show you that it's not just viable, but it's booming. When comparing affiliate marketing with other strategies for acquiring customers like outbound sales, billboards, direct mail, or promotional products, it's experiencing a massive insurgen
I've been reviewing my results to prepare for the New Year. I like to look at what worked and what didn't work for me throughout the year, and make plans around that.Today, I decided to get back into my practice of publishing video case studies for you guys. My last few weren't big hits so I didn't publish more for two months. Hopefully, you guys like this one and it gives you good insight into what things you can either look forward to or look back on (depending on where you are in your journe
I'm writing this post because I've seen multiple people who are past the 1 year mark in their affiliate businesses, they haven't reached out to me personally (some have), and they're not getting the results they want. I want to encourage you and those who might be observing and wondering, "What holds people back from getting optimal results?".I wouldn't say I was an early bloomer at all. It seemed to me like I took a long time to keep money with affiliate marketing. Yes, I was making commission
I really want to make it to Vegas before hitting my two year mark. It will be 2 years since I joined Wealthy Affiliate in February 2020, and man...I've learned alot. I've come a long way this year alone, and I'd like to drive it all the way home. I'm writing this to hear your opinions about which is the best move to make to make it to Vegas in this final month before the counter goes back to 300.My Sales HistoryI've had some good months and some bad months in terms of WA sales. My first year wa
Are you ready for the highest online sales days of the calendar year?I was listening to a podcast yesterday that said affiliates earn 50% of their annual revenue over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday holidays. This was mind-blowing to me!Even affiliates who are earning hundreds of thousands per month can see a spike of up to 50% more revenue over the Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday weekend. Isn't that crazy?This means that if you're not preparing ahead of time for these upcoming holidays, you cou
We all feel stuck some time. It can be extremely painful and frustrating when you're trying to accomplish something and you feel like all of your efforts aren't getting you anywhere.My Recent ExperienceMy son got sick this week. He had chest congestion that was effecting his breathing. I tried:TeasThe humidifierGoing to doctorsBeing patientTaking prescribed medicationsand nothing worked for one full week!It was tough and really discouraging.I Got an Idea to that Gave me HopeI've been reading a
This post started out as a message for my referrals in the messaging system, but once it got MASSIVE, then I decided to turn it into a blog post here. Hahaha.My goal this morning was to address the question we all have when we join here about why some people succeed and some don't--this was a big question for me when I started out here. At this point, the question isn't why some people succeed, but I'm figuring out why some people get to certain levels in the ladder rather than going higher, so