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We all feel stuck some time. It can be extremely painful and frustrating when you're trying to accomplish something and you feel like all of your efforts aren't getting you anywhere.My Recent ExperienceMy son got sick this week. He had chest congestion that was effecting his breathing. I tried:TeasThe humidifierGoing to doctorsBeing patientTaking prescribed medicationsand nothing worked for one full week!It was tough and really discouraging.I Got an Idea to that Gave me HopeI've been reading a
This post started out as a message for my referrals in the messaging system, but once it got MASSIVE, then I decided to turn it into a blog post here. Hahaha.My goal this morning was to address the question we all have when we join here about why some people succeed and some don't--this was a big question for me when I started out here. At this point, the question isn't why some people succeed, but I'm figuring out why some people get to certain levels in the ladder rather than going higher, so
I'm always doing experiments. Some work and some don't. The good part is when I experiment, I also learn what works.My Goal since Coming to WASince coming to WA, my #1 goal has always been to promote my own products. I love affiliate marketing as an added way to make an income. I understand that you don't have the customer support and other components as much as an affiliate as you do as a product developer or service designer, but it's always been what I want to do.In fact, before I came here,
These are my reflections that I'm sharing with you, so you can consider your goals and what things you may want to consider to amp things up.On the 8th of this month, I posted my video case study with the results of my 20th month here. Prior to that, I had been silent for a bit (aside from engaging with my referrals and commenting here and there). I have so many projects to work on outside of WA that I haven't been that engaged here! I'm planning to change that. Managing a business outside of h
While glowing postive reviews "feel good" to write and don't have as much controversy, as reviewers, there comes a time that you come across a product that doesn't live up to it's claims, and you have to say so.In this article, I want to discuss my experiences with negative reviews--both good and bad--and, I want to hear about yours.My Overall Objective with Writing ReviewsWhile I am an affiliate of various products and services, my overall reason for writing reviews isn't to make money. I don'
I've been at WA now for 19 months--almost 20. I hit the ground running and I've been going back to remind myself of my journey.I came here in the middle of a very hard time for my family. My son was going back and forth to the hospital, medical bills were stacking up, I had been freelancing from home, but I was feeling a deep need to pivot: from building a service-based income to an asset-based income.I was having a hard time balancing hospitals and doctor visits with client deadlines. I wanted
I’ve been picking some really weird pictures lately. Yesterday, it was a lion and today, it's a bulldozer. Hahaha.They all tie into what I'm saying though. Let me explain...this may take a second to make sense, but you'll get it. I promise.A few years back, I went in head first into the laws of attraction books, and the "thoughts become things" ideology. It felt so liberating to think that anything I imagine can become my reality. I enjoyed thinking like that until I realized IT WASN'T WO
It's a funny picture I chose right? It's a lion and it really has nothing to do with money....Or does it?In this case, I added that picture because I want you to get angry and aggressive in this post. I want you to feel infuriated enough to run miles, to punch a hole in a punching bag, or to lift more than 100lbs. The lion with his teeth out is the perfect picture of the rage I want you to have.It's the level of rage that causes a mom to fight for her kids or a husband to fight for his wife. It
A product developer politely reached out to me this week and gave me a review copy of their product. It's a $5000 product that is very popular in the make money online space.I told them I'd go thru the product and give an honest review, but I would not consider the free copy of the product as a reason to slant my review one way or the other. They said they'd appreciate my honesty, so I was given a username and password to go thru the course. I've been going thru the product since yesterday, and
I did a product review on a program that I know is sub par in comparison to Wealthy Affiliate. Despite it being not as good, one commentor responded to my review by saying "He's created 52 7-figure earners. How many has Wealthy Affiliate made?". Since I also mentioned in the review that I create courses hosted at Wealthy Affiliate, he also questioned my credibility as a course creator and asked the question "How many success stories have your courses made?"I could be totally intimidated by his