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Last Update: Sep 13, 2014


Nothing too exciting here, just creating a list of all my social media links so that I have them in one place and all my fellow WA members can connect wherever and whenever they chose:

Google+ (G+)

Add Your Link Here:





Add Your Link Here:

Share ALL Social Media Here:

Recent Comments


added you on several accounts:)Loes

Thanks Loes, I think I just followed you back on Twitter and will do on the others when I next login

I have them.

Great idea, Deb. Thanks. I'm going to put mine all together and post as well. I've done all of your except linked in. Unless you share a group with someone they ask for your email.

That's strange, I've never been asked for my email

I run into that all the time. I'm asked how I know you and there is a list of options. If I can't select a common group, or where we might have worked together before, I need to add your email address. Happens to me all the time. I'll give it another shot and pretend we worked together.

This is a good idea. I'm wondering if they might add a social media section to our profiles at some point, like the one where we can list our web sites but with it's own heading.

It would definitely make sense wouldn't it?

We have a site for this one with seven (7) slots in our profile for websites and social media but it looks small number for now.

Super, thanks!

Great idea and thanks for sharing with us your info with us. :-) Cheers.

Good idea!

I added Facebook Twitter and interest accounts. Will look at LinkedIn.

Linkedin is a bit more serious and business like than other social media... in my opinion. I added WA as my latest experience so at least if there is anyone else out there that wants to start affiliate marketing, the information is there for them.

The social media thing still confuses the heck out of me, I think I've added you to my FB and G+ now.

I'm right there with you, I have all these accounts but not really quite sure how to use them... no doubt I'll find out when I get to that part of the training

I already had you on G+. Sent you a FB friend request and one for Linked In. Let me go do Twitter and Pinterest. Twitter, I'm on there as GhostWriteHer. Thanks, Debbie!

Thanks Carla, I've accepted your Linkedin request, not got FB yet and will look out for you on Twitter and Pinterest.


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