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September 13, 2014
Nothing too exciting here, just creating a list of all my social media links so that I have them in one place and all my fellow WA members can connect wherever and whenever they chose: Google+ (G+) Add Your Link Here: Facebook Twitter Pinterest Linkedin
Well after 2 very unproductive weeks, I'm actually a bit more on track now and have got a couple of new posts up this week and popped some images and affiliate links in so at least I can see a bit of progress. I've even squeezed in a few more lessons from Course 3. I'm now up to the one where you have to apply for an Adsense account so I thought I would spend a bit more time on my site and fill it with more content before making an application... don't want to get rejected :( This is my si
August 19, 2014
Well if I thought Week 3 was unproductive, I'm not even sure what to label this week! The sum total of the work to my site... 1 article post! Very disappointed that is all I have achieved. I took on some freelance work (needs must) and it has virtually taken over my life this past week and I've not even finished yet. Very frustrating as I hate the work but love working on WA and I just haven't had the time. On a positive note, I have remained active in the community... in case you are wonde
August 11, 2014
Not so much a blog but I just wanted to share this quote... this is where I'm at right now:
I say 'somewhat unproductive' but I did work my way through to the end of Course 2, so feel like that is quite an achievement. But the biggest thrill was logging on tonight and finding that I had a comment, I couldn't believe my eyes... chuffed as punch :) My plan for the weekend was to work on the content of my site... it's now Saturday evening and I've not written a word. Tomorrow's another day and I WILL write some content for my site. Network: 868 Rank: 172... aiming for the Top 100
August 08, 2014
At the end of Course 2, we are asked to write a blog post about our progress... skipped ahead a bit here as I have been doing that as I've gone along. Not really intent on boring everyone to tears, just so that as time goes by I can look back at the struggles or problems I've encountered and hopefully just see them as a thing of the past. As the title suggests, I have just completed Course 2 which I am extremely pleased about as I had to delete my site and start again but 2nd time round seems
August 07, 2014
Hmmm writing my Week 2 blog, half way through my 3rd week... where did the time go?!! I really haven't achieved too much this last 10 days or so, I had my mum staying for a few days which was lovely then I was busy back at work and sorting out stuff at home and the kids, just didn't seem to be able to find a decent amount of quiet time to focus on my website. Then I made a total hash of things, lost patience with myself, deleted my website and started all over again. This time I am much more f
July 24, 2014
This is not so much of a blog for everyone to read but more of a record for myself. I just figured if I put it here, then a few months down the road I can look back at it and see if I am on target for reaching all (or any) of my goals. At least if it's here, I know where to find it! Financial Goals: QUESTION #1: How much money would you be happy earning? An extra £200-£500 a month would make a reasonable difference and I'd rather set a lower goal and achieve it, than setter a higher goa
Day 4 23 July 2014 Arghhh so frustrated… at myself!! Did my first post on my new website and made an error – ended up with a huge feature picture on my homepage that was out of focus and very ugly but couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to edit the homepage. I was determined to sort it out for myself, after all, this is a learning process… and I did! Unfortunately, it’s taken me the best part of the day to do it so I’ve done very little else today. I have done 2 out of my 3
July 22, 2014
Day 3 (22 July 2014) What? Upgraded to Premium of course! I watched the premium video at the end of the starter membership and couldn't believe all that was on offer... was just too good an opportunity to pass up on... so I didn't!! Very excited to begin so I'm going to leave this post very short and get on with making the very most out of my new PREMIUM status :) Will be sure to let you know how I get on. Later in the Day Well it's been a busy day and I am quite disappointed not to have achie