Is Make Money Online (MMO) Not A Good Niche for Beginners?

Last Update: Jun 29, 2018

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Very controversial question, isn’t it? First of all, there’s no such thing as a bad niche. Every niche or a sub-niche has its own potential audience, and if you follow your passion, you’ll discover ways to monetising your blog. It’s as simple as that. Or is it?

There are the ever-popular mainstream niches such as health, finance, lifestyle, fashion, travel, etc. with a huge audience and hence it is not surprising that many successful blogs are there in these niches. There are many people who are doing extremely well and making a killing in these niches.

The Make Money Online (MMO) niche remains hugely popular and is usually considered an evergreen one. It is also undoubtedly one of the most profitable as well. MMO is a blanket term to cover all sub-niches like affiliate marketing, social media, WordPress, web hosting, content marketing, SEO, blogging, etc. Being profitable, many people – experienced as well as newbies – jump on to this bandwagon in hordes and you see new websites and blogs popping out in the MMO niche every day. Needless to say, it’s a highly competitive niche and bloggers are constantly vying for a place in the first page of search engine results page under various keywords or search terms. Yes, it’s a busy niche and the countless number of internet marketing forums are a testimony to its popularity.

Coming back to the question whether a beginner should enter the MMO niche or not, it is ultimately up to the individual to decide. Blogging is a serious business and much of your time and energy would be directed towards creating good content for your audience. You do not want yourself to be caught wondering, say one year down the line, if indeed the MMO niche you had chosen was a mistake or not and if a less-competitive (and yet popular) mainstream niche that you are passionate about would have been better for you. It certainly pays to understand a few things before taking the plunge.

  • MMO niche is highly competitive and the audience is much pickier than in other niches.
  • Many online scams happen in this niche.
  • Being highly competitive, you have to be on your toes always to be visible.
  • Too many strategies required to be in the game.
  • It takes a lot of time to build up an authority and trust.
  • More competition means more pressure to create relevant content consistently.
  • People in the MMO niche tend to be more loud about their success and the “strategies” followed and coupled with the many scams happening, people are usually suspicious to take the bait.

Just because there are people making money online does not mean you have to enter the MMO niche with no experience at all. What’s the use of opting for a niche that you yourself are not sure about? Let' be honest. Isn’t it awkward telling people how to make money online when you yourself don’t know how to do it? Don’t you think it makes sense to dig a little deeper to find your moorings in a niche that you are truly passionate about?

The reality is that most of us do have a specific interest that we really, really are passionate about. Generally, most of us have a passing interest in different activities. Can we scale up this passing interest to something we can blog about? With a little determination and effort, I think we can. But one could argue that we can cultivate our interest in the MMO niche if we are sincere with our efforts. True. Only it is more competitive compared to other niches. Over to you now.

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I disagree because experienced marketers started as beginners in this niche.

What the MMO niche has above all other niches is the flexibility and the enormous amount of sub-niches that you can talk about.


Couldn't agree more, Mick. This post was intended to gauge the opinions of the members here. I wanted to test the strength of the different views and counterviews. No opposing views here - MMO niche wins hands down. Whether you are a newbie or experienced, MMO niche is the best. Like you say, it offers flexibility and an enormous amount of sub-niches to create content on. Thanks for the input.

It's great for WA Sukumar. Any other niche subject, study it well!

Thanks for the reply, Mike.

I really like your post, Sukumar, and I agree that for a complete beginner, an MMO niche wouldn't be the ideal choice.
However, the question is how much experience should you have before entering that market? Generally, there is much more money earning potential here than in many other niches, so even if you have a lot of competition, could you end up earning more than with a hobby niche.
Probably, the decisive factor is how passionate you are about that niche. If you are passionate enough about the MMO world and don't just choose it for its earning potential, you might be fine even with little experience.

As is evident from the replies here, the MMO niche is superior because of its vastness and the challenge it offers because of its competitiveness. I completely agree with it. I had to play the devil's advocate and throw up the question to have a feel for the strength of the opposing arguments. But as you have seen, there's hardly any confusion here, there seem to be no counterviews. Everybody seems to agree that MMO is an evergreen niche and even if you're a beginner, you can make the cut if you can work hard and have the zeal for learning new things. The vast MMO field gives you endless topics to write on - the how-tos, the myths, the scams, the variety of products for reviews, pieces of training, videos...the list can go on.

It certainly was a very interesting discussion - something many people have a strong opinion about. So we know for sure now, the MMO niche is one of the most popular niches around.

I'm not in the MMO niche. However I feel that it doesn't really fall into beginners / advanced. I would say how much experience you have tried to suceed with MMO courses and such. As a 'beginner' you could have tried multiple platform couses that haven't worked and can give pro's / con's advice on whether it's the right choice of course to do. I have seen a few websites like that and I've enjoyed reading their experiences - so I don't end up wasting my money on a course that may not suit me. But a 'beginner' who has only just discovered lets say 'wealthy affiliate' ... how much can you write about your MMO methods online?

Thanks for your input, Kim. As you must have read from the replies here, an overwhelming majority seem to agree that there's nothing wrong for a beginner to enter the MMO niche despite it being a highly competitive field. The reason being there are lots of topics to write on, there are many products you could write reviews on if you are willing to learn and are sincere in your efforts. In fact, the advantage of an MMO niche over others seems to be its vastness. Couldn't agree more.

Yes I agree. However as a 'beginner' have you reviewed or tested courses that are $5,000 to buy and suceeded? I think it's a difficult niche to get into unless as I've mentioned someone that's bought and tried a course to be able to give a decent review at least. I don't feel that someone should purely advertise or blog about a course that they haven't tried out themselves. Course you can go on the internet and look at other people's reviews and 'recreate' your own opinion. However that's why this leads to a lot of false advertising and scams. I'm personally not going to do a MMO until I've gathered my own findings, hopefully in the next year.

Great insights. Thanks for sharing

This really is a great post and I wish I had more knowledge when I had to choose my niche.

I'm in the MMO niche and I'm in that battle now: I have to blog about how to make money while I still don't make money. And to be honest I don't see how I can convince others to follow my lead while I have nothing to show them.

Maybe it's time to change, but................I'm not sure if I want to continue.

Read my post for ideas.

Hey! You don't need to change. This post was not meant to discourage anybody from pursuing the MMO niche. I myself am doing it but I had to throw this question to take in everybody's view on it. I was getting stuck with a post and had to fire this post here to kickstart my writing there on my site. Keep blogging. Cheers!


Thanks CherrieAnn :)

Where is your post?

Yes, focusing on MMO as your primary niche when you are a beginner is undoubtedly challenging however, I believe by combining MMO content with a lifestyle niche as your primary content will give anyone, regardless of their experience with MMO, the ability to leverage the best of both worlds.

Lifestyle niche content will be personal to your passions and interests ie
* What you have bought with the extra income
* What you're aiming to buy with the extra income
* What you're able to do because of MMO
* What you're specifically aiming to achieve because of MMO
* What you have achieved because of MMO

This will attract a unique audience based on your interests and passions because someone in the world has to like what you like too and by presenting yourself as a MMO case study you only have to know a few steps more than your audience.

Wise words, Cherrie. I have two sites - one a hobby site and one an MMO site. However, I'm concentrating on the MMO site as of now. Love your take on the whole thing. Best wishes.

Great article, thanks for sharing.

Timing is everything if you have the right timing you can do accomplish anything you want.

Yes, MMO is way too competitive for a beginner, however, is good to amass as much knowledge as we can on the subject because there are too many things to assimilate if we want to do it in a good way.

Of course, we can get our hand on something smaller to start testing, your chance of finding success on your first niche is very low, but it's a good training ground where we can test everything. It will be messy but who cares, at least you had the courage to jump in.

I've never considered anything is too late or too competitive, everything will always be too big and too competitive, however, if you jump in now, in the near future, you will start getting results already when other peoples still think it's too late and too competitive.

Thanks for a wonderful reply, Calvin. You know, I am the beginner I'm talking about in this post here :) I started with a niche site (on home audio systems) but thinking that MMO would be more profitable, I jumped in despite being a newbie. I must admit that it hasn't been all that easy. Many a time, I have this nagging thought if I should be going back to my previous site that has been kept in suspended animation for a few months now :) But you're right when you say everything will be always either too big or too competitive. Since I have taken the plunge, I think I should be keeping my focus.

I think you already did the most difficult part: Jumping In.

I also want to jump into MMO, but I know it will be a long journey. There is some knowledge I already have, however, there are still so many things to learn. But in few months I will start perhaps this summer as I'm going nowhere.

In my opinion, I would do something aside because to be honest MMO is too broad, so much to assimilate and most important it will take so much time before getting results. I'm a beginner like you so I don't care to spend time and effort. Having something aside will able you to take a little break from you big journey, consider it as an entertainment and you will be able to test what you've been learning for MMO.

Your niche is a good one, have you considered talking about AI like Google Home and Alexa, it's a very interesting way to enjoy a Home System and it can open so many possibilities. You should really take a look at products like Amazon Echo, they're very affordable, it can give you new ideas for your niche.

I believe many things you will learn from MMO, you can deploy it immediately on your smaller niche, it's some kind of split testing and perhaps it will help you to adjust.

Sometimes we focus so much on something when the answer is just right in front of you, we just looked at the wrong place.

Good Luck.

Thank you so much for your input, Calvin. I have got what I needed through the many replies here. I love your take on the matter. Since I have taken the plunge into this MMO niche and because I do not have the time to invest in my earlier blog, I have to keep it in a limbo for the time being. But I'll be going back to it someday. It's something I really love. Cheers!

Great post, Sukumarth! I think that choosing a couple products in the same niche on Google Trends and reviewing each, choosing your favorite, would be grounds for a great blog!--then using Clickbanks to promote it. I read a case study on this recently that made a 6-figure income---promoting one product over another with a one page site!

There are so many different directions in which to take a site. I personally am working on a case study site--MMO.

Erin :)!

I would like to believe that I have been a good student till now, Erin. The most wonderful thing about being in the MMO niche as a beginner is that you're learning so many new things everyday. It's such a wonderful feeling. It's a steep learning curve but nonetheless, extremely gratifying. The constantly shifting landscape is a bit overwhelming at times. Learning, unlearning, relearning...Ah! I will have a good enough material for a PhD in online business by the end of my first year :) Best wishes for your case-study site!

Fascinating conversation, Sukumarth. Thank You.
I recently posed 2 questions to the community, and they are very relevant to your great post: I believe one DOES start with a definitive advantage by choosing certain niches over others (even if they don't have the most passion for them) if their goal is to maximize their passive income.

Many MMO niches give you a firm advantage "right out of the gate" for conversations if you can build traffic and the right sales funnel in place. For instance, any MMO niche would have a greater potential for income over hobby niches, i.e., fly fishing, baseball, knitting, badminton, etc..when writing product reviews because the potential audience is already searching for solution where they can buy inot a product or service; in other words they are pre-qualified.

Hobby niches I feel are more difficult because your income is at first essentially limited to affiliate marketing, and it's a stretch to convert that audience to premium referrals, such as he WA program.

This is just my take.


Love your take, Kaju. I agree that MMO niches give you a firm advantage over others if you can build traffic and the right sales funnels. For many, it's a big IF. The problem for a beginner is creating convincing posts in an activity one is still learning. You know, to generate leads. A beginner does not have much to say daily except mistakes, frustrations, etc. One can still create posts on mistakes made by beginners but it's not easy to sound authoritative when you don't have much experience. Isn't it funny that I have to say this because I started with a niche site (hobby) myself before hopping on to the MMO niche? There's much truth in what you have said though.

The bottom line remains the same: it takes time before you become successful. It can take a helluva time. Cheers!

Very true my friend. Continued success and keep writing!

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