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It’s been a while since I wrote anything here on my personal blog. I realise that I wrote my last blog post here on November 16, 2018.I have not been very active here and my WA rank is a testimony to my inactivity.Well, it was not a conscious decision on my part but I had been very busy on my site.I have observed an interesting thing here and I don’t know if others noticed it too. The people who were very active here, say about a year back (or those who joined WA around the same tim
After a point, it gets a tad irritating.Their smiling faces. The poise, the confidence. And the sometimes saccharin-laced imploring about why it’s not as difficult as people make it out to be, how success was around the bend ahead. To someone who’s giving it everything and religiously going by the book but without any traffic, no amount of pep-talk actually helps. It’s the results one wants to see. It’s just to see if this damn online business thing actually works. I
We are all here for making some money, aren’t we? I don’t know if there are people who are here just for the pleasure of making social connections and for writing as a hobby but the vast majority of us here are for the moolah. There are so many legitimate ways to make money online –Online bettingPaid online surveysOnline market tradingBloggingReview website and apps for moneyPublish a Kindle eBookAffiliate MarketingNetwork Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)Online Data
I have written on this already. Let me ask you this again today.What is that small (and hence inconspicuous) visual element in a website that most newbies tend to ignore in their website building? Why newbies alone, even some successful websites don’t have them. Hint: It’s an important branding element. Answer: It’s the favicon. Shortened form of “favourite icon”, the favicon is that small icon seen in the address bar just beside the title of an active page in th
Have you ever been contacted by the aliens from outer space? Telling you about how good things will come to you if you join them? Well, let me share with you all about something unusual that happened to me a few days back. No, I was not contacted by aliens. I was giving my comment on one of our members’ posts here through the SiteComments about a review on Manifestation Magic program. It was a fairly good review. However, I found it quite strange that after giving a thorough review on w
October 23, 2018
No confetti, no trumpets, no fireworks. In fact, I didn’t even realise that I had already published 100 WA blog posts. I was about to write a post today when I saw ‘100’ written for Posts in my WA dashboard area. So, that's it. I have hit a century and still not out! This will be my 101th post and with this, I would like to believe that I’m about to begin my second innings in WA.There’s nothing to celebrate about when someone publishes 100 posts. Many people do tha
I was checking out the Most Asked Questions on Google list which took me to a website with all these “most searched…” lists. Interesting stats there. While I cannot verify the authenticity of it, I could see some interesting questions there. “What is my IP?” tops the list which is somewhat strange because other than a few techie people, why would anybody want to know his or her IP address?The second in the list is “What time is it?” which is stranger b
There are many things I have done on my website. Nothing extraordinary because everybody who’s got a website does that.Outside of my website, I have also done things as any internet marketer would have done. Setting up Google Analytics, applying for AdSense and subsequently managing to insert the AdSense code inside my website, creating ads, Auto Ads, Google and Bing Webmaster tools, creating banners, creating logos, favicons, creating menus, footer menu, creating social buttons, custom
No, this is not about product reviews. That has already been done to death.I have always wondered if you could make people read and like what you put out there if you’re going to say (or sound like saying), “Hey, I haven’t seen it myself but I think this is the way it works.” One of the primary lessons in content marketing is to write what you already know and help people with what you write there. It could be an instruction, a strategy or an inspirational writing. It co
Do you follow blogging tips? The Internet is chock-a-block with pages that are giving tips on how to write the best copies and engaging blog posts. These posts are there because at any moment, there are people looking for tips on better blog writing and how they could write copies that sell like hot cakes. These could the newbie bloggers or even the established ones looking for that extra-something to improve their writing based on other bloggers’ experiences. Fair enough. But how many of