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Ok, what's happening with google?

Ok, what's happening with google?

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Yes, I know someone may well have covered this topic recently but how are you supposed to find it when the search criteria here could be improved?

When I mean by improve

Hey Mick,

I'm just writing a blog post about how to do a Site Audit (for FREE).

This will hugely help you to see which articles on your website are either potentially "holding you back" or being "punished".

Give me a few hours and I'll publish.


What you say makes sense, this was asked just yesterday you may like read Partha's comment.

Payments by wealthy affiliate?

Payments by wealthy affiliate?

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WA Affiliate Program

Why would payments from Wealthy Affiliate go on pending other than for "Yearly Commission" when I don't have any yearly commissions?

Have you received less than 3 payments, which case would be pending a 30 days. It could also be a chargeback. If none of the above you may want to reach out to Kyle and let them know.



Hey Mick,

I believe there is now a 30-day "pending" time until commissions are automatically approved, simply to combat fraud.

You can check out Carson's reply on Lisa's thread here: Partha

Thanks Partha, then the wording needs to change!


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I keep getting these trash comment?

I keep getting these trash comment?

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Website Development & Programming

Every few days, someone sends me these comments against the same review I created some time ago.

Pages and pages of links to porn sites etc.

OK, I trash them each

Agreed Zoopie.

Maybe I’ve annoyed someone too as I was getting a lot of porn spa, I just marked it as spam …I don’t think anything bad happens as long as you don’t open it.

Correct, Stephen!

Hey Mick,

If you use a reliable plugin like Stop Spammers by Trumani you'll find it easier having to deal with spammers.

What I do when I get spammers is, copy and paste their name, email address, and IP address.

Then, go to Settings > Discussion and scroll down to Disallowed Comment Keys and past their details into the textbox provided... then be sure to scroll down and Save Changes.

They could always come back, using a different IP address but they will need a new name and email address.

This plugin seems to deter the average spammer... but you won't be able to stop them 100% without deactivating the ability to leave a comment on your website.

Hope you find this helpful.

No, just trash them. We all have them.

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This might seem like a strange question but anyway?

This might seem like a strange question but anyway?

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Authoring & Writing Content

Hey Guys.

I remember asking this when I first started here at WA but that was before I knew anything.

When we are doing our research and looking for keywords, when

Hey guys, just thought I would add this little update.

It sort of goes against what we have been told that you need to provide great content to be able to compete in the SERPS.

So I thought I would try it out!

Created a post as per what this thread is about so it was lacking depth and totally incomplete.

Anyway, I submitted the post through Google Console and the very next day the post is ranking on page 1 in 5th position.

Now I will go back into the post and update it, which Google likes, in other words, I will complete the review.


Are you sure your making your search correctly? Because if you search by the exact title and name of the website your content will come up to the very top each time, but when you search by keyword only (no quotation marks, just keyword), that’s what shows true rank.

Incomplete content that only has headings and no actual content won’t rank on the first page for any quality keyword.

Really, then I must have got it wrong then! Look you obviously don't believe what I am saying so try it for yourself!

No I’m totally with you here man.

But what I’m saying is just that Google’s not in the practice of ranking incomplete content. But let’s say what you’re saying totally worked, it wouldn’t help us as affiliate marketers to have content ranking on page 1 that was incomplete and served no real purpose to our audience. They’d arrive at a post with no content and simply hit the back button.

That’s all I’m saying. Definitely don’t want to make a practice of publishing incomplete content. We write for our audience and for their user experience :)

I have seen this on several occasions now I don't know whether it's right or wrong to rank a piece of content that was incomplete or not.

Yes, you are right it serves no benefit to the reader but nobody has a clue just what Google is doing.

All I am saying is that my post ranked within 24 hours.

Normally it takes 2+ days to rank (for me) a completed article.

Fine, big deal the post isn't complete but 4 hours after it ranks on page 1 it is complete.

It sort of puts a spanner in the works!

I think the bottom line is that quality content always rises to the top. Just like you said, it serves us no purpose to publish incomplete content, and it equally serves google no purpose to rank incomplete content.

I’ve never seen an article with no content rank on page 1 for any quality keyword. There are some keywords that make no sense where something of poor quality could rank because of sheer lack of relevant content, but otherwise it isn’t happening.

If you’ve seen this on many occasions maybe you could share a keyword as an example?

Interesting Mick, it is very strange when this happens.

One explanation is that Google has nothing better to show. But...

I can show you a number of posts (not my own) that have one single paragraph of 5-6 lines, and they outrank well-structured posts with thousands of words.

I am convinced that there are no rules any more, Google ranking has become a farce. I have my own examples that show this. I have several reviews of products that I own, more than 2000 words, and they are nowhere to be found in Google, worthless in Google's eyes, although there are no other reviews of the same products. I am supposed to know how to write such products that rank.

Back to your case. Try it, do the same and see what happens. You will likely prove what I am saying.

Very interesting Jovo.

I know people still bang on about more great content that will outrank shorter posts but I haven't found that to be the case.

I have written posts that are 3000-4000 words and well structured and use a keyword that has very little competition and can't be found anywhere.

So you go in and edit it and try to work out what the problem is and quite honestly you are wasting your time.

It would seem that Google gives priority to certain websites and for whatever reason, who knows?

It does appear to be hit and miss with Google, in fact, I wonder if Google knows what the hell is going on, lol

After all the Google algorithm is only as good as the programmer writing it and they make mistakes especially when there is so much complexity.

You have to question why there are so many updates and most of them will probably be down to screwups!

I was thinking about giving it a go to see if it works but knowing my luck...


It seems unusual that Google would rank a post without any content. Knowing that google looks for quality original content that helps people in my niche, I certainly would not want my site name associated only with a post that has only a keyword title on it and expect the search engines to crawl it.

I remember Jay showed us how to let a new website marinate with only the site title, site description and an about page, privacy policy and contact us page with our domain name included but I don't remember anything more than that.

It will be interesting to see if someone else sheds some light on this.

Mick, are you asking about WA blogs? Its done for you automatically. No need to submit for indexing. All our WA post automatically will appear if you type in a specific keyword of your post for WA blogs.

Actual websites Brenda, nothing to do with WA

Ok. You got some answers that’s it’s a bit unusual. So be grateful that Google is doing what it is doing. Unless it’s a glitch, hope not. Take care.

Quite frankly nobody has a clue what Google is doing!

Thats very true.

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Yet another question about web core vitals?

Yet another question about web core vitals?

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Everything Wordpress

Hey Guys,

I have spent an enormous amount of time going through posts and reducing image sizes and moving them about in the post and even removing many.

Checking th

Hi, Mick

Did you ask Google to validate your changes in GSC? Once you do that, it begins monitoring the erroneous URLs for 28 days and then reports back to you.


Yes I did Frank about 6 weeks ago

That's terrible, Mick.

You might want to put in a support ticket with Google and see what they have to say. They did respond to a ticket on a different. issue after about 3 weeks. The info was surprisingly helpful.


Having a similar problem with BIng where the site isn't indexed at all and just can't get anybody to reply to my query.


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