Last Update: October 04, 2014

When telemarketers call, I don't want to just be rude and slam the phone down in their ear. I thought this was a creative alternative!

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mlshands Premium
Too funny. I love caller ID so I just don't answer.
CarlaIves Premium
When the kids were younger, I would put them on the phone and go about my business. LOL And you can tell them all you want NOT to call back. They still do. They are still calling me for my mom's debts. I give them the address where they can find her. I just omit that it's the cemetery.
steveo5770 Premium
That's cute :)
cookma54 Premium
I always say, "Won't you please take me off your calling list? Thanks a lot! Have a great day! and quickly hang up. M ... by law then, they have to remove your number from the list and you don't have to be rude! M
Skip2tsr Premium
I like the Seinfeld one. " Oh, I'm sorry, I have company right now. If you give me your home phone number I'll call you tonight and you can tell me all about it."