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HELLO TO ALL MY WA FRIENDS, AND HAPPY SATURDAY! I just ran across this very interesting article about changes that are coming mid-January with FB policies that will profoundly affect us entrepreneurs. The article is entitled "NEW FACEBOOK RULES WILL STING ENTREPRENEURS" and it explains the upcoming changes in easy-to-understand terms. Here's an excerpt, and I'm including a link to the whole article below. I'm thinking Pinterest is about to get way more important in our lives... "Chrisy Bossie b
October 31, 2014
HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all my favorite WA-ers! Are you ready for all the little monsters? I think we're ready: Outside decorations are out, candy is in the big yellow bowl. homemade potato soup, tossed salad and hot bread for dinner, and John and "them dawgs" will stay upstairs and watch a movie so the doorbell doesn't drive them (and us!) nuts. Have fun everybody and don't let the goblins gitchee! :) By the way, this is an oldie but one of my favorite pictures for Halloween. Don't these Col
October 12, 2014
Remember when we were little, and. . . The summers seemed to go on for years? Christmas was at LEAST three lifetimes away? A hamburger was so incredibly huge there was no way you could eat the whole thing? How about walking that 6 blocks home from school that went on for miles and miles? Or a 180-page book (with report due!) that seemed as long as "War and Peace"? And your Dad's "Great Uncle" who came to visit? He was SO incredibly old he just had to have known Jesus. Then we grew up and that
October 04, 2014
When telemarketers call, I don't want to just be rude and slam the phone down in their ear. I thought this was a creative alternative!
October 02, 2014
I just love this picture of these two adorable little girls getting caught in the rain. One is thrilled with the change of events - thinks the rain is enchanting and she's ready to make an adventure out of it. The other is grumpy and disappointed. Sees the rain as a cold and ugly intrusion which has totally ruined their play plans. So she starts to cry. One of the biggest lessons I've learned in life (so far!) is that I am responsible for my own happiness. Not one person or thing or circumsta
October 01, 2014
I've always thought of October as my own "personal month" in that I have it all to myself. Sort of the calm before the storm :) That is, of course, until Halloween hits, which is pure bedlam here at the Mays Mansion (my status-symbol name I invented for our ordinary development-style home). Halloween is so fun and I love the tradition, but boy oh boy, do we get the kids! The treat for us is when it's over! Haha! I truly do love the fall season. It's calming some way, and so beautiful.
September 26, 2014
Many of you have asked me to let you know when I put up a new "Only in Idaho" or "Short Funny Story" on my blog. Check out "Who Is Feather's Daddy?" I think you'll get a kick out of it. Ahhh.... the innocent life of a child in Idaho. Here's link:
September 23, 2014
In the process of working on my niche, which is humor, (targeted to the retired Baby Boomer arena), I have come across more competition than I can possibly count. Oh man, did that ever intimidate me at first! I mean we're talking the likes of REALLY funny people who make millions from what they do - Dave Berry, Tina Fey, Ellen DeGeneres, Jerry Seinfeld. . . not to mention the hundreds of hilarious blogs that have 7-figures in followers. But I've developed a philosophy that's helped me ou
September 17, 2014
"Summer collapsed into September." Good morning my fellow WA-ers, and happy Wednesday, September 17! I love this old-fashioned picture of a harvest moon. The caption reads: "And all at once - summer collapsed into September." It's so true! Didn't the summer just go by in a flash? The goal I had set for myself in the early spring was that I would be making a thousand dollars a month by fall. Isn't happening! And guess who's at fault!? Yep. It's that rascal Sugarbird and the fact that I'm
A gracious good morning to my terrific WA family! I've been reading (and posting) various memories of this date (9/11/2001) and feeling nostalgic and patriotic. It was sure a day that changed our lives forever. I'm moving forward now. Time to get back to being happy and on track. My "That Retired Lady" site is ever so gradually gaining momentum, and I'm just about to add two more sections. One will be an "Only in Idaho" section, featuring the many hilarious pictures (see photo) and short