Ahhh. . . october!

Last Update: October 02, 2014

I've always thought of October as my own "personal month" in that I have it all to myself. Sort of the calm before the storm :) That is, of course, until Halloween hits, which is pure bedlam here at the Mays Mansion (my status-symbol name I invented for our ordinary development-style home). Halloween is so fun and I love the tradition, but boy oh boy, do we get the kids! The treat for us is when it's over! Haha!

I truly do love the fall season. It's calming some way, and so beautiful. Most of the trees here in Boise are deciduous, so the colors are just breathtaking. I read somewhere that pronounced changes of seasons are good for us mentally and emotionally. I definitely believe that's true, especially after having lived in Hawaii for some time, where the seasonal changes are very subtle.

But you know - this really IS the calm before the storm because for so many of us, October is the last month until January that we can devote as much time to our websites, our WA classes, and our business development. And naturally, since the holidays are prime selling months - the time to get all that prepared is now. I have to admit though - it's hard to be working on content with Santa pictures and getting posts ready that talk about Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, winter, and (gasp!) SNOW!

Anyway, enjoy your fall! Soak in the beauty and the calm. Take advantage of your "personal month." Before we know it, the rush will be upon us. EEK!! But guess what: Before we know it, it'll all be over!

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Debbi26 Premium
Yep, if you've read my blogs, you know how I feel about Autumn and I think you're right about October. The 1st photo with the truck is AWESOME!!!! Thanks for sharing, ~Debbi
mama2karsten Premium
I too love autumn in the mountains as I live at the foothills of the Smokies. The smell of the leaves, The family of elk in the early morning… the sound of flowing creeks and roaring waterfalls. For me, it is where creativity begins for me… wandering on beautiful mountain trails.
mlshands Premium
Fall has always been my favorite season! I love the beginning of the holiday season, the air cooling off after long, hot summers, and the beautiful colors outside.
CarlaIves Premium
I love fall and i would love Halloween IF we got some kids. LOL Live out in the middle of nowhere. Years ago, we got some kids, but I guess they've grown up so their parents no longer drop them off out here. Great photos, Patti!
kholmes Premium
Very nice and serene. :))