Get MORE from your WA membership

Last Update: Dec 20, 2017


You get a LOT, but go ahead- GET GREEDY!


That's the plan - get all you can, and we will all be happy for you. I'm not talking about building and promoting 20 more sites (though that might be great). I'm talking about growing your skill and your business. This is the right place, if you make use of the help available for you.

The great power at WA is PERSONAL COACHING, ADVICE and FEEDBACK. It is beautiful, powerful and there is a ton of it waiting for you, if you accept it. This is the most valuable part of WA membership... So how do you get as much as possible?


Invite and WELCOME input from other WA members

This isn't hard, but it does require effort. I suggest you do as follows to make sure you really are inviting and welcoming the feedback and coaching available here:

  1. Throw yourself into the training available here - there's lots available; pick what best suits your goals, and dig in. The Certification program is a great place to start
  2. Do the work, and when you get stuck ask for help: use chat, ask an open question, or approach a fellow member or an ambassador, but ask
  3. Engage with other members by commenting on blogs, training lessons or questions. You can even do a WA blog of your own to share a learning, idea or pet peeve.
  4. Welcome and accept input or feedback, whether it's positive or negative; it is important to keep getting input and other help so show that you appreciate it even if you don't like the news, and aren't sure you agree. It is just as hard to give negative feedback as it is to get it, so THANK THEM FOR IT so you can get more. If you can keep the feedback coming, you get coaching without hiring a coach - a real gift.
  5. Be gracious and thankful for all engagement. This means unless it is nasty, cruel or immoral, every comment you get as a response to your question, post or comment should be acknowledged with thanks, or at least a LIKE.

It may seem strange to be thankful for criticism, but it really IS a gift, and thanking people for that gift is common courtesy and basic etiquette here at WA. When you don't devote a half second to click LIKE after a member takes the time to respond to your comment, question or post, that tells them and others here that you don't appreciate the help. That isn't how to get the most out of this supportive community. When they provide extra help by sharing a link or providing details, both a LIKE and a thank you comment are very common, and a great practice.

Many of us understand these rules, because we see them all around us, but not everyone does. It is never too late to show the community that you value them, appreciate their advice and welcome their help.

And of course GIVE BACK

The WA culture is rich with members that generously share their time and wisdom with others here, and you should too. Return the favor, and pay it forward to other members with comments, blogs and other ways to share and help. It will be appreciated and will pay you dividends in acceptance and coaching help. This will lead to wonderful personal growth and business success, which is why most of us are here.

And last but not least, if you ever see me miss or fail to show my appreciation for feedback I get, Please call me out. Not everyone will appreciate that, but I invite it.

Thanks for reading,


Recent Comments


I like your philosophy of life and look forward to reading your posts.

Thanks Roger. I'm following you now, so I look forward to learning about your philosophy.

Awesome sauce Steve, thanks for sharing! Have a great day! :-)

My pleasure, Bob! You too.

Thanks Steve. A great reminder of how to get the most out of our membership. A few good prompts for me to action. Thanks!

Glad you find it helpful Gary. Action is the best way to go IMHO.

Thank you so much Steve! I totally agree with you!

WA is like a treasure box, filled with knowledge, wisdom, encouragement, valuable advices, empowering thoughts, outstanding guidance and much, much more. We just have to open up the box, be grateful and make use of the precious gifts and fill the box by sharing our experiences and our knowledge.

Let our thanks echo out to the Whole Wide WA!
:-) Pernilla

Thanks Pernilla! It is really easy to welcome engagement and feedback from you, as you are an expert at giving it constructively.

Your post pretty much says it all, Steve. Everyone of us should do and feel this way!!!


Thanks Jim. I agree it applies to all of us.


What a great post, Steve! It is important that you get out there and embrace the feedback and comments from others and that you show them the same respect that you expect from others.

It seems common courtesy to me, but I can name the edition of Emily Post's book of etiquette that you have shown here. It was ingrained in me as a child. Most of what is taught in that edition has gone by the wayside which I find sad in many ways.

Still, if you treat others well and listen gratefully to what they have to say, you can achieve great things! You don't have to know how to set a table for a seven-course meal to do it, either.


Thanks Anita - glad you like it.

You had an easy time making the leap from Emily Post to pressing 'Like', but not everyone gets it. I'm amazed at a few folks that have been here for years, and still don't understand the value of the common courtesy of pressing 'Like'.

As for me, if they don't say something really harsh about my momma, they get a 'Like' - that's basic web etiquette that Emily would understand, if she were around when the web came along...


I have often thought that it would have been nice for Emily to be here to give us rules of etiquette for the internet and social media. Goodness knows there are a lot of people who could benefit from that.


Absolutely! Although I am thankful that we don't have a lot of "which fork do I use now?" decisions on-line. :-)


With effort it is indeed a free for all Steve!

Thanks much, Michael.

Yes, there is a world of information you can get here and a ton of help you can give, it's addicting.

Thanks Damo,
I'm definitely hooked...

I hope, at some point, to have half the knowledge to give away as some of the leaders here. It would just barely begin to repay what I've taken away already!

Thank you, Steve

Thanks, Bob. I feel the same...

Good New Year resolution is to be very greedy because you are absolutely right...there is so much here to help us.


Thanks Debbie,
Greed is SO appropriate. The cross coaching opportunities are amazing.

We must pig out...

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