My Promise to WA!

Last Update: May 10, 2018

Been pretty active recently on Social Media and following Bo Tipton's training, thought he is going through excatly through all that we learn from Kyle on the Certification Course training & the Bootcamp - you have to have done it to understand what's it all about - the way Bo breaks it down and explains it further makes the whole experience so wonderful!

Being part of WA has been the best experience I have met, and I literally awake every day awaiting to meet the friends I have made here, either throught their interaction on WA or on's amazing how small the world becomes when you are online!

Having read Jerry's latest post where he has just become an Embassador here at WA, saying he keeps on putting up training each time he learns something new, I was just thinking, how much I have learned since being here and shared it...I'd be and Empress if there was such a ranking! haha!

I know, been lazy, or more accurately, too busy implementing what I am learning to stop a minute and write some more this coming year I promise to be more co-operative and "nag" you with all that I am learning!

So keep tune I come!

Wishing 4 Your $ucce$$


PS....when will WA allow us to change more than once our WA name? Would like to go back to Orion - from SantaFez =)

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herinnelson Premium
Nice, Orion! You really put some heart into your post! Following through with training and business goals help to build momentum. Momentum drives your urge, which takes you to your ultimate success! :)! Great post!
Happy2Learn Premium
Thanks Orion. Happy to see you kicking goals!
verazhelvis Premium
I believe WA helped you to find a genuine yourself- you want to go back to Orion, since there's no need for you to hide behind a created name anymore. I think it's a very good sign.
And also, it's a great idea of Jerry and supported by you- to put learned things into a training. We all are different, and some of us get stuck at some small things, not just once on this journey, and people helping to clear the path sure do a great job!
Happy about your success, Orion.:))
davehayes Premium
Very nice post Orion, with what seems to be a big note to self : ) good luck and keep producing the good postings
mission0ps Premium
I'll call you Orion :o)