What is the deal with ending a price with 7?

Last Update: May 12, 2018

It's been a while now that I've been thinking about writing this blog, or maybe ask a question, but then I thought a blog would be more appropriate...

So what is the deal with the number 7?

Why is it that every product we see being sold on the internet ends with 7?

I read some articles about it and the rough conclusion on this is that it is "crowd" mentality, we see it done so we do it ourself.

Do we really? Are we that automated that we follow simply everyone, cause everyone is doing it?

Or is it possibly that the number 7 is a lucky number? I mean in the Casino community 7 is a lucky number!

But if I am not mistaken in China the lucky number is 8...and with over a billion chinese...shouldn't we capitalize on No. 8 ? Just wondering....

And why not go for the number 2, or 3, they are much lower and look just as attractive then 7, yet you don't see a lot of "Buy this now at $742 only!"....or "Get this now at $52 only!".... why?

psychology or just plain sheep mentality...what do you think?

Your thoughts and insights would be appreciated....and if there is someone here who really knows what this is all about (the No. 7 I mean)...then please by all means do enlighten us =)

Wishing You $ucce$$ - Orion

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TheOldSilly Premium
I'm kinda of the same opinion as Greg, below - just psychological games retailers play to trick us into thinking we're getting a deal. One of the most annoying to me is how all gas stations post their per gallon prices with .99 after the decimal. As if .01 is some huge savings, and as if we don't know it might as darn well be $365.00 per gallon if you're going to sell it for $364.99!!

SMH ...
GlenPalo Premium
Internet marketing products tend to have prices ending in 7. I believe it is anIM/urban legend that priced ending 7 sold better on the internet. But because of herd mentality, IM products tend to be priced ending in 7.

Big store merchandisers may price items ending in 7, 5, 3 etc to reflect closeout merchandise or final sales items. (it is more for their sales accounting needs)
BillandSue Premium
Hi Orion,
I am not sure at all where the business physiology of the number 7 comes from. My thoughts are that many years ago, prices used to be even money for a chair , for example, of $53.

The competitor across the street had more or less the same item selling at more or less the same price.

He got the idea that $52.99 sounds a little better as people tend to look at the dollar amount and not so much the cents. (no sese herer).

Thus the 1 penny under the higher dollar figure. Through the years, $.99 started to become old hat, so the trickery came about again by lower it to "7" instead of "9".

Like I said this is just an shot in the dark as to why the "7".

I hope this give you something to chew on.
marmar463 Premium
Great post. I myself never understood the #7 either. It seems to mean like you said everything ends in #7. I am so happy that everything here at WA thank God does not end in #7. So when you get the answer keep me posted because I am interested in the answer myself.
manne13666 Premium
I'm not entirely sure myself, but now that you pointed it out a lot of price tags end in 7. 7 is a very powerful number. It has symbolism in both Japanese and Hindu cultures from what I've heard. There are also 7 letters in the Roman numeral system.

Add that with 7 days a week and 7 colors of the rainbow and you can't help but notice a pattern.

Good luck and take care,