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Hi I'm Jorge but in the Metal Scene (where I was before) they call me SAMA. I have come here after so many years surfing





Who understand BOOTCAMP?

Who understand BOOTCAMP?

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WA Affiliate Program

To me many friends have wrong ideas what is the Bootcamp here. Or is there another route to take? That course is where the essence of the program is where more step that is wh

Your advice is precious.

Bootcamp contains all of the secrets!

Boot camp can be applied to any niche.
It is a great way to get structured training in a step by step format.

Good analysis Jorge! Thank you for sharing with all of us!

Hey Jorge, bootcamp is for those that lack enough imagination to think of their own niche................ONLY JOKING!

But seriously, I thought that when I first went premium at the end of November. I have almost finished the training for the certification course - 40 lessons in total! Then I shall be doing the bootcamp (already bought the domain a couple of weeks ago) because I now have more of an idea of how I can promote WA (than if I had just jumped straight into Bootcamp)

I thought bootcamp is for the promotion of WA especially for those who could not find their niche, I will go there when I have my first niche site

Hi. Boot Camp is if you want to promote WA and get referrals. If you want to do a specific niche then you would need to follow the Certification training. It's up to you. There are things from either training that will help regardless but focus on one and follow the lessons and tasks.

I think it is not, (maybe im wrong) to promote WA. I take them all, I check the task for all lessons, but the questions asked by some here, it's like not to attend either, it's much better for me. Or did you have the idea that Bootcamp is for hanging? Take a look to the task of Bootcamp and maybe you change your opinion. Sorry because you have more time here. Thanks for comment and you have a great site. I'm a Baby Boomer, too!! hehehe!! :)

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Do you stay up to date on the community?

Do you stay up to date on the community?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

The fact that we all have different preferences makes for an interesting world.

I feel that WA provide many ways to connect and learn in a variety of ways which I am sure everyone will have their preference for and for those who are not comfortable with writing provides a good way to help you progress till eventually it all flows out

Share your dislike for live chat. You can lose the thread of any meaningful conversation.i love community communication (pardon the allitteration)

I like here. I can attend talks one by one, much better

Never used live chat. I can't follow threads

It is very fast for me, I feel like a cockroach in a dance of chickens

That's really funny Jorge, hahaha

It's a colloquial saids!! ( very latino )

Hi Jorge at the moment I prefer clicking around in the community to chat. But I will probably venture out into live chat a bit more in the future.

Thats that I said! I preffer the community!! Thanks for comment Annie!

It sure is great!

Thank you for another great post. Have a great weekend!

Well written and I could agree more! WA is like a family.


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What do you need to work at Google?

What do you need to work at Google?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

I saw it checking out there and want to share it with all of you:

Thanks alot for sharing.

Google, the holy grail for tech types. Literally the only complaint I've ever seen with working for them is that they hire ALL the top talent. So straight A, top of their class, students can end up doing menial jobs like answering questions on Quora. XD

Other than that, cafeterias run by 5-star chefs, free oil changes and hair cuts, paid for housing, fantastic pay, a great relaxed work environment and who knows how many other perks they don't talk about. :)

Man, @Ethan, I'd work on a GOOGLE's building even if the cafeteria or for the auto parts of its fleet, just joking! Yes or no?


Working at Google, hmmmmm. Good post.

Did you know there's a programmer at google that has a salary of 3 million a year! I was reading a post where a head hunter was trying to recruit him and offered like 300k a year, he said sorry I already make 3 million a year. I hear they pay really good to keep good talent.

I heard the same thing, Wayne

certainly would be a good opportunity for people within this area, thanks for sharing

Very interesting.

Good Post for our young people finishing college! Nicely done.

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How many of you have worked as a Freelance Etrepreneur?

How many of you have worked as a Freelance Etrepreneur?

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Website Development & Programming

How many of you have worked as a Freelance Etrepreneur?

What experiences acquired? Negative or positive.

Are these experiences were essential to make the decisi

Still a freelancer as Astro-Palmist.

thanks Sam it is all about management for me so I will strive to improve on myself each day

Day by day! One way another!!!

I have been working as a freelance writer for a few years and sometimes I still feel like a newbie because I constantly learn new things everyday about the business, opportunities and myself in regards to my work. It was meant for WA to fall into my lap! I feel like this is what I've been missing and since I've joined boy I have learned so much & I know there's much more to learn and look forward to.

We still learning to much here and on the web.Im online since 1993!! And still learning!!

This is my first attempt at writing blogs building and building a website with content, I have helped people set up conventional business, which I enjoyed doing not want to develop something for me and it has to be something that works around the health challenges I have

I hope you succeed and improve your health problems. I think we're even!

I have two small business and worked has a freelance artist. I loved it until the market dropped and I aged that is why I am here -Jayne

Thanks for your time and your comment!!

I spent a number of years as a Freelance Entrepreneur - International Business Consulting...it was enjoyable!

What kind of business? Management Consulting?

Military Electronics....Marketing Consulting...

Whao !! I like that!

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