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Last Update: December 01, 2014

What a great feeling to know that I have finally committed to WA for an entire year. I am so excited to continue to learn and build my online business. I look forward to every lesson, every encounter, and every encouraging word from the WA community, or WA family as I like to call it.

Kyle and Carson are so generous to have made this Black Friday offer to EVERYONE who wants to take their online business to a higher level. My hope is to reach people of every walk of life and help them to build the business of their dreams.

I also would like to thank my husband for encouraging me to work on WA to help me find purpose in my life. I've shared before about the losses that I have encountered in the past. I know that WA will help to move me past those losses and turn what was meant for evil into something that will bless others.

God bless you all.


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Michelle04 Premium
Congratulations Rose! :)
gtyson814 Premium
go girl, time to rock on now !
Loes Premium
Welcome to the club, and how nice of our husbands:) mine did too encourage me, lets roll:)
mrpeter Premium
Congratulations! It makes so much sense.
gmegs Premium
Excellent Rose
... you won't regret it!