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Last Update: November 02, 2017

Hello my friend

It's time for the monthly update! If you want to check the last one, you can read it here

Blog Post: 2 Years in WA, Is Vegas Possible Already

My goal was to reach WA Vegas conference this year but I didn't achieve it. That was a disappointment and I don't understand why the conversion rates have been so little. Anyway, I'll make it next year then. Many times in life I've missed the goal but I've achieved it later and the feeling has still been awesome.

In this post I want to share you one important message!

Do you know a world-famous motivational speaker Jim Rohn? He met his mentor Earl Shoaff when Jim was 25 years old. Earl started mentoring him in the business and life. Jim learned evergreen principles of success that always work.

For example, the law of sowing and reaping, "If you do x thing, you will achieve this thing." Sometimes Jim asked, "How are you so sure it will work? Will it really work out?" Shoaff answered, "Trust me."

Earl Shoaff had seen the process many times and he knew what works. When you sow the seeds of success, you will also reap the harvest success.

And it worked out. By the time when Jim Rohn was 31 years old he had become a millionaire (which was worth much more money back then than nowadays, by the way.)

Trust the Process

Many times in life I have been too impatient. I have wanted to see the things happen so fast and see the results right away. I have seen other people around me who made much faster progress and wondered, "How did they do it? I was doing exactly same things but I didn't achieve those results."

This has happened to me at least with the following things:

  • Spanish learning
  • Sports
  • Online business
  • Chess

But I have realized comparing myself to each other doesn't really make progress or happiness. I need to do the work to make it. And always, ALWAYS the process has worked. Let me share a few examples:

1.At school I was the worst swimmer in our class of 40 boys. I vomited twice only after the warm up. I didn't understand why I was so bad. One day I decided this must change. I went to swim 3-4 times a week consistently. I studied it diligently and improved every week. After a year we had a new test at school. I was second best out of 40. The only one who was better was a guy who had been swimming in a club for +10 years. The process worked. I put in the work diligently and I went from the last place to the second place.

2.When I was young I played chess a lot. I always wanted to improve and I won many Finnish championships in my own age groups. Still, it felt that some guys were making progress faster and easier and I did. Well, I kept on practicing and made good progress. Even though I haven't played chess recently I am still at least 4th best in Finland (and most likely the best chess player in WA lol ;) The process worked again. I remember when I was young one day I practiced for 18 hours in a row basically without any breaks.

3.Let's talk about this online business thing. The process still feels slow on a daily basis but when I look around and I look at my statistics I realize that the process works!

The chart shows the traffic on YourOnlineRevenue.com during the last year. My record for daily unique visitors in October was 588 visitors in a day and as you can see it's growing fast. I also started doing YouTube some time ago. It felt that it isn't going to work but now I see the real potential:

It's still not huge but I haven't even put much effort and it's exponentially growing. I had to keep 1 month break from YouTube because I wasn't able to access my account but view time was still growing 80%/month because I had put in the work beforehand.

I am now very excited about YouTube and I will start doing video blog also soon starting with the title, "How to Live in Bulgaria as a Digital Nomad?"

So, let this message encourage you and me: Let's do the work today and trust the process.

Let me know below what you think and share your story.

Do you have examples from your life when "the process" worked even though you didn't believe at first?

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mybiz4u Premium
Awesome. Continued success and thanks for the inspiration.
littlemama Premium
This is a great share Roope! I love it! :)

Thanks for sharing your stats and graphs!
WindyCityUSA Premium
I play chess, I love a challenge so I challenge you to a game. Great to see your success in life playing out, much more of the same to you.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Nowadays I usually avoid playing chess because I concentrate on building the online business. Do you have elo rating? I can check you on Fide site?
WindyCityUSA Premium
I play pool, chess, ping pong and workout and still have time for my business. I don't play chess regularly but I love a challenge and a chess game won't take more than 30 min to win or lose. I don't know what elo rating is.... but I will not be an easy win. All in good fun, if you are ever in Chicago I will challenge you to a game of pool, ping pong, arm wrestling, whatever, lol. I do play on Gameknot.com if you ever heard of them under my name luisloor.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Recently I played chess and I played 8 hours in a row without raising my ass from the chair. So it's better for me to avoid because otherwise I play too much :D Yes, years ago I also played on Gameknot sometimes.
MKearns Premium
Slow organic attainment always works Roope!
natekidd Premium
Thanks for sharing. This message is very motivational and inspiring. I definitely will trust the process.