10x Growth Con Review - 1 Idea That Can Change Your Life

Last Update: February 06, 2019

I just attended in the 10x Growth Con in Miami and wanted to share 1 powerful that those millionaires and even Billionaires taught.

I've also published a 10-minute 10x Growth Conference Review in my YouTube channel where I share with you 3 Powerful Takeaways but in this quick post I'm gonna share you probably the most powerful one.

First, let me tell you a short story.

Story From a $700,000,000 Man

My favorite speaker was John Maxwell (estimated net worth +$700M) and he told us the following story.

Let's say that you have an axe and your goal is to cut the tree in the forest using that axe. But you can only hit a tree 5 times in a day.

In the first day, you go to a forest and you hit the tree 5 times and almost nothing happens.

Tree doesn't move at all.

You go home and get ready for the next day...

When the second day comes, you go to the same tree and hit 5 times again to the exact same position.

Still not much progress...

But you don't give up. You go home and come back in the 3rd day.

Again, you hit in the exactly same position of the tree.

You repeat this every day. Over and over again.

You hit with your axe every single day 5 hits in the exactly same position of the tree.

Guess what happens eventually?

The tree falls.

You've accomplished your goal.

Now you can use this parable for accomplishing any goal.

Let me illustrate further how to apply it to your online business.

Rule of 5

"Follow these 5 steps and you can accomplish any goal you want in your life." -John Maxwell

  1. Know what you want (cut the tree)
  2. You need the right tool (axe)
  3. Stay focused (same tree every day)
  4. Be consistent (cut the tree every single day)
  5. You have to stay with it until you've finished (until the tree falls down)

Let me quickly highlight the importance of each principles

1.If you don't know what you want. It's impossible to achieve anything. You don't know where you're going. Be as specific as possible with your end goal

2.If you start hitting the tree with the baseball bat, it's not gonna fall. Building your online business requires good tools. Don't try to do it with a mobile phone.

3.What if you'd hit a different tree every day. None of them would fall. Online we talk about the 'shiny object syndrome'. Always jumping from one opportunity to another doesn't work. You must say focused.

4.Working on your online business once a week is not going to take you far. You must take action preferably every single day.

Let me emphasize it.

Every. Single. Day.

Not just on Monday and Thursday.

Take action Every. Single. Day.

5.I can confidently say that 90-95% of the people who start an online business are never gonna make it.

The reason is that they couldn't make it but they just quit too early.

If you're reading this, please, don't be one of those who quit.

Stick to your goal and make sure you achieve it.

Now let's apply this to your online business.

  1. Know what you want (For example, Build a successful online business that solves X problem and you achieve x goal.)
  2. You need the right tools (Jaaxy keyword tool, Siterubix website builder, Laptop, Internet connection, etc.)
  3. Stay focused (Focus on mastering 1 thing, for example, Google SEO instead of trying to master 15 social media platforms at the same time.)
  4. Be consistent (Create new content every single day.)
  5. You have to stay with it until you've finished (Keep on producing content until you achieve your goal. And then of course, set a new goal and start taking action towards it.)


Alright! I could continue this further but I hope you've got the point :)

Need to go soon to the plane so I must writing here.

Now I throw the ball to you:

Did you like John Maxwell's story?

Are you COMMITTED to work every single day to reach your goals?

Could you add some idea to this story and thought process?

Let me know in the comments below!

(and SMASH the "Like This" button so hard that your neighbors will hear! Okay, just kidding! Maybe not so hard :D)

Greetings from the Miami airport

Roope "Every single day" Kiuttu

PS. When you reach 1 goal, that's not the end. Then you always set a higher goal and start reaching that. Winners never end.

John Maxwell is +71 years old and he was still full of power and energy.

He also talked about the importance of always reaching higher in life instead of getting too comfortable. But maybe that will be the topic for another post... :)

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orionQ1 Premium
An amazing story as always from John C. Maxwell.

He is such an inspiration to many individuals who are seeking to improve themselves through working and realizing the potential you have if you shoot for the stars.

Have you ever read any of his books RoopeKiuttu? Can you give some recommendations from his work? Been reading a book of his for a while now.

Thank you so much for sharing the gold nuggets you have learned from Growth Con. This can help a lot of the community when they feel demotivated or in a rut.

All the best,
EdwinBernard Premium
It says a great deal when the same excellent advice is given by so many inspirational leaders. It means that these 5 rules get results if followed.

Wasn't this event the brainchild of Grant Cardone? He did a lot of radio promotion that made it stick in my mind.

Glad you went to it Roope and are sharing nuggets of wisdom.
MichalB Premium
Great story.
Simple, Straightforward, Practical, Applicable.

Being able to Focus is SOO important and I am still in learning phase.
Only recently I am learning simple breathing process which helps to concentrate.
I do not want to call it mediation, but I guess that is the direction I wanna go.

JohnPAlex Premium
BElliott56 Premium
I absolutely love this article and John Maxwell. I will say one thing. When I first started I didn't have the internet at home and used my phone for about 2 months or I went to my local library. It was a real pain. but I was desperate to get this done and success followed.

I have been having some what I can speed bumps in front of me.however I smashed through it last night. for the last couple of days I have sacraficed time. I started both days at 8 ish and ended after midnight. I was determined to get a review out and finally finished it last -night. I think it came out great. please go see it at my website and leave a comment on what you think about it.


Thank you.
Brian E.
SteveMand Premium
Quick note Brian - you have your Privacy Policy as the home page of your website, I presume that wasn't intentional!? You might want to change that asap!
AlexEvans Premium
That would of been a power packed conference to attend, and thanks for sharing that insight, Roope.

I get the point, I would probably be tempted to get on Amazon and order up a chain saw go out the next day cut down 5 trees.

Having a process works, that rule of 5 is certainly food for thought.

tomanec Premium
An informative,short and clear post.Description of the way the winners do it.The effort,the knowledge,the tools and the time all of them in the top form.They start the road to a new goal upon reaching the previous one.
I don't see only where is their time to rest,to relax, to enjopy...
Yet, it must be somewhere there in berween.
maxcash Premium
Hi Roope,
I agree every single day and the WA system makes it really easy to do that. I started so many programs that had very little direction and I quit right away.

Here, the direction is clear. Up, Up and
Away !

P.S. I really look forward to your posts.
EijaJ Premium
Thanks Roope for the interesting summary! Very bracing thoughts.

Nowadays I still don't work in practise for online business daily, but I read everyday about it and process it in my mind. My plan and goal is to increase my time to do that. The more I do, the more it is getting interesting.

It is all about yourself, like you said. My knowledge about online business is now more than last year, however.

Amazing time to you there in New York!

Take care and cheers,

EddySalomon Premium
This is awesome great advice Roope. Too often I see people trying to master various aspects of marketing instead of focusing one one.

I even noticed in Vegas that each super affiliate focused really well on one type of marketing and it helped them achieve their goal. So you're giving some great gold advice here. Great job!
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Yeah, focus is a big thing.
ValerieJoy Premium
That's wonderful advice, Roope, and so well conveyed.
It's advice that applies to whatever level one is at.
I've been doing affiliate marketing for several years but due to circumstances, I've not been setting goals and things have dropped off considerably. I'm now going to focus on cutting a tree and look forward to rewards that will follow.
Intention Premium
Thanks Roope
I like the analogy of the tree. Its interesting because i think we all know at a deeper level of our being the only way to reach our goals is to stay focused and chip away at the block. It feels like your at war sometimes with yourself...the little self wants to take it easy doesnt like change prefers sameness and comfort. Sadly its the little self inside that tends to win over unless you become conscious and awaken to the powerful beings we really are.
Thank you for your post
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Yeah, it's always the battle inside. Like in the Burning Heart so they sing, "It's You against You. It's the paradox that drives us on..." :D
phranell86 Premium
Excellent post! This is very straight to the point and very motivational. This is my second month in WA, and to be honest, I lacked focus during the first month and couldn't achieve more of my goals than I planned.
There were many days during the past month that I did not work on my online business. It felt terrible. Now, I'm going to try and be as cosistent as possible.
Thanks for sharing this strategy.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Yeah, don't give up my friend! Stay at it and you'll have your breakthroughs if you stay consistent.
shazzaWA Premium
Really is simple stuff isn't it Roope!

It's getting the right tools and platform that is sometimes tough online. (Lucky we have discovered WA). The consistency and focus and vision can't be bought or found, you have to possess those things yourself or if you haven't got them, definitely be working at them.

Otherwise, success will always be a dream.
Great tips thanks for sharing.
Bald Eagle Premium
When I first came across a post by Roope Kiuttu I took a look at the youthful image and thought to myself:

"What could this young whipper snapper know about life, let alone business?"

Clearly he was far too young to impart real knowledge but at least he was enthusiastic.

And against my better judgement (the book cover syndrome) I read the post.

Well blow me down here was a guy who spoke nothing but sense.

I've read every post since and then some.

This one is as usual spot on.

Thanks for sharing.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Thanks for sharing Lawrence, I appreciate it!
chender684 Premium
I prefer to work smarter, not harder. I would have evaluated the situation and used a chainsaw to be more efficient so I could move on to the next task.

Plan every day and be smarter. Find the best tools to achieve what you want. Don't work harder, work smarter.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Yeah, working smarter is also vital.

But I've never met an extremely successful person who doesn't also work harder. So I think that both are required.
chender684 Premium
Totally agree, I just think a lot of people think if you work really hard without being smart about it, will probably not succeed as often.
Marley2016 Premium
Sound like you have had two great conferences one right after the
other that is plain awesome!!!!

I am never going to quit - although I have found out that I made the biggest mistake of not listening to Kyle and others I am doing
the right thing fixing it and then moving on!!!

Thank you so much for sharing this adventure and I am with you working every single day toward my goals even if you only put in an hour it is still something ::))

RoopeKiuttu Premium
Yeah, even an hour a day is MUCH better than 0 hours. Consistency is the key.
SondraM Premium
Wow, what an awesome event to have been able to attend. I've read some of John Maxwell's books and found them to be very motivational. It must have been great to have seen him and others in person.

Your head must be spinning with all of the great information you have picked up during Vegas and the 10X Growth Conference.

Thank you for being so willing to share these bits of wisdom and motivation that you have been picking up.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Yeah, I feel that 2 high-energy conferences in a row was quite tough but also rewarding :D
RolandF1 Premium
Bang on Roope! In times past when I used to cold call businesses in Alberta to make sales on commission, I had monthly goals that I set for myself. Many were the times that I had to work right up until closing time on the last business day of the month to obtain my goal, but glad to say, I always did, just because I would not accept less. My, but what a confidence builder that is !!
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Thanks for sharing Roland. Cold calling is a job that really requires lots of persistence and character!
ACPetronelli Premium
Thank you for such great advice & story!!! So clear & straight to the point.
Ruzel Premium
Very true! That’s a great way to start my morning! Thanks for sharing! :)

kiliwia62 Premium
Absolutely spot on nothing else to be added. Simple and powerful at the same time.
Thanks for sharing:)
Karim78 Premium
Targeted tactic
Thank you for sharing, you're generous
CoraMitchell Premium

WOW! That's a great article. You are absolutely right about setting goals and writing articles every day. My main goal for 2019, was to write an article and post every day, I stumbled quite a bit in January, but February is looking better, posting 4-5 times a week, plan in increase that to daily.

Thanks for this inspiring article.

RoopeKiuttu Premium
Sounds like a great plan Cora!
SteveMand Premium
So simple, but so true!
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Yeah and powerful :)
MinaKim Premium
I really like the Rule of 5 you shared.
Thanks Roope or Robert :)
AlejandraB Premium
Thanks Roope for sharing this blog, I like John Maxwell's story.
Will keep at it, everyday!
Fleeky Premium
Such a wonderdul share
And easy to grasp
davehayes Premium
Roope, thanks for sharing this... I take it this is not the same as Tissa Godavitarnes 10x Blogger