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Do you recommend having a contact me page?

Do you recommend having a contact me page?

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Authoring & Writing Content

Or do you just send people to connect with you on social media?

Yes, you need a contact me page. I believe Google looks for it so you need to have it as part of your site. But also, it's kind of expected...you know what I mean? If people can't find one...it seems as if you're "hiding" and don't want people to know how to contact you. That being said though....I prefer that people contact me in other more social ways.....so I definitely suggest they connect with me on social media. For me, the Contact page is really more of a formality.

Makes complete sense.
Awesome! Thanks Mary :)



do not know we did not study it but its a good idea


Thank you sir and have a productive day.

Getting everything figured out my man?
Let me know..

Is there a lesson on creating a contact page?

Hi Anthony,If you type contact page in the box at the top of the page where the magnifying glass is and says hey Anthony search for help here you should find a tutorial on this.
All the best,Matt.

I was wondering this too! Thanks for asking the question

You got it!

You MUST have a contact page - how else can they contact you when looking at your site - put all details on it and all social tabs

It's all good now Stefan. Thanks for the apology. I know we can all get frustrated sometimes.

Thank you Eddy,
I am very happy we can go forward together in a Happy Future awaiting us.

Me too Stefan!

Yea, that's what I meant Paul.
Because there are some that have links to social media as well..

Honestly I feel it depends on your audience and preference..

know what I mean?

You betcha

Awesome :)

If you like collecting emails to launch your next email campaign selling your product or service, absolutely.

Are you talking about the form, or page?

Absolutely. Contact form 7 is preferred!

Ok cool. Giving it a test rive Michael. Thanks brotha!!!

Yes, you need a contact me page, many affiliate programs insist on it.

Awesome, Thanks Rich!

You're most welcome! :)


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Are you using wa banners inside of your content?

Are you using wa banners inside of your content?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Where's the best place to place them...

Inside of content...


Blog Sidebar?


Which would you say is the best place to th

Have one in the middle of my content and one in my sidebar. I also have WA linked in a couple of my posts when relevant.

That's Awesome Patrick!
So you have auto-linking (keywords) as well?

Rod - I'm in the personal finance niche and from time to time my content will have a relevant phrase that I can link here to Wealthy Affiliate. For example in a post how to get out of debt I might suggest "finding a side gig" to earn extra money. I will link that phrase to WA. Hope that helps clarify.



I have it my sidebar in my website, but since my website is about smoothies, I just have a small one.

That's fair. Don't need too many distractions right? :)

which one is best let us know

I suggest you test both as you progress..
it's the best way to find out.

Hey what did you find out brother!!!!

Everyone's audience is not the same..
So > Test, test and test more!!! LOL

I placed the banners in my content on my Wa site

Gotcha. Working better for you?

Yes, thank you


No as my niches are not WA yet!

Makes sense!

Not on my niche websites, I only have one in the side bar or footer there, when it's on my Bootcamp website, I might add them anywhere appropriate.

And I make them myself, I hardly use the banners they provided here.

Niiice!!! Love the creativity :)

Thanks, designfeed.io

I have mine in my posts. I use 3, top, middle, bottom as long as it flows naturally. Haven't tried the sidebar yet.
Good luck to your success!

Gotcha :)
Thanks Teresa!

I am currently using them on my sidebar not sure where is the best place

That's fair! And they're grabbing attention on the sidebar right?

I think they look good on the sidebar. Although I don't like too many banners on the sidebar, only a few because too many starts to look like spam etc. They do get attention.

Exactly! Great point brotha :)

Good question I am wondering the same!

Yea, it's good to get different views with things like this.

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