Is Prospecting Hard or Do We Make it Difficult?

Last Update: July 20, 2021

A question I've been receiving lately is "what is prospecting in sales?"

At first thought, I thought it was kind of silly. Most people have to know what prospecting is, right? Then I thought about my online journey and realized something.

Sure I knew what prospecting was, but did I really understand it and how important of a step it is within the sales process as much as I do now?

The answer, definitely not.

So I recently created a post titled "What is Prospecting in Sales?"

And as I was creating the post, I found myself re-learning about the subject and I value prospecting ever more now. I went on to discuss why people tend to struggle prospecting and shared a few things you can do to sharpen your skills.

I just think it's amazing how we can look over the "smaller things", yet not realize how the smaller things can make a big difference and impact within our businesses.

Were you taught the importance of prospecting when you first got started online?

If so, how important on a scale of 1-10 would you say it is to learn how to prospect so you can make more sales?

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countrylife Premium
I meet prospects where they are at, small talk getting to know first, and when I see an opportunity I friendly pitch. Not everyone is ready to be pitched right away, I see many folks online sending links here and there, so people right away switch off. It is a numbers game, so to get one successful transaction you may need three really interested prospects, but to get the three you probably need a 100 if not more.
I try access warm market first and word of mouth, but eventually we all need get to cold markets.
That's my outlook.
Hope it helps.
Thank you.
Great blog post, but please be aware of Kyle's latest blog post titled "Official Posting Rules at Wealthy Affiliate" - we cannot include our website in blog posts.
I am Lula and pleased to meet you.
rodsingleton Premium
Thanks for the heads up Lula. Nice to meet you as well. Just went through the post and glad to have a community member like yourself on top of these things.

Your feedback is very much appreciated!
countrylife Premium
You're welcome.