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Last Update: June 03, 2019

Choosing A Specific Keyword Search Term For SEO

Hi Folks

This is yet another blog on Keywords born out of a few comments that passed between myself and a fellow WA member. It would seem there has been a misunderstanding regarding the search terms I advise members when searching for the right keywords to suit their site content, and how many. Lets start with the Broad Search.

The broad search optimization can be an obstacle in marketing strategy because it only generates a large volume of low-quality inquiries. As an owner of a business website, you need to focus on desirable traffic that can generate better quality sales leads thus ensuring the success of your business. In other words, you need to “drill down” to a particular specialty within the broader category. You need to concentrate more on the specific search terms (keywords/Keyword Phrases) that people will be using to find what they want, whether it be a particular product or simply information.

Choosing the right keywords and phrases for your website is critical. Your targeted keywords must be able to land in the first page of search engines and drive the right amount of traffic to your website. Meanwhile, wrong keywords only attract visitors who are not interested in the products you're offering.

In choosing the right keyword for your website you do not want to make the mistakes outlined in the above graphic. Therefore there are some important rules to be followed to determine the right combination of keywords that would lead you to your prospected customers.

1 Select the keywords that fully represent what your website is all about. Think about the products and services that are most profitable and have strong sales. In most cases 80% of sales and sales leads are generated by 20% of the keywords and search.

2 Use keyword tools to help you determine the right keyword variations and search frequency.

3 The Pay-Per-Click programs of Yahoo! and Google can also be beneficial when looking for the right keywords. They will help you generate search terms based on specific keyword relationships and show how often they are searched by people.

4 Geographics are also a big help. If your products are local or regional, you can include it in within your search phrases.

5 It would also help if you knew your competition. Find your top competitors and visit their website for specific keywords and search phrases. You need to look at their Meta Keywords to know the keywords that are important to them.

Although the wealthy affiliate training puts emphasis on having one Primary Keyword I suggest you look for equally good secondary keywords to support it. As I have said in many previous blogs your Main Keyword should make up the biggest part of your title. It should also be a part of your Headline. Try to include it somewhere in the middle as part of a Sub-Headline then again near the end of the article.

To finish - You need to analyze your website traffic and view the traffic reports. The information in these reports can be a great help in telling you the top search terms used to find your website. Based on the information of these reports you can then rehash and update your search engine optimization strategies if necessary.

I hope I have been a bit more clear in what I suggest are your best keyword strategies and there will be no more misunderstandings how to implement them.

One last tip - What would your search term be to find your site? Think about it!

Have a great day folks and be successful.

Robert Allan

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AdamHenryl1 Premium
Thanks Robert. I always look forward to your posts.
Robert-A Premium
No probs Adam and keep reading them and you will soon have a clear idea what you must do to achieve success.
Have a good one.
Wayne1950 Premium
Thanks for the information Wayne
Robert-A Premium
No probs Wayne and happy to help out when I can.
JTA1212 Premium
Great post. Thank you for this advice, very useful.
Robert-A Premium
Thank you for dropping bu Jules.
use the tips and advice and you wont go far wrong.
Enjoy your day.
BradB18 Premium
Great post and great advice Robert. Thank you...
Robert-A Premium
Hi Brad and thank you for stopping by to read my blog.
Now you know about good keyword strategies you will now go onto to implement your own.
Have a great day/evening over there in sunny Sidney.
dragonfly10 Premium
Robert, I have been struggling with my keywords all week. This post has clarified many of my issues.
Thanks for the post
As always Sandy
Robert-A Premium
Always happy to point you in the right direction Sandy.
You get stuck, then get in touch and I will do my best to help you out.
Thank you for reading.