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How do you use permalinks when publishing new content ?

How do you use permalinks when publishing new content ?

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I would appreciate if somebody would clarify this point for me.

After writing a new article, I then write an eye-catching headline before publishing.

The permalink

Your Title becomes your Permalink which in turn becomes your URL and this is one of the first indicators of your site content that search engines will index and rank your site for.

You should read my blog on the subject Robert

I don't ever change my permalinks. If you write good title, it will reflect in your permalink.

A combination of both my friend. May you have a successful week.

Thank you for your reply.

Have a great week also.

By default, your article's title becomes the permalink. However, you can shorten the same by editing the permalink.

Hope this answers your query.


Thank you for your response. That answers the question for me.

Your Title Becomes your Permalink.

Read my blog on the subject -

Thank you for attaching the link. It has really aided my understanding.

Thanks again.

Happy to point you in the right direction Jules.
Enjoy your Tuesday.

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