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Why are the offer comments not working as they should?

Why are the offer comments not working as they should?

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I'm trying to give co

I also am having issues with this area. I have given comments and several of them have not shown up as pending approval at all. Where did they go? Also people tell me they left a comment on my post, but where is it?

They might be in your Spam folder. If you know, for sure, who left them...approve. If you have Facebook or another social platform enabled to leave Comments, you did receive them. Get into your website and scroll to the bottom...they are there.

I think there is just a delay. I found them, but they only show up in your dashboard not where it shows "comments" received and offered...
Thanks for responding so quickly! That's so helpful ;)

Right...they are in your Dashboard. This is something else.
You're welcome!

I think simply that there are not enough articles yet.
If you must give 2 comment for receiving one.
I have also met with a niche that I am not inter ace in or know anything at all. It's hard to give a good comment when I do not have another insight than the article.
I think Carson well by the equation is not quite going up

Thanks to all of you for some info. Hope they get to the bottom of it soon!

It looks like there is something amiss with 'skip this page I've already seen it' flag :)

As Gary has said - I hope it' will be fixed soon.

It happens to me too Rob. I log out and log in again - then I get a new website for comment.

I close down WA start up again, and try again, most of the time I get another website to comment on then.

The only quick fix I know is to adjust your Interests. I know WA knows this is an issue, and they are working on a solution.

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