Starting Over - Clearing the Way

Last Update: March 18, 2014

How Do You Start Over From the Midst of It All?

When I decided that 2014 was going to be my "putting it all together" year and that I would actually focus on 1 specific thing, I knew it wouldn't be easy. I am a professional multi-tasker - accustomed to juggling multiple things at all times. In order to succeed, I knew distractions would have to go, along with all the clutter that builds when you've been online for awhile.

My Desk

I started with my desk. I rarely get to use it so it already suffered from neglect. Sorting out the important papers, (clients, tax stuff,) I put them into a file box. The rest of the paper clutter (a zillion printouts of online information, etc.) went into the burn box.

When I finished, my computer was the only thing on my desk. I took the time to hook up an extra monitor so that when I did have the opportunity to use my desk, I could make the most of it. It is so much easier to track website changes, etc. with an extra screen. The extra screen works great for email/skype too. (Yeah, multi-tasking again.)

My Computers

I'm sure there are many people who, like me, have spent time researching online opportunities and businesses and have the overflowing hard drive to show for it. Want some PLR? I had it all - from poorly written trash to valuable content. How about some images? It appears that I managed to forget purchasing an excellent collection of images.

If I could have summoned the nerve, I'd have simply restored my desktop and my laptop to factory settings while deleting all the accumulated Internet gunk. I couldn't bring myself to flush all the files away without so much as a glance so I transferred everything to an external drive. ( I use Alway Sync to keep my laptop and my desktop sync'd, especially since I spend so much time on the laptop.)

My Software

I do a lot of pdf editing. From the look of my computers, it appeared I had tried every editing software available. (Every free one, anyway.) I deleted them all and replaced them with Page Serif, one version down from the current. ($15.00 instead of $50.) My software arsenal was otherwise ready for anything.

My Websites

I have a handful of websites that I have had for some time. They aren't producing and they do need work. I uploaded a blank index page for each of them, effectively shutting them down until I am ready to further develop them.

My Email

I setup new email accounts specifically for my focus project. One spam account and one business account. I went into my primary email account and performed a simple test. I replied to some of the senders (affiliate marketers I had done business with in the past). If they did not reply or I received a "no delivery" message, I unsubscribed. To date, only 2 have replied.

My Budget

I knew there would be a price to pay to reach my goals. At a minimum, I'd have to cover hosting and an autoresponder service. I bit the bullet and subscribed to an autoresponder. I went Premium here at WA, knowing that would be my biggest financial challenge.

I have enough experience online to know that there is work I can do to cover my WA fee. I may not be crazy about it, but it's work and it pays. Right now, I'm cleaning the house and selling on ebay. It's amazing how an uncluttered environment makes work flow easier.

My Current Status

It's been a month and a half since I made the decision to narrow my focus and hit my online business goals in 2014. I can honestly say that my focus has never been better and hitting my daily or weekly goals is becoming easier all the time. I don't have a lot of free time so it is vital that I use that time wisely when I get the chance.

I am working on two websites. Both are up with the minimum of pages. One is getting traffic. I'm having so much fun working on them that I haven't done a thing with the initial domain I registered for WA. That domain will keep until I establish one or both of the two I'm working on.

I joined WA as a way to get on track and establish my business routine. That decision is paying off, both in the work I've gotten done and in the wonderful people who make up the WA community. I learn new things every day. I get to help other people every day. It's a win-win decision.

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PhilRou Premium
It sounds like you are really on the track to your own success. I did not do the cleansing you did but I enjoyed very much reading about your positive attitude and your determination. One way or another we regularly have to let go old habits if we want to become better men and better women with better lives. It is very inspiring to see that you are just doing that.
RaineyC Premium
Thank you. I am doing my best to keep the new efforts going long enough to cement them as new habits. It's interesting how the effort has overflowed into other areas of my life. "Out with the old" is becoming my new mantra.
CharlotteH39 Premium
getting organized is one of my biggest problem, well staying organized. this is a reminder that i need to reorganize and some good tips on where to start and how to stay.

RaineyC Premium
You're welcome. When there is so much information at our fingertips, staying organized gets even more difficult.
SowAndReap Premium
I love your plan of action! Great work!
RaineyC Premium
Thank you. Wish I'd done it a lot sooner.
softwind Premium
Hi PJ! It sounds like you are doing well! You've had quite the cleansing! I think we would all be served to do this now and again! I'm so glad that you are enjoying being a part of this wonderful community at WA! It's changing a lot of lives and making believers out of those of us, me included, that never thought we would find a slice of heaven like we did here! Keep enjoying, keep learning and keep positive! :-)
RaineyC Premium
It is a slice of heaven, isn't it? Thanks for the encouragement.
nomda ploom Premium
Pj, thank you for this-I am impressed by your writing and progress, BTW I completely agree about the Serif stuff, it is brilliant. enjoy and go well, Andy
RaineyC Premium
Thanks. I don't remember how who told me about Serif, but I am soooo glad they did.
nomda ploom Premium
I got Movie, Page, Draw, Photo, Web and other lower grade programs to organize photos...absolutely rocking the price/value equation...