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Hello fellow marketers. Randall Justice here. I live in Torrance, California which is a suburb of Los Angeles. I have struggled for years trying to





Page not available is what i keep getting help somebody?

Page not available is what i keep getting help somebody?

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When I try to submit a post I keep getting "Page Not Available" above the article. Take a look here: http://gettingridofanxiety.org/the-power-of-abundant-living-2

Glad it all work out for you

Thanks Bill! ~ Randall

glad you managed to resolve the issue

It looks like the answers have already been given. I just want to compliment on your choice of subject matter. As many people suffer from anxiety and similar problems you should reach a wide audience. (Including me.) I suffered from stress for many years and it was manifesting in involuntary physical jerking and later included grunting/screaming. A neurologist had diagnosed propreospinal myoclonus - a rare form of epilepsy and I lived with that mis-diagnosis for many years until I sought a second opinion from another neurologist. He said I didn't need him I needed a psychiatrist and suddenly the jerking went from several times a day to about once a week. After 4 sessions with a very patient psychiatrist the jerking went to once a month and now hardly ever unless I miss my medication. I'll be following your website with a personal interest (already bookmarked). ~Marion

Hi Marion...Thank you for wanting to help me and for the very nice compliment. I'm glad you were able to overcome your stress and other challenges. I suffered with PTSD for many years. Thanks for bookmarking my site. I hope you're patient as it's going to take me awhile to grow my site to an acceptable level. Thanks again. ~ Randall

Hi there, I had a similar thing happen and what I did was copy the content in the edit screen, send the page to trash and create a new page and paste your content back in. Hopefully that will help, it fixed my problem.

Hi KHolmes, Your advice fixed my problem. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ~ Randall

Your very welcome! You sound very happy, I know how frustrating it can be, if you ever need anything and I happen to know how to help just let me know.

Thanks, I will. ~ Randall

Did you change your URL? This can happen when you change a URL (within particular themes) after the fact.

You might want to create a brand new page and copy and paste this content into that page. This should fix your issues here Randall. :)

Thanks, Kyle. I give it a try.

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