My Success With WA Thus Far

Last Update: July 30, 2014

In certification course 2, lesson10, Kyle encourages us to share our accomplishments and successes thus far in the program. This will be my feeble attempt to do that.

Although I'm far from finished with my website, I am pretty happy with what I have so far. I need to add a lot more content for starters. I have 8 pages finished and 1 review. I added my first post on 7/28/14.

I'm anxious to start course 3 as that is when I'll start to learn how to monetize my site.

Aside from learning how to monetize my site, I think I'll install a customized header, along with regular weekly postings for starters.

I have chosen the Anxiety/Panic Disorder niche to focus on. This niche is not without its competition...but the market is huge...and getting bigger everyday as things get more screwed-up in this crazy world of ours.

I've also decided to have a sub-niche to complement my primary niche. I feel that once a person overcomes their phobias, they will need some strengthening.

That's why I decided to then focus on a personal development or self-improvement platform. After suffering with anxiety disorders I know that learning how to think positively and looking upon life as being full of abundance is crucial.

I know this because I suffered with PTSD for many, many years. Thinking positively and looking upon life as being full of abundance fosters success into ones life...and also protects you from slipping back into a phobia state of mind.

As I look goal is to make my first sale by the end of this year, 2014.

Being able to accomplish that, of course, means driving lots of traffic to my site. The months ahead are indeed, exciting!

I guess that about wraps it up for me.

Here's wishing each of you total success in your endeavors. I know you will be successful if you will just stick with the training here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Patience is the key to success in this industry. Yes, the competition is fierce but as Kyle has said,,,we are marketing to a world-wide audience...numbering in the billions.

All we need personally is just a small piece of the pie...a very small piece...and we'll reach our financial goals, whatever they might be.

If you would like to visit my site and leave a positive comment, I would appreciate it.

CLICK HERE to visit my site...or go to:

So with that being said and in the meantime...Peace. ~ Randall

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scottcofer Premium
Blog looks great Randall ... comment left!
prosystems Premium
Thanks Scott! ~ Randall
JeanR Premium
Very Good Randall. Keep focused and Much Success.
prosystems Premium
Thank you very much! ~ Randall
CarlaIves Premium
Looks good, Randall. My only question would be why do you have the .org in your title block in the blue banner? Is it to emphasize that it IS an org and not a com?
prosystems Premium
Hi Carla...basically, yes to your question. A .org is a authority extension so I thought I would take advantage of that fact. ~ Randall
necopam Premium
well done
prosystems Premium
Thank you sir! ~ Randall
DrewDoggett Premium
Nice job Randall! I like your reflections, your game plan, and your goals. I'm sure you'll crank out more posts as you continue researching and learning. I wish you success, too, sir. :-) Nice blog!
prosystems Premium
Thanks for your comments, Drew. ~ Randall