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Last Update: May 27, 2014

I can't express the frustrations I have felt thru the years trying to estabish an online business. Although I have learned some skills along the way, what I was missing was personal coaching from those in the know.

I have easily spent over $25,000 on programs, courses, and tools...all to no avail. It put a strain on my marriage to the point that I almost lost everything that was important to me...and that is my family.

I am still rebuilding the trust that was lost during those times.

Now I am back at it again...but this time I'm putting the horse before the cart. I have realized that I did everything wrong back then. Fortunately, I don't see it as failure, but as a learning experience moving forward.

The second I saw the Wealthy Affiliate Homepage, I knew I had landed on the site that was destined to change my life forever...and prove to my family that I can be successful in this 'online marketing thing.'

It has been said that it is vitally important that we establish a 'WHY' we are building our businesses. My 'WHY' has always been and will always be...family and friends.

There are a number of my loved ones that are struggling just to have enough money at the end of each month to live on. My desire is to help them over the hurdles that life can throw up in front of us. Bottom line is my desire for financial success is based on the love I have for my loved ones...be it family or close friends. It breaks my heart to see them in pain.

I have been were they are, so I can relate to what they are going through. That's why my desire to help runs so deep.

So, that is some of my story.

I am looking forward to great success with Wealthy Affiliate. I am confident that the financial success that I am seeking will become a reality. With consistent effort, hard work, and constant action taking, I know I will realize my dreams.

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chellebuck79 Premium
GREAT article Randall! I can really relate to this! My family too has been through many financial struggles and hardships. I would also love to finally be able to help them all out a little bit. I DEFINITELY think if we work hard enough-we are in the exact right spot to make this happen. I look forward to seeing that great things that come to you Randall. Take care!
prosystems Premium
Thanks Michelle! You always have encouraging words for me. Thanks again for being my 'first friend' here at Wealthy Affiliate. I look forward to following your progress as well. Take care. In the meantime...peace ~ Randall
prosystems Premium
How true, how true. I am aware that struggling brings growth, that's for sure. But there are times when it is appropriate to step in and lend a helping hand (financially). We are in a position to help already, thank God, but we only have so much to spread around. Would like to have a little more cushion if you know what I mean. Any how, Thanks so much for the advice and the reminder to not go in and fix it all. ~ Randall
rockycusa Premium
I hear you..been there, done that...bought the tee shirt.
I too have family members that I'd like to help out and feel bad they having a hard time.

Only thing is we need to be careful as someone pointed out to me. It is good to help family out, but I guess we need to be careful not to help so much that the person doesn't grow. As you know probably yourself it's during the hard times that you grow and mature. So we need to let family struggle a little bit so they can grow and mature.

And it can be really heart breaking at times watching children go through the maturing process. We just want to rush in and help, but actually we are dwarfing their growth.
jespinola Premium
Wishing you every success. :)
prosystems Premium
Thank you jespinola. I appreciate your sediments..Randall.
jespinola Premium
Most welcome. :)
TheCurious1 Premium
Best of luck with your financial success, I hope you can help your family as much as possible with what ever comes their way :)
prosystems Premium
Thanks very much for your well wishes. It means a lot to me. Here's wishing you all the success that you desire.
I'm following you now. :)