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The surgeon said I needed a multi-level low back spinal fusion.
I read about that: 50% success rate, 6-12 months to recover,
more fusion likely within 3-5 years! Sounded very bad to me!

Instead of surgery, I used a common sense approach that worked!
I'm pain free (without surgery) and would like to help other low back
sufferers end their pain, without surgery, too!
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kerrybramham Premium
Hi Phoenix, now following you. Thanks for your help today.
phoenix420 Premium
Glad I was able to help a bit! Thanks for the follow too! Seems to me that a lot of the Wordpress details are very tricky the 1st time thru, then easier after that. I appreciate that other WA members are available for some help if/when needed. Plus, there are tutorials available for almost every problem/question/etc..
mwanzaw2002 Premium
Lovely story. Please bring it on
MizLiz Premium
Amazing story. I love hearing about alternative solutions and yours is one that we don't hear about much. Awesome!
mickster68 Premium
Hi phoenix, thanks for your review on my site and after reading your profile here, if you are working on a site regarding back ailments and management, please forward your link. Back sufferer here with degenerative L4 and L5 here as well as life after neck surgery from 2001. All the best

phoenix420 Premium
It is still under construction:
Pricing for my system is really a bugger for me.
It has been worth a million to me but cannot charge that!
Cannot give it away for free either, that is not realistic.
Tentatively setting the price at $100 with a refund policy.
Is that too much? Is that too little? What is your opinion?
I think my system can help your low back! Unfortunately,
I don't have a treatment for the neck except for P.T. exercises.
My neck seems to be permanently messed up due to being
rear-ended by two separate drunk drivers. Whiplash is no joke!
Please check my website in February since I expect it to be
functional by then. Oh, input (pos. or neg.) about my website
is encouraged.
mickster68 Premium
Hi phoenix,
No problem, once you get up and running I shall peruse and let you know. Sorry to hear about your misfortune, I hope those drivers got what they deserved and you are ok at least. Myself i had a condition that triggered off when i was 32, so I had to get it worked on or else i would have had to make a living as a human paperweight. Talk soon
Kyle Premium Plus
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