Keeping The Faith

Last Update: October 09, 2014

Just a short note to let everyone know I thought I was going to have to leave for a while. Got some good news today that saved me 1 day before my membership would have been cancled for good. I am still going to make my dream come true no matter what it takes now. This opened my eyes and has given me a second chance which I don't plan on blowing. So it is time to hit the video's hard and get this webiste making me some serious money.

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RobertBurch Premium
Cool Phil - situations can get the best of at times. For me, I continue to remember what Nataniell and Kyle told me when I first came on board with WA is process the courses and take action. In doing this, you continue building your internet marketing and business.

Phil take care of yourself; to your continued sucess.

mlshands Premium
Great news! Look forward to seeing all you accomplish!
tweet76 Premium
That's great ! Keep it up .
kholmes Premium
Awesome, good for you!
CarlaIves Premium
I'm very glad you're not leaving us, Phil. Lots of work in front of many of us here, but we CAN do this!
philsmkt62 Premium
Yes now I know I can, this was an eye opener for me to not give up and I'm not going to.