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October 09, 2014
Just a short note to let everyone know I thought I was going to have to leave for a while. Got some good news today that saved me 1 day before my membership would have been cancled for good. I am still going to make my dream come true no matter what it takes now. This opened my eyes and has given me a second chance which I don't plan on blowing. So it is time to hit the video's hard and get this webiste making me some serious money.
What a week it has been. After going through all my lesson 1 training (again) and the many theme changes. I think I have finally got a good start on my website. It is still a work in progress but it's more than I had last week. I can't tell you how many youtube video's I watch but man did I learn a lot from them. Anyhow, here is my site and I would like some feedback when you get some time. Thanks for your time, Phil
September 14, 2014
I've been putting this off until I could find the right way to say this. Have you joined Wealthy Affiliate and still using it for free? Not that, that is a problem but you are missing out on so much more. More training, perks, not to mention unlimited help. I was on lesson 3 when I decided to take a leap of faith and upgrade to Preimum Membership. (1) 59% saving for the first month ( can't beat that). (2) I knew I was going to need as much help as I could get, so why not give it a try. and
September 12, 2014
When deciding on a niche I was having a little trouble until a little wet nose rubbed up against my leg. My little Reba needed some attention. She ran and got her toy and we played tug a war for a while. Then it hit me. She has clothes to wear and so I did a search and sure enough others dress their pets up too. This is just a start but now I'm working on getting my first website up and running in the next 8 days to reach my first goal. Now I'm getting excited. This has to be the best th