Last Update: November 08, 2013

Things have been going well recently. Surprisingly well, to be honest.

I've been trying to analyse why. I analyse everything. I put the "anal" in "analyse". I am a detail-obsessed freak, which makes me such an annoying, yet perfect pedant. I can spot a misused word, misplaced comma or awkward sentence from 50 paces, unless of course, I wrote it.

So this has led me to examine my recent successes and sudden popularity outside of the parameters of WA. All I appear to be doing is what I was doing before I came here - blogging, posting, making offers, being a bit cheeky. On the face of it, WA has taught me nothing new.

Except it has. I'm blogging more, and more regularly; I'm posting everything to my top 5 social media outlets; I'm making offers and backing them up with articles to establish my authority, and I'm braver than I was before. People are asking me more questions, requesting more information, and negotiating with less vigour. My prices have risen and no one's arguing.

Have I actively planned any of this? Nope, not a bit. What I have done is immersed myself in the WA culture of reading, learning and helping. If I've wanted to write an article I've researched it until the pips squeak and I'm now being sought as an authority on the back of some articles I've written.

And it's all happened by osmosis. I have absorbed the knowledge and successes of others. It rubs off.

So I have a word of advice for everyone here, or at least those who haven't reached the same conclusion: do not be frightened off by loved ones who say you're spending too much time here. Read, learn, look at subjects in which you have no interest, but keep your mind open. Research, give, write, reply.

The time you spend here can be better spent than your years in college. Suck it up, breathe it in, absorb it all. Because this place and these people can give you more than enough to be successful, providing you're prepared to spend the time, give a little, then practice what you preach.

Here endeth today's lesson.

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OldCodger Premium
Yea, verily, Paul - thou art reaping what thou hast sown, with thy seeds falling upon fertile ground. And thou dost unselfishly prepare the ground for the information hungry multitude that now follow you, eager to hearken unto thy words.

For osmosis to take place, those of us with thickened skin, wrinkled and hardened by the years, (your humble scribe being amongst that number) will need to open our pores and pore over the information available to us. Poor pores! They are in need of a thorough cleansing. They tire from the absorption process, the body grows heavy from the weight of all the information being ingested. Then, of course, it has to be digested and nourishment directed to the appropriate parts of the body.

Your admonition may be stern - but take a bow!

:) george
Paul Dean Premium
I learn at the feet of the master. Thanks for your help and inspiration George.
Freedomseekr Premium
Glad to hear your lesson here Paul! It's great to hear you're doing well with all you've been doing. I certainly agree that being here at WA changes a person for the better even when we don't realize it at first. :)
AnnieB Premium
And an interesting lesson it was, Paul. I'm getting visits to my site, but according to some ratings website I fell upon yesterday, I'm not ranked in Google. I haven't quite got the concept of ratings yet, so I need to "absorb" more of that by revisiting some training. By the way, I read on a grammar site a few weeks ago, that you can start a lesson with the word "and". True or not Paul? :)
Paul Dean Premium
True. And here's the proof.

Starting a sentence with a conjunction used to be frowned upon, but it's ok now.
AnnieB Premium
It also makes life or should that be, writing easier. Out of curiosity, Paul, why is it that English grammar is allowed to change? How on earth can a conjunction all of a sudden be ok to use, when for centuries it was a no-no? Did the people making this decision get paid a hefty sum to make our lives easier? :) Perhaps they just realised , that it was yet another one of those unnecessary rules that had no bearing on the understanding of what was being written. People frequently start a vocal sentence with a conjunction. Maybe they just decided to align the two. Aahh, the mystery of it.
CoachEd Premium
Okay --- Very well said --that is what I am telling folks on and off line --no free lunch someone is paying for it !!! Great post --loved it
jrswab Premium
I've been a blogger for years before coming to WA, I just really started getting into the lessons about a month ago and started a WA bootcamp site because I could not think of a good niche I wanted to use. In the first week of being premium I got a sale and made more money off that one sale than about 6 months combined with Adsense.

Then the other day I made huge jump in adsense, as if Google said, here have some money you Internet Marketer. Maybe it is the osmosis of being here around successful people and learning the little things I may not of known or forgotten in the past.

Now I am just hoping my site picks up and I can get some constant flow. My goal is to be a full time Internet Marketer.

Thanks for the article. :D