Take it Easy on WA Member JEANNINE Please (AWIN, Share-A-Sale, etc.)

Last Update: Nov 16, 2023

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Just a really quick post today.

Plus, I haven’t spoken to Jeannine about this, in fact, I don't think we’ve spoken in about 6 months, so she is not aware of this post.

So, I could be completely wrong in my “assumption”, but it kinda makes perfect sense to me.

Anyway, Jeannine is the Partner Acquisition & Development Manager at Awin .com

Furthermore, she is responsible for the Awin and Share-A-Sale listings in the WA Affiliate Programs.

However, what I’m noticing more-and-more is that ANY SLIGHT mention of Awin or Share-A-Sale and members are being directed STRAIGHT to Jeannine.

I’ll give you a “made up” example, as I don’t wish to embarrass anyone, but this is very close to what I’ve seen.

New member, one week into their training, has an About Me Page, Affiliate Disclosure, and their FIRST article published, that’s it.

They apply to Awin and get rejected.

They then pose a question on the platform, ACTUALLY STATING the above information, and then are directed straight to Jeannine.

Can we honestly not help this person OURSELVES and explain the potential (and probable) reason for their “rejection”?

And, with what I am currently calling the “AMAZON DEBACLE 2023”, I’m sure that Awin will pick up plenty more affiliates over the coming months and years.

Now imagine, the above scenario happening 20-40 times on a daily basis, i.e. new member, clearly doesn’t have enough content, never mind TRAFFIC (surely, Affiliate Networks are a BUSINESS, so they want to make money for THEMSELVES, therefore if a potential affiliate has no content and no traffic, it clearly doesn’t make sense to approve them. YES, I know some affiliate programs will accept applicants straight away, but most want to see something of substance before approval).

So, all I’m asking is that we look at the individual situation of each person that has had “problems/issues” with Awin APPROVAL!

Sometimes the answer is staring us right in the face.

Do you honestly believe that Jeannine will “magically approve” new members who have no content and no traffic?

And I’m not even talking about JUST approval/rejection either.

If you think about it, when there are “OTHER ISSUES” relating to OTHER affiliate networks (Amazon, Clickbank, Rakuten, CJaffiliates, eBay, etc.) often help comes in the form of links to Terms of Service at the actual affiliate network, or links to blog posts where people have faced the same issue ( so WE as members are looking up solutions to help our fellow members).

So, surely we should be doing the same with “simple” Awin and Share-A-Sale queries, should we not?

I’m not saying that we should only use Jeannine as a last resort, but my guess is that she’s going to be extremely busy over the coming weeks and months, and it’s about to get even busier from December 31st 2023 and onwards.

Think first, if it’s an obvious issue, or something that a member can be directed to read more about elsewhere, then DO THAT (we do it with EVERY OTHER AFFILIATE NETWORK).

Yes, it’s REALLY handy having Jeannine as a Member, but do we send every member who has an issue with RankMath straight over to Jack Cao (also a member), do we send every member who has an issue with something WA-related straight over to Kyle & Carson?

When you’ve got a “good thing going”, don’t ruin it.

Thank You For Reading


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Hey mate! Great post, as usual!

I found a way to help Jeannine and those who don't understand why they are being rejected on affiliate networks.

So if you want to join an affiliate network or know someone who wants, instead of messaging Jeannine, go to ChatGPT and paste the following prompt:

Hello, I would like to evaluate my website's readiness for being accepted into affiliate networks like ShareASale and Awin.

Please assess my website based on the following criteria and provide a percentage score for each section. The total score will help me understand my chances of acceptance into these networks.

Website Content Quality (20%)
Question: Is your website's content original, high-quality, and relevant to your niche?
[Your Answer Here]

Website Design and User Experience (15%)
Question: Does your website have a professional design and offer a good user experience?
[Your Answer Here]

Traffic Volume (20%)
Question: Does your website receive a steady flow of visitors?
[Your Answer Here]

Audience Engagement (15%)
Question: Do visitors regularly engage with your content (comments, social media shares, etc.)?
[Your Answer Here]

SEO and Online Visibility (10%)
Question: Is your website optimized for search engines, and does it rank well for relevant keywords?
[Your Answer Here]

Legal Compliance (10%)
Question: Does your website comply with legal requirements, including privacy policies and affiliate marketing regulations?
[Your Answer Here]

Market Relevance and Niche Focus (10%)
Question: Is your website focused on a specific niche that is relevant and potentially profitable for affiliate marketing?
[Your Answer Here]

After you've answered each question, please calculate and provide the total percentage score.

This score will represent the estimated probability of my website being accepted by affiliate networks like ShareASale and Awin.


You can copy and paste this prompt into ChatGPT, filling in your answers where it says [Your Answer Here].

Remember, try to be as accurate as possible, and please don't lie to AI!

I hope it helps, and also hope the AI where people will run that prompt is not a WA member as well ;)

Have a great day!


Publish that as WA Blog Post mate... It's PURE GOLD!!! 👍👍👍

hmmmm... gonna try this. i've waited almost a year and added content, but shareasale rejected me :(

If you think so, I will ;)

Even though I believe it will have more exposure, as a comment on your post ;)


Ok, answered questions, but I'm not sure about a lot of them. how do we validate the above questions? many of mine are 'sorta', lol

Hey Teri,

Don't be "scared" to contact Jeannine.

If you have a decent amount of content, some traffic, your affiliate disclosure in place, then POTENTIALLY Jeannine can help (I would say that I "pushed" you in her direction in you do contact her, as she'll soon be aware of this blog post, LOL).


Wait and see then, we'll try to get you up to the "Featured Comment" for more exposure!!!

Can everyone go and open a new starter acount and "like" Pedro's comment please 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

how do i contact her? there's a lot of jeannines here and I don't see any of them as a premium member???

Shhhtt... I don't want the spotlight on me!

So once you are on chat gpt you paste that prompt with your answer below and press enter..

The answer must be as accurate as you can provide, your sorta needs to be more elaborate.

Is your site professional?
I believe so, I have a blogroll set as my homepage and from there, I have a menu that links to about me, contact, cookie policy and affiliate disclosures.

What people don't understand is that if you actually chat with AI you get a lot more from them.

I would suggest that if any of your answers are NO, don't bother asking ChatGPT, just go and start the training again, lol.

Diane, you "naughty forest" supporter, you should know by now that you don't answer yes or no to chat GPT :P

At this stage, he might even get offended and assume he is in a 45-year-old relation with us...

I've "sneakily" linked to her profile above in my blog post, you'll notice the blue hyperlink on her name near the beginning of the blog post, just click on that and it will take you to her profile.

sneakily as the only clickable blue text on your whole post?

ahhh, ok. it looked like it was just a 1 answer prompt.


Exactly, Pedro!

Talk with ChatGPT - any AI - as though you are hanging out with a friend.
Then, magic happens. 🙂


There's your tenth like Pedro, welcome to the spotlight and featured comment status my friend!!!

Fabulous, Nick!

11 now :

Mary Ann

Cheers Cassi!!

no problem!

Hey Cassi!! Nice to read you ;)

You are absolutely right! Talk, question, engage, and ask! :P

lol, thank you @Jessiefido :P

Thanks, MaryAnn

I did get her page from Partha's link. Appreciate it tho'.😁😍

Also, I've followed you, too!


Hi Teri,

You are welcome and likewise :)

Mary Ann

Thank you, Pedro, that's a very useful prompt which I have saved!

Have a great day.


My pleasure, Rob,

was just an idea ;)


Thank you, Pedro, it was a great idea!

And like Partha said, you probably ought to make it into a blog post!

Have a great day.


Exactly, Pedro!

Have a great weekend.


That might be how ChatGPT does it, but it's not the way any affiliate network I know does it. Each network has their own method and usually dozens of criteria which must be met to be accepted into a network.

New people are just following the training. If the training says go and sign up to said affiliate network to then start getting affiliate sales that is what they will do.

Obviously, if there is a person who may be able to help, that person will referred to. It's a basic social recommendation.

Also new members are not being told to build out their sites first to a bare minimum of 100 pages or make sure they have at least 5,000 visitors a month to stand a chance at a faster approval.

The problem here is not in people referring to one person for help but in the core training. New people knowing that they must first build out their sites accordingly and why, before applying to affiliate networks.

People want quick responses and solutions. When they are not given that they may grow weary.

November 16th, 2023 will be forever permanently etched into manuals that are stored in vaults at WA, as the day Partha wrote a post that contained fewer than 2,000 words.
Apart from that, good call. Jeannine has a very difficult role in helping us with Awin and Share a sale and we should not be bashing those who are trying to help.


Hear, hear!!


Wasn't aware of AWIN and Ms. Jeannine being a member. Personally
I like to solve my own problems just so that I get the experience,
then be able to share the knowledge with someone else. There will always
be new members whom may run into the same issue. Very good posting
and thanks for sharing.

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