Allow Me to Blow Your Keyword Research Mind

Last Update: August 31, 2021

I decided to do a little experiment a few months back.

You’ll often hear me talking about allowing an article 8-9 months to “mature”.

Basically, you can rank for your target keyword in a day.

However, as that article ages you will typically rank for more and more keywords.

So, your initial aim was to rank well for ONE keyword.

But, eventually you find that your ONE article may rank for 100's (or more/less) different keywords.

And in order to ascertain the article’s true potential you should realistically give it 8-9 months in the search engines.

Only then can you really say whether an article was a success or a failure.

I choose to use two different methods of keyword research for each article.

The first article was written and published on March 5th 2021.

The second article was written and published on April 5th 2021.

My aim was to check the stats for both articles on December 5th 2021 and reveal all to everyone.

This would mean that one article had been published 8 months previously, whereas the other was published 9 months beforehand.

But, as always, I got overexcited, I got my Google’s in a twist, and suffered from premature anticipation.

That said, even after just (under) 5 and 6 months respectively the results (thus far) are clear for all to see.

Article Number One

Okay, so the first article was published on March 5th 2021.

Here are the Jaaxy stats for the article.

Now, as you can see there’s a LOT of traffic estimated for the target keyword.

However, the QSR and SEO could be better.

My thinking was that at the time of writing the article the domain name was just over 10 months old.

But, I had left the website blank for just over 3 months.

In fact, I didn’t really start working on the website until September 2nd 2020.

So, by the time article one was published I had been working on the website for approximately 7 months.

And the website already had 154 articles published.

Therefore, you would suspect that you could potentially target a keyword with just over 100 QSR and just under 90 SEO.

Article number one covered what I would call a “generic” term within my niche.

From reviewing many WA members websites this is the type of keyword that most would focus on.

By itself it doesn’t mean a great deal, but it could be input into a sentence to make more sense.

Examples of “generic” keywords in various niches include:

  • Dog Grooming Tips
  • Ways to Make Money Online
  • Best Foods for Weight Loss

These are typically the types of keywords that most people tend to focus on (obviously these are just examples, I’m sure the Jaaxy stats would be awful, but hopefully you get my meaning).

Article number one contained 2,105 words and I ensured that it scored 100/100 via an SEO plugin.

And yes, you can manipulate your SEO plugin to score 100/100 as I’ve mentioned in my WA blog post - Allow Me to Blow Your SEO Mind.

Article Number Two

The second article was published exactly one month later, so April 5th 2021.

Here’s the Jaaxy stats.

So, as you can see this makes pretty poor reading.

In fact, the only thing that is better than the first article is the QSR.

QSR simply means “Quoted Search Results” and this refers to the EXACT number of other websites who have used this EXACT keyword with the words in the EXACT same order.

However, everything else is worse.

And most noticeably, Jaaxy tells me there are less than 10 searches for this keyword every month.

Article number two covered a question style keyword.

Basically, I input a two-word term into the Google search bar and placed the word “Why” before it.

I then went through the alphabet and typed in a, then b, then c, then d, etc.

Google autosuggest would then suggest specific phrases that REAL people had been searching for in Google.

Eventually I found a Google autosuggest result that was a question.

I thought, “That’ll Do Me” and set about writing the article.

Article number two contained 1,372 words.

And I didn’t bother using the SEO plugin.

Basically, I removed the meta title, meta description, and had NO focus keyword.

My SEO score was not good.

A Quick Word on Traffic and Monetization

As you probably know, I’m a lover of Google.

Now, over time you will learn that there are literally over 1,000 ways to get traffic to your website and there are over 1,000 ways to earn money online.

My favoured method to get traffic is to produce an avalanche of information-style articles.

My favoured method to earn money is through premium display ad networks.

This method works extremely well if you are getting a LOT of organic traffic (especially from Google) and your traffic is coming from what the ad networks deem “premium” countries (their choice, not mine).

My method to monetize in this way works very well.

The websites I own typically have 95% or above organic traffic.

97% of this organic traffic comes from Google.

And approximately 60-70% of this organic traffic comes from the USA.

I will also say that a further 10-15% of traffic comes from the UK, Canada, and Australia.

These are literally perfect figures to monetize via the premium ad networks.

  • However, be aware that Ezoic requires 10,000 visitors a month.
  • Mediavine requires 50,000 visitors a month.
  • Adthrive requires 100,000 visitors a month.

But, I know that my earning potential at each of these ad networks is fantastic due to the fact that my traffic is mainly organic and coming from “premium” countries.

Basically, I can easily average $35-$45 per month per 1,000 visitors (I’ll let you do the maths for yourself).

My aim is to get this particular website to 500,000 MONTHLY views by the end of 2022 (once again I'll let you do the income maths for yourself).

Oh, and the website does also have affiliate reviews, and it makes sales on a daily basis too (this is not to boast, but just to show you what is possible)

The Results - Article Number One

So, after 6 months how is article number one doing?

I think it’s also fair to mention that neither article has the “mandatory” 8-9 months to “mature”.

Therefore, the results can and should definitely get better (or in some cases, worse).

Here’s Google Search Console for the last 6 months for article number one (remember 2,105 words, 100/100 SEO Score and better traffic figures and SEO figures on Jaaxy).

Okay, not great. In fact, terrible.

So, I have not received a single visitor to this article since the day it was published.

I have only appeared in the search results 121 times in 6 months (I’ve checked I have been listed in the search results for 38 different keywords during that 6-month period).

And my average position for those 38 keywords is 57.8.

In fact, my highest ranking keyword is the main target keyword.

I have received ONE single impression and I was ranked at number 9 for that keyword (didn’t Jaaxy tell me that the keyword received over 7,000 searches a month?)

Not to put too fine a point on it - this article is a failure.

The Results - Article Number Two

So, article number two - only 1,372 words (compared to over 2,100 words for article number one), SEO plugin score was non-existent, Jaaxy told me there is NO TRAFFIC (so most people would ignore this article and move on).

Let me Google Search Console breakdown month-to-month.

So the first month

How Sad!

Month Two

Oh we have some activity

Month Three

It’s Getting Better

Month 4

It’s Getting Even Better

Month 5 isn’t finished yet. In fact, I still have 5 days to go. So, this is the results for only 25 days.

So, over 500 visitors to this article so far.

At the moment it is averaging between 30-40 visitors PER DAY.

Therefore, at a guess, by the end of month 5 this article will have received between 650-700 visitors.

And remember, it still hasn’t had the 8-9 months in the search engines to “mature” to its full potential.

This tells me that article number two is definitely a 1,000+ visitors per month article, and realistically much, much, more.

What’s Going On Here?

Okay, hopefully your mind is a little bit blown by now.

So, the article that should be bringing in lots of traffic has had NOTHING so far.

And the article that should be producing NOTHING is going from strength-to-strength.

For me, the answer is SIMPLE.

The main thing that you MUST do when compiling keyword research is to CHECK YOUR COMPETITION ON PAGE ONE OF GOOGLE.

If you don’t do this, you have just wasted your time completely.

I’ve spoken in my SEO article about “This not being Terminator” and “Not allowing machines to control you”.

However, It’s something I see over-and-over again.

Oh Jaaxy tells me it’s a great keyword so I'm obviously going to rank.

My SEO plugin tells me I’ve got a perfect score so I’m obviously going to rank.


Look, I’ve previously spoken about SEO plugins in my WA blog post I've linked to above.

And by now, I think most people are aware that ALL my keyword research in done via Google Autosuggest.

Partha’s Keyword Research Part 1

Partha’s Keyword Research Part 2

Now, I’m definitely NOT knocking Jaaxy, but rather that you can become too reliant on the figures that are being quoted.

You are allowing a machine (or piece of software) to control you.


So, even if Jaaxy tells you that something is a great keyword, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, check page one of Google for your competition.

I’ve spoken about always looking for USER-GENERATED CONTENT on page one.

By this I mean, you want to see results on page one from forums, Quora, Reddit, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Basically, search results that are NOT NICHE AUTHORITY WEBSITES.

Yes Quora, Facebook, and Reddit can be considered authority sites, BUT NOT ON JUST ONE NICHE SUBJECT.

So, a well-written article around the same “keyword” or “topic” can EASILY outrank these USER GENERATED websites.

I will also say that the majority of my Google Autosuggest keywords have NO traffic according to Jaaxy.

This doesn’t mean there isn’t any traffic.

It simply means that Jaaxy doesn’t have enough data to formulate an opinion on that keyword.

For me, Google Autosuggest are the REAL QUERIES that REAL PEOPLE are TYPING INTO Google’s search bar.

Plus, because Jaaxy tells us there’s no competition and there’s no traffic, you’ll typically find that your Google Autosuggest articles rank very well very quickly.

I’ve had articles that rank number one or even get the featured snippet in less than 24 hours.

Do you know what this does?


Google takes a look at my no competition, no traffic keyword article and says, “Oh look, I’ve ranked this article number one for this phrase, So, it must be a good article THAT SATISFIES SEARCHER INTENT, it ANSWERS THE QUESTION THAT SEARCHERS WANT TO KNOW. Let’s see if I can rank this article for other keywords”.

And this is what happens, as evidenced by the stats above from article number two.

I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing I ranked fairly quickly for the “focus keyword” for article number two.

So, I got a tiny bit of traffic.

The following month Google ranked me for more RELATED keywords, so I received more traffic.

The month after Google ranked me for even more related keywords, so I received even more traffic.

And so the cycle continues.

Do you know the main difference between article number one and article number two?


Final Thoughts

And this my people is why so many of you come to me, and ask me why you’re not getting any traffic.

It’s not that Jaaxy is wrong, it’s not that Jaaxy doesn’t work, it’s simply that YOU ARE NOT CHECKING YOUR COMPETITION ON PAGE ONE.

If the QSR for Jaaxy is 10 that could be the 10 BIGGEST AUTHORITY WEBSITES in the world, YOU WILL NEVER OUTRANK THEM.

Moral of the Story - ALWAYS CHECK YOUR COMPETITION ON PAGE ONE (and trust in the power of Google Autosuggest - it’s an absolute goldmine I tell you).

Thank You For Reading


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CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
It's way past your bedtime in the UK, Prince Partha.
So, you must be asleep after stuffing your face all day.

Clearly, the food is doing wonders for you because THIS IS D BOMB!!!

I have shared before and will keep repeating: Your Potions WORK!
There's no waiting months for me.
I am seeing the trend starting with my recent posts and there is NO looking back.

All of the posts that I have written recently are already bringing in traffic and I am going to leave them to stew - like how w cook oxtail in the Caribbean - with lots of seasoning, a little alcohol and slow steady fire.

I cannot wait until the start of 2021!

Off to writing again.
Who knows?
You may wake to find WA blog posts with some more thoughts. 😉

Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!

Amazonian Lady of the Islands
ParthaB Premium
Aahhh yes Amazonian Lady of the Islands,

I don't know where I find the time to do anything with all the sleeping and eating I do, Hahaha.

Yep, your results show that you're doing things the right way.

There's two main ways to "speed up the process".

Firstly, and most obviously, will be the age of a regularly updated site.

The older, the more authority, the quicker things occur.

The other is mass content production.

In truth, I don't think many people "get it" when it comes to producing a lot of content, especially with informational articles.

Realistically, 100 or 200 articles is not even touching the surface.

Doug Cunnington produces just niche sites, and he has a great podcast that's also on YouTube.

He typically does 40-minute interviews with people who also create niche websites.

One of his recent YouTube videos (6th August I think) he interviewed just a "normal guy" who created two niche websites during the pandemic.

Obviously, he's outsourcing content, but one site has 500+ articles and the other had 800+ articles.

The latest one he only started in January this year, but is already smashing a decent amount of traffic.

Another person I love watching on YouTube for the stats that he produces is John Dykstra (Fat Stacks is his channel name).

There's a video where he's broken down everything he's done on one niche site in the last year,

He paid $45,000 in outsourcing costs.

He currently has 950 articles on the site, just over 1,000,000 words, and he hit 236,000 monthly views recently.

He even says the site is underperforming in terms of income at the moment, but that's because it's only a year old, so hopefully it will improve with time (He's monetized through Mediavine and some affiliate stuff, so with that amount of traffic you'd expect $10,000+ per month, but he's currently on just under $4k, but he knows that with a few tweaks and some more time, he'll get to where he wants).

That's why if you can maintain the 2 articles a day that you're currently producing for 6 months, 9 months, a year, 2 years, massive things will happen.

Personally, I think once you get into the groove with a website, one article a day is easily achievable on a very long term basis.

I know Marketing God, Seth Godin, is coming up to 8 years of writing and publishing an article every single day.

So, you can just imagine the income figures he's producing.

I've also got to the stage (on the site that I'm currently working on), where I can research, write, source images and videos, publish, and share on 6 different social networks in around 2 - 2.5 hours.

So, it doesn't ever really feel like I'm "working".

You know yourself, it's all about creating habits and just practicing and honing your skills.

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
Prince Partha, right there, we have another mini-post.

Well laid out references and (as I said in my blog post earlier) the simplicity of what we do.

There is too much distraction and complication of what should really be a simple objective.
Research - write - share - rinse - repeat.

Oh hell!

We slave for decades in meaningless jobs doing the same thing every day for the same pay and minimal benefits.

Why can't we apply that discipline to our own businesses for so much more?

I bow, lowly, again.

Amazonian Lady of the Islands (ALOTI)
roysinOnline Premium Plus
And there you are again putting your finger right on the sore point of an overused muscle, Cassi 💪😄; overcomplication!

We all do it, and I am throwing overboard. This morning I re-read all of Partha´s blog posts about this topic again and marvelled about the simplicity of it all.

FrankB-1 Premium Plus
HI, Partha

I totally agree with your reasoning here. I use Jaaxy but always look on page one to see who I'm dealing with. It doesn't take long to learn who the big players are.

I've had the same experience with very low-traffic keywords progressively moving up in ranking from LSI, if page one looks new-website-friendly.

Take Care & Stay Safe,
ParthaB Premium
Good to hear from you Frank, it's been a while.

Yep definitely.

If you can rank "immediately" on page one for a term that has very low competition and even very low traffic, then you will start to rank for more and more keywords as the article ages (especially when the keyword is an actual question that actual people are searching for).

It works.

Apples64 Premium Plus
Another great article Partha, however you know my niche and I am still struggling to find anything that is not an authority keyword. I cant seem to find those magic number 1 pages from reddit, quora, facebook and the likes that you are talking about.

Maybe its just me, but I will continue to persist until I get those 20 articles we talked about.


ParthaB Premium
Keep looking Mark, they are definitely there, and definitely in your niche too.

Another great thing to do is to actually just visit Quora, Reddit, and Forums in your niche and just see what they're discussing.

What questions are they asking?

Spend some time in these places without specifically looking for keywords.

Just immerse yourself in your niche, spend some time every day doing this, whether it's for 20 minutes or an hour.

This can get the creative juices flowing.

I would also say that when using Google Autosuggest search questions for different breeds, different dog food varieties, different dog toys, etc.

Plus, the negative types of questions usually reveal some great article ideas, e.g. "Why Can't", "Why Doesn't", etc.

Apples64 Premium Plus
Thanks mate, I'm onto it now👍👍
CordeliaN Premium
Today is the first day of School here in the UK and usually teacher let's us in gently.
Partha’s academy is (as always) “cmmon guys stop slacking get your feet on the ground, pick up your laptops and let's run....,”

If you were a college/uni lecturer your lessons would be packed fun, hard work and full of energy.

It is not without surprise that I am rewriting my Wednesday To Do list because I have to do Professor Partha’s latest homework.

Partha, I loved it, I hope you never leave the WA Univesity your lessons are priceless & I would miss you around campus.

Owesome by the way🤗
ParthaB Premium
Aawww Princess Plump Lips.

You think I don't know the schools have gone back?

This is the happiest I've been in ages, LOL.

You know me, Cordelia, we can rest when we're dead.

Till then, full steam ahead.

You know as well as me, no-one ever made a success of themselves by taking it easy (all of the time).

But, obviously I do take it easy every once in a while (gotta enjoy life too).

For now, school's in session.

CordeliaN Premium
Ha ha Course you know, …your little lovelies are back with teacher, leaving The Professor at home with his tribe…
Jesusfan Premium
I'm trying not to be impatient, Partha, but I don't think Google is even indexing my articles.

I was doing better on that front when I first started. Maybe I'm just not being notified?

Anyway, I do have a question about what to look for on page 1. Is it good to see Wikipedia or Wikihow?

Thanks for another great article.

Rohan34 Premium
Hey Lynn,

In response to your indexing question ... you can use the Google search operator below to check which pages Google has indexed. Just type the below into the Google search box:

(no spaces)

Hope that helps.
ParthaB Premium
Hey Lynn,

I've checked your site and your articles are definitely indexed.

If it helps, I very rarely receive indexing notifications nowadays.

Have you also got your Google Search Console and Google Analytics set up?

I remember you saying a while back that you hadn't (or have I got that wrong?)

There's nothing wrong with "requesting indexing" via Google Search Console for a newer site.

Plus, be patient - you can see from my example, even for this site, it's still took until the 4th month to receive any "notable" traffic.

However, having looked through your articles a few minutes ago (and checking page one competition) you've absolutely nailed it.

The articles are perfect, page one competition is full of forums, Quora, and Reddit.

We have 4 months until the end of the year.

I can guarantee that by the end of the year you'll be checking your traffic stats every 30 minutes because you're receiving traffic throughout the day. Yaaay!!

As for Wikipedia and WikiHow, NO it's not "good" to see them.

They are both authority sites.

However, don't forget you can still outrank an authority site if the HAVEN'T answered the query.

As I've mentioned, as your articles (and your site in general) gains traction you will rank for many different keywords.

Sometimes you will rank for keywords that don't exactly answer the searcher intent, but are still relevant in some way or another.

So, don't fear authority sites - check the articles.

How long are they?

Are they fully answering the question?

Jesusfan Premium
Thanks! I am finding that many authority sites are not answering the question, but I still love it when I find forums.

And I many times start with a forum to find a question before I check Google because they ask the best questions.

But I don't always find the answer there. In fact, many of the questions have an answer but where it leads from there can be a matter of opinion or preference.

And thanks for telling me the way to see if my articles are indexed. You're the best!

ParthaB Premium

Now you're thinking like a true entrepreneur.

You're right, the forums do have the best questions.

Funnily enough, I've recently written an article about why a certain leg exercise always makes you want to pee, hahaha.

And it's TRUE, it really does, LOL.

And the title of the article also reflects this.

Do you think that an authority site will have covered this subject?

Highly unlikely.

But, it's a real question that real people ask (myself included).

Time is a massive factor in blogging success.

I always talk about the 8-9 months for your articles to "mature".

Imagine what life will be like when you have 50 articles that have "matured", then 100, then 200, then 500, etc.

It's a compounding effect.

However, most never see out the first year.


Because the first year of a website is the most frustrating.

You typically don't start to gain traction in the search engines until month 10 (I'm talking about hitting your first 100 visitors a day from Google).

By month 18 you'll be laughing at your celebration of 100 visitors a day, it will seem so insignificant in comparison to what you're achieving now.

If you continue with this style of articles by the time you hit month 30 you'll be sipping pina coladas on the beach while your minions do the bulk of the work for you (my "minion" is my sister-in-law, so I have to careful what I say, LOL, but clearly I still like to get my hands dirty too).

Keep going Lynn.

Jesusfan Premium
Oh, I forgot to say I do have Google Analytics and Search Console but I still need to go through Jay's training to understand how to use them.

The one training I did listen to was mainly about the old and new one, but assumes you have a basic understanding. Which I don't lol

I haven't listened to any training on Google Analytics yet.

But I will get there.

And when I typed in, it took me to Google Search Console but I don't see a list of articles that have been indexed.

Anyway, thanks again for all the encouragement. Writing an article every day (except Sundays) is harder than I thought it would be.
Jesusfan Premium
oops! I thought it was Partha who replied to my indexing question so I commented to him lol

I will say the same thing I told him.

When I typed in, it took me to Google Search Console but I don't see a list of my articles that have been indexed.

But Partha says they have been so I guess they have.

Thanks for replying and I will try to pay better attention to who is saying what haha

Rohan34 Premium
No worries Lynn :-)

I'm sure you did but just checking ... you replaced the 'yourdomain' bit with your website URL, correct?
Jesusfan Premium
No, I didn't lol

But I did now and I found my website and some articles.

Thanks, Rohan!

ParthaB Premium
Oh Lynn pleeeeeeaaaase can I giggle at this a little bit.

It's sooooo sweet and endearing!!



Jesusfan Premium
Somehow I missed your comment, Partha, or I would have tried to respond with something funny (but when I try to be funny, it usually falls flat so it's just as well.)

Are you finished giggling? lol