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Do you need to create multiple ads with adsense?

Do you need to create multiple ads with adsense?

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When creating an ad on google adsense do you need to create a new add for each blog post you do, or will the same add be ok for multiple posts, in other words will the ad be di

Hey Mark,

You'd typically set up Google Adsense via a plugin such as the Ad Inserter.

This allows you to place ads exactly where you want on the page.

For ease, you would simply set it up in the same 6-8 locations on the page, e.g. an ad above the fold, an ad after the first image in the content, an ad after you're 20th line of content, etc.

Therefore, each and every post will have the exact same set up.

As for what ads will show, this is very much in line with what I have been saying (including Google Autosuggest).

Basically, the ads are personalized for each visitor.

This is actualy good for you.

So, realistically the ads that I see could be completely different to the ads you see, based on our SEARCH HISTORY.

Therefore, the ads on a website may NOT EVEN BE RELATED to the content on the website, but again this is a good thing.

As an example, you've decided to fix the exhaust on your Harley, so you spend a good couple of hours searching through Google in order to work out how to fo this.

You then decide to visit my EXERCISE website, and suddenly all the ads you see are RELATED TO HARLEYS. So, absolutely nothing to do wth exercise.

In the same vein, I have been searching for information on how to build my own BBQ.

I visit your DOG website and yet all the ads I see are related to BBQs.

That's "personalized search" (which you do have the ability to turn off in the setting of your browser).

This also why I say to do searches for keywords in an incognito tab (the searches WON'T be personalized for YOU - How many people think that they're ranking at the top of Google? When in fact they AREN'T - personalized search).

Basically, set your ads up ONCE (via ad inserter, I believe Phil (feigner) has created a training module for this - I won't leave a link, you're intelligent enough to go find it, LOL). Then just sit back and allow personalized search to do it's thing.


Again, mate many thanks for your ongoing support and guidance!

It is not about you, or your niche vs your visitors inquiries. That's what I believe what get shown on your site, it is something that Google manages, however you can declutter your ads by using the Ad Inserter plugin.

That will depend on your niche, is it staying the same for each new blog post on your website. I would try 1 to start and make sure to have internal links to more of your published blog posts on your site. As you do not won't to go out of budget to start. Just my take on Google Advertising.

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