5 NAKED BUTTS on a Rugby Post Can Dramatically Improve Your Writing Skills

Last Update: May 24, 2023

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DISCLAIMER: The blog post was created with the use of MY BRAIN + S.I. (Sarcastic Intelligence)

What’s up Wackies!!

I guess this post has been inspired by Kirk’s recent blog post about the use of AI in Wealthy Affiliate blog posts.

I have made my feelings quite clear on Kirk’s blog post, but allow me to expand on that here.


I’ve actually avoided writing this blog post for a couple of days, simply because a couple of members who I really like have done exactly what I’m going to tell you about here (Sorry guy and gal, I still love you, just don’t do it again, LOL).

Here it is:

It’s clear that some blog posts on the platform are being written by AI, more specifically ChatGPT.

Many of these blog posts receive the standard comments, “great post”, “I learned a lot”, “What great content”, etc.

I’m sorry, it’s NOT.

The reason for these replies could be nothing more than ignorance (I don’t mean that horribly, I simply mean ignorance in knowing the difference between “good” content and “poor” content).

Then again, I think one of the major happenings on the platform is to provide ENCOURAGEMENT.

However, with “ignorance” or a “lack of knowledge” you could say that “encouragement” is actually LEADING PEOPLE ASTRAY.

Is that what you want to do?

To lead your fellow members astray?

Tell them something is great when it clearly isn’t?

Who is this actually helping?

Let me tell you - NO-ONE.

I’m Going Off on a Tangent Quickly!

Allow me to go off on a tangent for a moment… (Wait, WHAT!!! Partha goes off on a tangent, that never happens!! Hahahahaha!!)


Look, clearly I’m not going to mention any names, plus there is probably more to this situation than initially meets the eye (I’m talking from a mental health or emotional standpoint).

However, a prime example of this is a starter member, who has ABSOLUTELY NO INTENTION of ever upgrading, creating blog posts that are NOT RELEVANT to the platform.

Now, funnily enough, Kyle was in Live Chat yesterday evening (morning for him) and spoke of how WA blog posts should be BUSINESS-RELATED.

He then mentioned that obviously “one or two” occasionally slip through the net.

Now, Kyle knows I love him, but he also knows I like to give him a hard time, LOL!

I bit my tongue yesterday, although I was going to point out that over the weekend, SIX of the blog posts in the Top 10 Blog Posts had nothing to do with BUSINESS.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not adverse to writing blog posts that are non-business related, typically in some type of humorous style, however, this equates to probably less than 5% of the blog posts I’ve ever published on the platform.

One of my main issues with the “Starter Member who has no intention of upgrading but publishes blog posts daily” is that they are receiving ENCOURAGEMENT from others (typically the same people… part of “The Clique”).

This encouragement is building confidence in this individual (I see NO ISSUE in building people’s confidence in the RIGHT WAY), and therefore they continue to produce more non-business related blog posts.

Essentially, it’s like me going to a Vegan Forum and writing about my “10 Favourite Beef Recipes” or perhaps visiting the Feminists United website and asking to “speak to the man in charge”...

Basically, it shouldn’t be happening.

However, I can actually let this go, my main issue is when you have individuals who create blog posts like these, who have no intention of upgrading or even creating an affiliate website, but then because they have been ENCOURAGED by others, they start GIVING BUSINESS ADVICE to newcomers.

It’s a bit like asking the receptionist at the Doctor’s Office to perform heart surgery on you (it’s likely they won’t have a clue what they're doing and will eventually cause you harm).

I would say that if you TRULY LOVE the WA platform then PROVIDE ENCOURAGEMENT to those who are here to create an affiliate business, but DON’T lead people astray!

Additionally, I added a “question” to the platform a few weeks ago, in which a number of people mistakenly believed that I am trying to “force” people to upgrade.


If someone doesn’t have the money to upgrade or if they aren’t interested in affiliate marketing, THEY ARE WASTING THEIR TIME ON THE PLATFORM.

That’s all I was trying to get across.

This is nothing against the person, it simply ISN’T THEIR TIME to be a member at WA.

Unfortunately, I have met very few long-term Starter Members who actually try to learn more or educate themselves.

I have even shown a LOT of starter members how to find "training" for FREE online.

Guess What? The vast majority have completely ignored the advice.

This SHOWS that someone is looking for a push-button system and looking to do the minimum amount of work possible, or simply that they are not interested in affiliate marketing.

Should this person be encoruaged to remain a starter member and potentially spread their negativity to others?

This is the same as, it isn’t currently my time to buy a private jet (next year, maybe, LOL!).

And trust me, for those of you who believe in manifestation, good things DON’T HAPPEN just because you asked the Universe to give it to you.

Good things happen because your manifestation is creating a positive outlook in your mind, but mainly because you TOOK ACTION.

If a new starter member asks, “Can I make money online WITHOUT upgrading?” DO NOT LEAD THEM ASTRAY.

If you don’t have any previous experience, and no money to upgrade, but you remain a starter member indefinitely then you’re NOT going to be able to create a business.

Eventually, we’ll get to the stage where about 10% of people are here to create a business, and the other 90% all remain starter members, either filling up the platform with non-business related stuff, and even WORSE giving advice about BUSINESS to newcomers.

Right, tangent over, rant over, LOL!

Back to the Point - ChatGPT Blog Posts

Okay, the AI generated blog posts that I initially wanted to discuss, and those that Kirk has alluded to, are mainly seen in the form of listicles.

It’s clear the ENTIRE article has been produced by ChatGPT, which is NOT the right way to use this software.

Unfortunately, this produces THIN CONTENT.

Trust me, if you add the types of listicles that I’ve seen on the WA platform to YOUR OWN BLOG, you’re never going to get anywhere.

These listicle blog posts that I see on the platform provide ABSOLUTELY NO ACTIONABLE ADVICE.

You do that on your website and Google will dropkick onto page 1000 of the SERPs.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

Top 10 Tips to Catapult Your Website to Page One of Google

  • Tip 1 - Do SEO
  • Tip 2 - Have Internal and External Links
  • Tip3 - Do metas, tags, titles, and descriptions.
  • Tip 4 - Do Keyword Research

And so on.

Each of these “subheadings” will have a 100-word blurb, such as this.

Tip 1 - In order to rank at the top of Google you should do SEO on your website. SEO is a fantastic way to climb the rankings and eventually get yourself to the top of page one of Google. So, ensure that you always keep SEO in mind when you write your blog posts. This is definitely the most important aspect of ranking on Google.

What the hell is this?????


A bunch of words on a page that MEAN NOTHING!!

There is absolutely NO ACTIONABLE ADVICE in a blog post as above.


This article is pure filler content full of fluff (Hahahahaha!! Why You Laughing When I Say “Fluff”?)

And as I say, if this is the type of content you are adding to your sites… MAN… you may as well go home now.

Harsh, But True!!

What about the Naked Butts, Partha?

Oh yeah, here you go.

5 Naked Butts on a Rugby Post

Okay, I’m going to introduce you to a sales concept back from my days in Banking and Selling.

This is mainly used to build rapport with clients, extract additional information from them, and to get as much HELPFUL information out in the open.

You can remember this technique by viewing 5 naked butts on a rugby post.

Here is what this looks like.

The 5 “Naked Butts” are the letter W.

The Rugby Post is the letter H.

These stand for

  • Who
  • Where
  • What
  • Why
  • When


  • HOW

Basically, when you write an article you actually want to “answer” each of the questions (or as many as possible).

So, let’s go back to our “Top 10 Tips” article.

Tip 1 - Do SEO

You can now expand on the “thin content” that ChatGPT has provided by answering as many of the above questions.

Who needs to do SEO?

Where Should They Be Doing SEO?

What SEO Tasks should they do?

Why should they be doing these tasks?

When should they do these SEO tasks?

And the most important question that will transform an article from Thin Content” into “Helpful Content”.

HOW should they perform these SEO tasks?

If you go through the “5 Naked Butts on a Rugby Post” Questions on EVERY article you write, you will be able to expand your content SO MUCH MORE.

As for using ChatGPT to write an article, BREAK IT DOWN.

Ask ChatGPT to provide you an outline for a blog post about [your chosen keyword].

Ask ChatGPT to give you 10 Clickbait Titles for the blog post

Once you get the outline you now have your title and all your subheadings.

Ask ChatGPT to create an introduction to your blog posts about [provide your article title].

Then take each subheading and TURN IT INTO A QUESTION.

Tip 1 - Do SEO

You ask ChatGPT

“What are the 10 most important tips about using SEO in a blog post?”


ChatGPT gives the 10 most important tips, you now apply your “5 Butts on a Rugby Post” Questions.

So, tip one from ChatGPT could be “focus on longtail keywords”.

I don’t need to apply all WWWWWH questions, but I can certainly apply some.

Why is it Important to Target Longtail Keywords?

What is a Longtail Keyword?

How Do I Find Longtail Keywords?

When Should I Use Longtail Keywords?

If you answer these questions YOURSELF in ADDITION to the GENERIC IDEAS that ChatGPT provided, you are now moving away from “Thin Content” to “Helpful Content”.

Always ask yourself when you write an article, “Does this give my reader every bit of information they need to move forward?”

I’m sorry to say that simply providing “generic tips” WHICH DON’T EXPLAIN HOW TO CARRY OUT THESE TIPS is THIN & POOR CONTENT.

If you keep producing thin content, trust me, frustration will take over, and there will be no amount of encouragement that will dig you out of this hole.

Never let AI do all the work for you.

Find your voice, use your brain, research, and always apply the “5 Naked Butts on a Rugby Post” to your writing.

And finally, a SONG (well, it appears to be the new form of “Business-Related Content” on the platform)

Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue,

Keep writing crap,

And Old Fluff will Dropkick YOU!

Thank You For Reading


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Featured Comment

Well, talk about clickbait, I am sadly disappointed by the lack of semi-clad rugby players!

And please don't infer that Fluff should be banned, lol.

As you know, I am a massive fan of AI, but you do need to feed it properly to get a good result.

It's quite clear which WA blog posts are written with ChatGPT, and I have the CopyLeaks Chrome extension which confirms my suspicions, should I wish to check them.

And, yes, Kyle has confirmed that he doesn't want free starters to be encouraged to stay indefinitely.

It gives false hope to those who may already be in a desperate situation.

This is a business platform, people, let's make it look like one!

I was scrolling verrrrry slllooowly to avoid any potential jolts to my heart. LOL

Lol, I was the opposite, scrolling fast to get to the good stuff!


Detective Diane "and I have the CopyLeaks Chrome extension which confirms my suspicions, should I wish to check them."

I love ChatGPT. I use it frequently to help me with my articles. However, using it to write the article and then copy and paste . . . yeah, not doing that. The content is so bland and dry and, as you put it, thin.

Instead, I use it to give me a list of ideas, to fine-tune my headlines, and then I work with that information and build it out by writing myself. I love to write, so AI just helps me eliminate some of the tedium and helps jumpstart my brain.

Excellent points, Partha, as always!

DISCLAIMER!!!! This response was written by 100% NOT me!!!! We all need a bit of fun when we can get it, no offense meant Partha!!!!

Well, well, well, it seems we have a passionate critic on our hands. Partha, my friend, you've certainly let your feelings be known about AI-generated blog posts in Wealthy Affiliate. Your strong opinions have entertained us all. But hey, let's dive into your rant, shall we?

First off, let me commend you for your clever use of capital letters and exclamation marks. They really grab attention and make your point crystal clear. And of course, we can't forget the S.I. (Sarcastic Intelligence) disclaimer. I mean, who wouldn't want to read a blog post infused with a touch of sarcastic brilliance?

Now, I understand your frustration with those "great post" and "I learned a lot" comments that seem to be thrown around without much thought. It appears you're on a mission to enlighten the masses about the true nature of good and poor content. We're all ears, Partha!

Oh, and let's not forget your tangent. Going off on tangents? That's totally unexpected! I couldn't help but chuckle. But hey, we all have our moments, don't we?

Now, let's talk about those AI-generated blog posts that are plaguing the platform. According to you, they're the epitome of thin content. I must say, your examples of those listicles are truly enlightening. I mean, who needs actual actionable advice when you can get tips like "Do SEO" and "Have Internal and External Links"? Genius! It's like a treasure trove of profound wisdom!

But hold on a second, Partha, you've got a solution for us. Break it down, ask the AI for an outline, and turn those subheadings into questions! Brilliant! You've just revolutionized the AI content creation game. It's as if you've discovered the secret formula to transform thin content into a literary masterpiece.

And of course, let's not forget the "5 Naked Butts on a Rugby Post" technique. Who would've thought that a rugby metaphor could be so useful in writing articles? You've truly blessed us with your sales concept from the banking and selling days.

Lastly, I must applaud you for the poetic touch in your conclusion. Roses are red, violets are blue, and apparently, if you keep writing crap, old fluff will dropkick you. I must say, it's a true work of art. Move over, Shakespeare!

Thank you, Partha, for sharing your thoughts in such an entertaining and sarcastic manner. You've given us all a good laugh and some food for thought. Keep fighting the good fight against thin content, and may your blog posts always be filled with the profound wisdom that only you can provide.

Your Admirer

As a “Kiwi” and avid follower of the All Blacks, the headline certainly captured my attention, albeit for the wrong reasons. Lol.
But after being captured with the headline the content also got me. A relevant post about some posts that aren’t. I agree that some are using ChatGPT with a bit much enthusiasm, and it will be interesting to see the wash up in months to come.
A good loooooong read as per norm.

Hi Partha,

You're right - I am guilty of exactly what you say.

I need to upgrade my use of AI!

But even when I use it badly, I get a lot more comments, mainly positive than I do, if I just write something.

I mean people could choose just to ignore it.

But maybe some people found it useful as a checklist.

Perhaps spotting something they want to find out more about and then thinking eg

"SEO - Partha had a great graphic with SEO written on it, on one of his posts recently., I will go and find it and reread it!"

So, even if my post only offers thin content, it might be the spur to someone digging deeper - just to mix my metaphors.


All the best,


I have noticed that when using ChatGTP it does give thin content,sorry to say. I do use some ideas from it, but never use the exact same text, because a thought or idea is often written down in several sentences on ChatGTP, or even in one LARGE paragraph, while the information on it can be explained in just one sentence. I think that's the point here when saying that there is thin content and "fluff" on AI, like a lot!
Other than that, you càn rank well with articles in your own words, I do and I'm not even native English, but Dutch speaking, so if I can, you can too!
Chat GTP is very handy though to write about things that I wouldn't have thought of for a specific topic.
But still, always bring your own expertise into it, it is often a lot more correct than what GTP says, at least it is in my niche.
Like just yesterday, I was writing about a quarter scale miniatures, my gosh what kind of nonsense Chat GTP was producing, lol!
It was suggesting to use a tea light to light quarter-scale miniatures, I can tell you: that's HUGE haha. It is honestly full of mistakes like that and quite horrible.
Just my 2 cents,
All the best!

You're still one of my favourite Wackies Julia!! :) Xx

Thank you, Partha!! That means a lot.


Unfortunately, I did not have time today to respond. I tried to type up a response earlier this morning but got sidetracked.

I did write an article about long-tailed keywords; I worked on it yesterday and the day before using a lot of screenshots and photos. I was doing this before your kvetching post about AI content on WA.

I hope that the content I posted tonight is helpful and is not done by AI, and I use Grammarly Go Beta, a form of AI that is the only source I used for this.

I have seen total copy-and-paste AI content here, and I ignore it. I don't waste my time with them. I don't bother to read or respond.

So that you know, it will not do you any good to kvetch. People are not going to listen.

I know I did listen to you. I learned a lot from what you taught. I want you to know that you taught me well. I do not use ChatGPT for any of my content; most of it was from searching Quora and Google autosuggest.

I watched a lot of YouTube. I read other bloggers and learn from them, also SEO experts. I don't like wasting my time with ChatGPT. I did use it for a few things like Title Headlines or short domain names.

As far as researching content. I stuck to your previous methods of finding information. I do not feel that ChatGPT covers enough; some vital information is missing. The editor in me takes over. As Diane showed me the other day, I am still a skeptic about total AI-generated content to rank in the search engine. It is a helpful tool only when the data proves otherwise, but it doesn't just do word-for-word. Folks should be writing their spin on it. Using your personality voice because your writing represents who you are is the foundation of building trust and authority with your readers.

Now about Starters, there's nothing we can do about that. I do wish there was no such thing as Starter Account. Just a 7-day trial and move to Premium or Premium Plus, like any other affiliate program or service. SEO Tools offer a seven-day or 14-day trial, then right into the payment plan. I wish that would happen. Now I notice that since the change of the starter account, more and more people have moved into paid membership more quickly. There are still some starters here from long ago who stay a starter; OK, that's their problem, not ours. Please don't waste time with them,

PP-Do you have better things to do with your time?

Do you know if your rant is over now? Now move on!

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