"What is and how to have a FAVICON!"


Look up at the top of the screen and see that your BROWSER tabs have little pictures in them?

WA has a WA image - all the sites here will have a picture of a pc window and 2 red lines running down it - until you add your own picture!

These are called FAVICONS and add branding to your website pages.

They are quite special and are named as : favicon.ico

Therefore we need a special image editor to take our image and turn it from a .png to .ico

Relax say me! Why not look at a few samples of it in action?

www.PayPal.com , www.Yahoo.com , www.YouTube.com - what you will notice is it may differ to the company logo in some way, but it becomes memorable as you build your branding.

Create the image you want to appear sized 32 x32 or 64 x 64.

.png is probably the best option.

Remember it is very small when uploaded to the browser!!


If you are really stuck, you can give my blogs love on Facebook, and any other like feature you stumble across, comment him everywhere - and then beg the OldMule to do it for you!


Just ask nicely and he will probably do it for you by sending him your website link and let him just make what he thinks will work best for you!



Now we need to go and grab one handy little beast of a plugin!

Search plugins for the: - Heroic Favicon Generator - Ta-Daah!

1. "Do you want to install it??" - [ "Are you sure?" - "Yes already!"]

2. Press "Select favicon" button - and find it on pc.

3. The picture will now appear on the Left side of the screen in Media Library.

4. Select the picture by click once.

5. Box on right - Enter text : Title : Favicon

Caption : Whatever

Alt text : My favicon - Important

Description : My favicon ... more if you want.

6. Leave all boxes ticked! In fact they are in your imagination only! They are not there!

7. Scroll down to SAVE CHANGES - Done and for many up to date devices!!!!

Other notes:

It may take a bit of time to see them, if you login on someone else’s pc you may get to see them immediately, or open a different browser and try too.

I hope you find this informative and that I have simplified the points herein.

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Please also read and like my other blogs to?!

Thank you in advance.

Tomorrows blog: "How and why you can win or fail with WA!"

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Hey there, Andy Andy....have the time to work on my site today....by jove, I believe I will just check this out. Thanks for the step-by-step instructions....stay tuned, tho....there are those here who wobble a lot before they walk (ME!!).

Thanks for sharing good stuff, as usual.........


Have a magic day and thank you for the lovely comments as always from you.
OldMule - hugz!

LOL....only said it 'cause I meant it. Wishing you a magic day, too.

Thanks for sharing this article. I keep seeing "favicon" mentioned everywhere on the web, and I've never taken the time to learn what it means, until today. Now I will have to create one for my new sites.

Thanks for the great comment and glad it was of use to you! Shout if you need help. Tell us here when you do it.

I will do that! Thanks again.

The longest post (still great & pithy) you've ever made here, Andy.. (thank God I made through it without any toothpicks stuck in my eyes, remember Mr. Bean attempted this act ages a go? he.he.he..)

Ha! Dear old Mr Bean!!
Thanks for the comments and the time taken to read it sweety!
Hope you are having a magic day!

hope you are having your magic day too, Andy.. ;-)

Great advice OldMule, it's nice to see a plugin that works with the dreaded IE browser. I know many Favicon plugins work but not with IE.

A great site I use very often for icons is iconfinder.com
I always change the license filter to commercial use ok no link back and search away.
The great thing about iconfinder is you can download icons in several square sizes and in PNG ICO ICNS format.

The biggest advantage of this plugin it makes several favicons so it shows up on more devices. Thanks for the comments and the link.

Will definitely check this out. Thank you.

Most welcome!

I only just heard about favicons yesterday for the first time and added it to my list of things to find out about. Thanks for making my search easy! Good info.

So glad I got the timing right for you - this plugin adds more favicons than the standard built in one for other screen types as well. Let us know here how it turns out.

Thank you for this . It is a little addition to make the site more appealing with the right image that is.

Yes, branding.

Works a treat. Thanks again:)

Most welcome. Thanks for the comment.

I installed my Favicon by going to Appearance and then Customize Theme (I think - I'm not in front of my laptop) without having to install a plugin. I chose a pic from my media and it did the rest. Perhaps availability is different per theme you choose?

thanks for the comment.
This plugin adds favicons to other media screen which the standard one can not.
Have a magic day!

Oh got it. Ok thanks! Good to know.

Awesome! Will have to try this!

Good show - share with us here if you do.

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Create Your Free Wealthy Affiliate Account Today!
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