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This is a message of fond farewells to all the great people I have had the pleasure of helping or working with an this platform! As you may have noticed I have not written or been active for the last month, mostly since I took on the new offfices and now too moving home in the next few days. As can be expected, things have been pretty hectic for me. At this point I would like to thank all the well wishers from the time I moved to the new offices, to update on that - a lot has happened and my st
Hi there and thanks for stopping in to read my blog - as always, it is much appreciated! This is not one of my usual unusual blogs, instead of giving I am actually asking you to part with something instead! The object: Getting your blessings and good wishes for the next phase of my internet business as I now need to take on offices and staff to get the job done better! The simple conclusion: By liking and or commenting below you will be showing me your love and support and good wishes as I take
Atychiphobia 1. Do you suffer from this? 2. How bad do have it? 3. Does it influence your life? 4. Can you get rid of it? The object of this post is information sharing but may also help you decide if any of the above questions from 1 to 4 are, (to any degree), are a part of your life - that then may or may not be an area of future focus! In the comments here after Remember to consider each other when commenting and re-commenting, - we are all individuals and many have different forms of strug
OBJECT: Simplify how to keep track and break free of the info that is overloading you! KISS IT! Yes - Keep It Simple Stupid!THE PROBLEM: As we are eager to learn we get caught up in the thinking that we need to grab evrything in sight to be able to grow into the business. Not entirely a waste of time, energy and computer or notebook space - but! Let us look at a few things here. - Copy and paste is quick and easy on a pc - rather than making written notes. - Filing on the pc is quick and easy
My definition of youtube is: The place where you can find the visual answer to just about any problem you may ever have! There are videos about: Mad cats, wild dogs, taming animals, training people, unblocking your sink and the list goes on! It is the second biggest internet search engine - owned also by Google. To get to the right answer quickly, as with any search engine, is to choose your search term correctly. When searching Youtube: Think about the question you ask to get an answer for,
There is light at the end of the tunnel - and no, it is not a train a comin! naturally, people will start at the beginning, (like here at WA), with either a niche idea, or they simply develop into one as a means to an end. To get on with the training. This is not a bad thing as it allows one to get moving forward. The problem is that down the road it often becomes a problem. - Lack of inspiration to devolp the site content, due to the lack of inspiration about the "niche" is a very common one.
The object: Take any of today's world/country/local breaking news headlines - [depending on your geo target audience], - and write about that news today and post it on ANY blog niche today! Why? Because people are searching for info on that topic more than yesterday? How? Headline: Plane crash disaster! = Subjects/Possible words: Loss, grief, technology, rescue dogs, shortage of goods, water, food, emergency supplies, operators neglect, overworked, underpaid, stress, .....etc. Headline:
As I have been asked this question several times this week I decided to do this quick post. I hope this helps to answer a few questions. If too much of it goes over your head - fear not, come back and read it later on in your learning. The keywords we use in the example are: "Fresh Apples" and the paragraphs must be good content so the reader also beefits the use of the keywords. Do not overdo the use of keywords. Mix up the use of the varieties used in the example. ============================
This is the message I left for this user - [Please click "like" to agree to this!]TO YOU AND ANY OTHER MEMBERS READING THIS! Hi. I would like to say welcome to Wealthy Affiliate. However, there are young people on this site, some as young as 7 - learning with their parents. If your intention is to be here to learn and produce a profitable business, - I would strongly suggest you change your username to something more appropriate. If you are looking to just make "friends" - the sa
So am I going to show or tell you what I got for less than $1??!! Well, as it turns out I was there really looking for you and you were not to be found!! Not even for less than one dollar! Now back to you in a moment, - just had a thought. So I just went back to and counted the 25 Categories they use for their listing options. I then went to the keyword search page and tried there. So I got my search going and I saw 1 014 results - cool! The lowest cost 1 English penny! So I thought, w