Imagine If Elon Musk Was Your Buddy (Vegas 2020)

Last Update: February 24, 2020

I just got home from the 2020 Wealthy Affiliate conference in Las Vegas, and as usual, my brain is firing on all cylinders. So many ideas. So many plans. So much inspiration.

I've blogged before about how one of the main reasons I stick around Wealthy Affiliate is the connections you make, but I really wanted to come back around to this idea after Vegas this year. What makes the Vegas trip so powerful for me is not the food, gambling, or vitamin C showers (niche idea?).

The best part of Vegas is the people you meet and the things you talk about. The connections are priceless.

The thing about "success" online, is that it's never done. You'll get your first page 1 ranking, then your first sale, then your first $100 day, then $1000 day. Beyond that, it just depends on your goals. More money? More time? More prestige? There's never a stopping point where you're done, and there's always room to grow.

This year in Las Vegas, I had some really awesome conversations with people, and I think these conversations are going to help me make more money with my websites this year.

Jay listened to me complain about how a funnel on my website wasn't converting, and in two seconds was able to narrow down the problem.

Tim and I had a great discussion about writing styles, and how different writing styles can come off as clear and precise, or casual and genuine.

Kyle and I chatted about how when life gets busy, instead of cutting business hours he just cuts out sleep. His work ethic something I really strive for.

Carson had some great ideas on goal setting and how to stay "hungry". It's really easy to let complacency creep in, and his suggestions for some new goals to set really has me fired up.

Vitaliy and I talked every day about the minutia of online business and affiliate websites, and I went home thinking about how he's focusing more on value, than volume.

Eddy sets a great example for optimizing your current traffic instead of always aiming for higher numbers. If you're getting a thousand visits a day and $100, he's the guy that can get $120 out of that same thousand visitors.

Chris's funnel and email strategies are something I really admire, and our chats always remind me that YouTube is a search engine I consistently ignore (and that's a mistake!).

These are experts I have personal access to. Imagine if you were friends with Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos, and you could chat with them about your your business. One idea can change how you think, or how your business operates!

There were many other people at the conference, and many other conversations I benefited from. I'm still digesting everything, and working through all my notes.

Wealthy Affiliate Connections = More Money In Your Pocket

Even if you're not doing bootcamp, and even if you never make it to the Vegas conference, the lesson to learn here is that the connections you make here at Wealthy Affiliate can put real money in your pocket.

Just one idea can get you unstuck, change your mindset, get you past a challenge, or create a new one to overcome. Something as simple as meeting someone who went through the same process and knowing they came out the other end alright can be very powerful.

Wealthy Affiliate is a thriving community of enthusiastic, positive, online entrepreneurs who want to help you grow your business. Dig in! There's lots of ways to participate!

  • jump in live chat once a day for a few minutes
  • post a question to Classrooms a few times a week
  • PM your coach here and make them work for their commissions ;)
  • write a blog about what's going on in your business so far and get some positive vibes from the community

Every time you interact here on the platform, it's one more chance to make that connection that makes a difference. You never know when another aha moment is going to pop up.

Vegas 2020 Photos

Wealthy Affiliate brand hot sauce!

Vegas Knights Hockey Game

The view from my room

90% of WA affiliate's didn't know what this swag (below) was. Can you guess?

When I'm in Vegas I have a tradition. I treat myself to the high end Fiji brand water. That's my version of living large LOL.

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JKulk1 Premium
I'm a big fan of Elon Musk. I love that he's doing what governments couldn't do and bringing society , kicking and screaming, into the 21st century.
I'm also a fan of yours, and love your approach to affiliate marketing. Your successes, and your willingness to share your experiences ,make you a truly successful , and caring, individual.
The only downer is that at my age I can finally get some extra sleep, so I will be jealously guarding the hours I receive. Jim
EddySalomon Premium
It was great seeing you again Rick. Thanks for the shout out. I do pride myself on maximizing my traffic. lol

But I agree with you. The connections and friendships you make with this platform makes the premium membership worth it many times over. The things I have learned from folks like you and other wa members have really helped me earn thousands of dollars that I would have missed.

Furthermore it’s nice to be able to talk and connect with people that understand our business and struggle. You don’t feel like you’re alone. So I totally agree with you. 👍🏿👊🏿
J-KWest Premium
Hey Nathaniel, talking to Elon about my business was kind of how I felt when we were hanging out in the kitchen chatting about our businesses. It was surreal. Looking forward to next year... I owe you a lunch (actually two of them for Karen too) 😃👍
CordeliaN Premium
Many great golden nuggets in that post,
Thank you for sharing your Vegas experience, I vicariously live the experience and Its such a powerful motivator (for me at least) I loved seeing the “Hockey Puck” (Grace got there first..😉) the little incidentals (or swag as you called them) it gives the vibe of special and inclusive.

I had no idea so few people qualified, huge well done Nathaniel, you are an exceptional member and you epitomise everything great about WAmily, I have no doubt when Kyle and Carson started WA they had a dream about how this company would thrive....the perfect members....that would be and your fellow delegates.

I liked your suggestions especially the one about your mentor... (get them working for their commissions)

Loved all of it...
is there a 2nd chapter?.lol
EdwinBernard Premium
Hockey Puck!

Your enthusiasm is contagious Nathaniell. I totally agree with you that right here on the WA platform so much great ideas are shared by hugely successful members just like you.

When I see an idea I like and need more information, I'm not shy to ask the author. And they always respond. That has and continues to help me make little tweaks to my online business building techniques and strategies.

One of the latest that really struck home was how to boost content by leveraging ones time by outsourcing the boring stuff. I am looking into the training he provided. The person was none other than Dylan who was with you in Vegas.

Thanks for bringing it back home. I wish you continued success.