How Much Money Can You Make With Adsense?


For a long time, I have said that Adsense is not worth your time. You can make much more money with affiliate links. I refused to use Adsense on my blog because it was distracting from affiliate links. But I've been discovering that how much money you can make with Adsense has exceeded what I originally thought possible.

There's more to the story when it comes to building a website that relies on general ads like Adsense, or an approved Google ads publisher like MediaVine and Ezoic.

Some niches are not exactly perfect for affiliate links. There may be affiliate opportunities, but products might be only somewhat related, or there may not be that many affiliate ideas.

If you are passionate about a niche you feel doesn't have a lot of affiliate opportunities, can you still make money? You can still make a ton of money with Adsense.

Here's the stats from one of my sites using SEMRush. It's not accurate at all when it comes to exact traffic numbers, but we're just using it as a reference. It says I have 10,000 organic visitors per month.

The actual number is more like 30,000, but again this is just for comparison.

I make about $600 per month from ads using MediaVine, which published Google Ads on my site. They also help me test which ad positions make the most money with the best user experience.

Here's the stats from another website in the same niche as me.

It shows that she has about 2 MILLION visitors per month. That's 200x what I have. Insane, right?

Assuming that revenue would scale linearly, that would mean 200x earnings as well, which would be $120,000 dollars per month.

$120,000 Per Month!

That's a lot of money, and it's just from Adsense style ads. You wouldn't have to write any promotional content at all, or "sell" anything.

Of course, this is a huge site, and it's been around for almost a decade. Success like this does not come over night.

But I just wanted to share with you the potential of making money without adding any affiliate links to your site. How much money can you make with Adsense? A lot.

Of course, the potential to make even more money exists with recommending affiliate products, email lists, or possibly create your own product to sell. This particular person sells their own ebook. They have probably about six million people visiting their site every month that are potential customers.

Still, this comparison shows that even if your niche is not perfect for affiliate offers, you can make a ton of money simply by publishing information online.

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Wow, this is impressive. Thank you very much for sharing.

It's good to know because sometimes writing helpful information posts that don't promote anything have felt like giving money to charity. But it seems that it's possible to make money with those pages as well with Google Ads.

I noticed that Ezoic requires minimum 10k sessions/month and Mediavine requires minimum 25k sessions/month.

When you say 30k visitors per month, do you mean unique visitors or sessions? I just want to confirm to be sure to know how much the earning potential is.

How to know profitable niches for Google ads? What do you think what niches could be good for using Google adsense?

Almost the same thing for me. 30k uniques, 35k sessions. I guess that's because of the high bounce rate!

I think anything with high profit products will attract high PPC.

So technology, where an iPad costs $500 will earn big clicks. Same with financial services like "get out of debt" or credit cards. Divorce and dating services, that type of stuff.

Alright, thank you for the info.

Two million to six million site visitors a month? Is this apples and oranges (or rather apples and pomegranates) relative to what a new, or even and experienced, WA site builder can possibly achieve?

Does anyone here even get a million visitors A MONTH? I wonder what an Amazon Affiliate would make if their site was getting a million visitors A MONTH?

They started at zero, just like us. Their site is over 10 years old. Mine is only two. You may not reach a million visits a month, but do you really need $120k per month to be happy?

5k - 10k would make me smile all the day.

I suspect 10k-20k visits per day could earn $10k per month. With 1k visits a month I'm earning $600, in a low CPC niche. I suspect other niches pay higher rates.

Not at all ... thank you for making that point Nathaniell.

I have yet another question. You have earned from these ads through impressions and through clicks.

Impressions bring small money, clicks more. Now, most of these clicks mean you have lost a visitor which would perhaps buy something on Amazon (if your site is niche site).

So did you really earn or lose due to Adsense? This can be calculated, I discussed it here .

I turn off Adsense ads on my product reviews, so it's not a big issue. Perhaps I lose some secondary traffic if I'm funneling to a money page, but there's a good change that person wasn't ready to buy if they left without clicking to the full review.

I compared Amazon earnings to before and after adding ads, and there wasn't much of a difference.

So if this is an Amazon selling site or similar, almost all texts are reviews. what else? This means there are no many places to put ads. I guess you have ''top 10'' or 'top 5 type' where you can put them but those are rare.

The content on this particular site is diverse, but there are other opportunities.

For example

Page 1> GoSun Solar Review

Page 2> Top 3 Solar Products For Camping
Page 3> How Cook To Without Fire While Camping
Page 4> How To Heat Food In Burn-Free Camping Zones
Page 5> Do Solar Cooking Devices Really Work?
Page 6> Can You Cook With Solar Heat On An Overcast Day
Page 7> Lightweight Cooking Tools For Multi-Day Camping Trips
etc etc

Page 2-7 would have ads. Page 1 would not have ads...only affiliate links. Page 2-7 link to page 1.

I was going to say the exact samething. If I'm promoting a specific product, I will not use AdSense ads on that particular product review post.

I'm actually making more with AdSense right now that I am currently with affiliate links. It's not a lot, but it is something at least.

You are incredible. No end assuming that one has a bit of imagination.

Wow! Thanks for sharing this. I was just talking to a friend of mine, like 5 minutes ago, concerning this very topic! We were talking about what if the blogger isn't trying to sell something from an affiliate? How would they make money too? Well, thanks to you, you've answered our questions.


Wow! I have never been a fan of AdSense or at least not for a long time. It never seemed to be worth the time or effort and never resulted in enough revenue. Instead, I always felt like it cluttered my site with ads and made it look less professional.

However, your results with MediaVine and other publisher networks is inspiring.

Do you feel it makes your content look too spammy as opposed to integrated affiliate links and do you still work affiliate links into the articles that you integrate ad publisher links? Thanks

Btw, the reason for my comment about the Adsense is that I had initially integrated Adsense into my site but had readers tell me it made it look to "spammy" or full of ads and took away from the trust of the content. Have you run into any of the same problems? Are you building authority sites? I would assume so with the type of traffic you are driving but I haven't heard people making a decent income from Adsense in a while so I am curious. Thanks!

Yes, the site does look "worse" with ads. I prefer it without ads. But if I'm providing free content without selling anything, then looking at ads is the price to pay.

It's like seeing ads in Google or Facebook. yes, the experience would be better without ads, but to provide the service, someone has to get paid!

You can opt to use fewer ads for a better experience, and more balance.

Agreed and it does allow you to focus more on quality content and less on things like product reviews but I would still imagine that affiliate linking pays off better in the end, no?

It really depends. I used to say "one or the other", but am finding that a combination works well too.

I really like the look of ad-free websites, but being proud of being ad-free only goes so far. When you're leaving a potential hundred or thousand dollars per month of income on the table to be ad free, you have to ask yourself why you made the site in the first place!

I find that affiliate linking pays better per view. So 100 views with an affiliate link can make 1 sale of $10 (hypothetically). But to make that same $10 I'd need 1,000 views with Adsense.

So you need more views to make money with Adsense, but the income potential is still there!

The income potential is definitely still there and I hear what you are saying. I think it really depends on the type of site you are launching and the type of marketing you are utilizing. Personally, I just never found adsense to pay out enough money to justify having the ads on my site, which is why I removed them. However, you do bring up some valid points.

Few months ago on somebody's post in WA I commented about adsence and its huge opportunity.

But nobody took my point seriously and almost all suggested that we should boycott adsence because it just worth pennies..

I thing it is bad to say negative thing about something just because we are not able to do it.

There are few marketers whom I know are making huge bucks from adsence only. So I think both affiliate and adsence and other monetization process have equal opportunity in Internet marketing world.

Yes, both can be worth your time. It depends on your niche, your website, and your personal business goals.

I wouldn't turn down $600 a month...
I wouldn't turn down $60 a month.

I haven't looked into AdSense *at all* because I don't have the traffic for it and because I have heard the negative comments about it looking tacky or not being worthwhile, but at this point, any income at all would beat where I'm at.

This is an awesome post.

I was so concentrated on exploring affiliate marketing and thought that everything else is just a waste of time. Now when I see the numbers I understand that I was so wrong.

One thing that you mentioned here and catches my view is that the site making all that cash is quite old. Does that mean that we "beginners" should maybe wait with stuff like Adsense since our sites are brand new and don't have too many visitors or storming all fronts is the best strategy?

It is a good question. Fortunately we have options. But I'll be interested to see others responses to the questions.


I was just looking at your site a week or two ago and noticed your ads. Ironically I had recently put ads back on my site as well because my blog traffic has increased dramatically. I figured I could take advantage of companies that have pay per view and click. I'm currently using media. net which you may want to look into as well.

Obviously, we both promote WA and I do well promoting this great community. But I felt some of my traffic was going to "waste" because there are just some people that won't want to experience WA. When you put ads on your site you can account for those folks and still monetize their visit.

Now that said there is the argument you're taking people away from your main offer and there may be some truth to that. But regardless there are just some people that won't take action on your main offer but may click on an ad or become a lead. So you might as well account for that and place links that accommodate their likely action.

I've done that recently and it's added few thousand bucks to my monthly income. I've always been a big proponent of multiple streams of income and I sort of moved away from that with my blog and I definitely left money on the table. Ironically after making some changes I'm getting more clicks and sign ups to WA so it didn't have the negative impact I might have expected. In either case great job. When I stumbled on your site and saw the ads, I'm like wow great minds think alike because I started doing it as well. Cheers!

That sounds logical.

I love the line "... it's added few thousand bucks to my monthly income." Boy do I look forward to the day that I can say that. Right now, I really, really wish I could say "a few dozen bucks."

Same here with lack of negative impact so far.

I've also opted to turn off ads on specific pages, which i think helps with preventing hurting money pages too much.

Thanks, Craig. It will come, my friend. Don't give up.

me too. I don't have it on certain landing pages.

100% agree Nate.

I've always believed it's not an either-or scenario, there's nothing stopping members having multiple revenue streams, from advertising, affiliation, own products, etc. all on the same site.

If members earn only a $1-a-day from displaying a small ad. on their own niche site's sidebar, well that pays for their WA subscription.

Also, I think many members aren't aware that incorporating an ad into body text will in most cases result in a relevant ad. In some niches, these can be worth $5-$10 a click!!

Very true about earning just $1 per day from ads can pay for your WA membership. That's 5% of my traffic stats shown above, or about 50 visits per day.

Considering I'm not in a very high CPC niche, I suspect that 50 visits a day in a tech-related niche could earn more than $1 per day.

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