Are You Benefiting From Google Updates?

Last Update: March 25, 2019

In March 2019, Google released a large-ish update which shook up the search engines results pages (SERPs).

Of course, that means webmasters across the web are shakin' in their boots hoping their site doesn't get "hit".

Though Google has been vague on exactly what this update was all about, it didn't seem to target anything in particular. As far as I understand it, it was just an update to the "core algorithm", in an effort to provide better search results.

Past updates have targeted web spam, low quality content, black hat link building, or health & medical websites.

Though this March 2019 Core Update didn't target any specific group of websites, a number of people have been negatively impacted.

However, much like stock trading, when there's a loser there's a winner. For all those webistes that lose rank, there are websites that gain rank to fill page 1 of SERPs with excellent content.

Here's one of my side-project websites (note: these are traffic estimates from SEMRush, and not 100% accurate. It's just to show the trend).

I'm not the only one. I checked out a couple other WA member websites that I'm familiar with.

I have benefited greatly from Google updates in recent years, to the point where I look forward to them! I know that low-quality websites will be taken down a few notches, and I'm ready to take those spots!

However, this was not always the case!

Back in 2011 I was buliding low-quality links to all of my websites. When Google released Penguin and Panda updates, my sites were hit hard. I lost tons of traffic and revenue (more than 50%).

Those sites are no longer around. If I had been doing them according ot the WA training, I might have grown them to be 10x or 100x what they were in 2011. That's 8 years of growth!!!

Wealthy Affiliate Is About Building A Business

Wealthy Affiliate is about building a long term business you can rely on for income.

Reliable income is what will my mortgage for 30 years and I won't have to worry about Google updates every couple of months.

The Wealthy Affiliate training works! Keep following what Kyle teaches in the lessons, and take time to engage with the community from time to time. You'll see your traffic grow, your expertise solidify, and reliable online income will be on the horizon!

Are you benefiting from Google updates these days?

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Brenda63 Premium
That's what I need go do, follow the trainings and not deviate from that. Thanks for the tips.
Hudson Premium
Great post Nathaniel. Still rebuilding my old site so no noticeable effects yet, but thanks for the details above.
danijel95 Premium
Well, Nath, I actually saw a little drop in my traffic. I was recovering from that big update in August last year and I was recovering pretty good but now again this core update affects me -_-

I think that I have quality content but don't know how to avoid being affected by core Google updates.

I hope I will recover become some says it needs a couple of weeks to fully roll out so we will see.
nathaniell Premium
I think because you have a health and wellness site, you are more exposed to these recent updates.

Focus on quality content that you will be proud of in several years, and eventually you'll see better results while the others (who focus on short term methods to game the system) drop off.
EddySalomon Premium
Hell yeah I'm benefiting. My main site was suffering since December 15. I assumed it was just normal holiday decrease. But Jan came and went and the traffic increase was minimal not back to what I expected. The same happened in Feb.

I knew I hadn't deviated from what WA taught. So I didn't understand what was going on. I stayed the course and kept pumping out content. I did some improvements to help my mobile speed but it didn't dramatically increase my mobile speed score with Google. I hate their new lighthouse mobile speed score measurements.

But whatever. I knew I didn't do anything wrong and hoped that Google would figure it out. And then boom on March 12-13 my traffic went back to normal levels. And my new blog has seen even more traffic.

So it's been a win for me. I think when these updates happen the immediate thought is to have a knee jerk reaction. But I have found over the years if you are doing the right things, Google will reward you. And if you happen to get on the crappy end of a recent update but you know you haven't done anything wrong, then just keep pushing forward like I did. They eventually get it right. But it's annoying and hurts when they don't.
nathaniell Premium
Good to know you're doing well with these updates Eddy. You are right that sometimes you gotta kind of wait it out, until the algorithms sift the sandbox and figure out what's good and what isn't.

I used to stress (and still do) when it seems like the work I'm doing is not paying off, but like you, I try to just say whatever about it, and do what I think is right.

I think that's a big transformation in my mentality about running a website. I used to be so locked in on traffic and profits that I wouldn't pay attention to creating stuff people actually wanted to read.

Good thing you didn't change things up too much in Jan/Feb, otherwise you might think the March traffic increase was a boost *because* of what you did, and that might have changed your whole game plan.
EddySalomon Premium
Exactly Nathaniel. I've learned to be a lot more patient. I normally would freak out. But I think when you know you're doing the right thing, it helps you stay calm.
jeanetteobas Premium
Thanks for sharing this!
nathaniell Premium
Thanks for reading!