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Last Update: October 01, 2014

I had a very bad experience online last month causing me a lot of problems including my WA account been down graded for a short time.

I was a victim of identity theft and had someone using my bank card and bank details to spend massive amounts of money. I still don't know how they managed to get my details but it has been the worst month of my life.

I have had to prove that I did not make the transactions on my account and also prove that I was not connected in any way to the people using my details. My accounts got frozen whilst they sorted everything out which meant no payments could be made through my account. Then I had to explain everything to all my direct debit accounts as to why I could not pay them which means that I will have received bad marks against my credit file for something I didn't do.

So please make sure that you are very careful when imputing your personal details online and make sure that you know the company that you are giving your details to as I would not want anyone to go through the nightmare that I have.

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rosieM Premium
Sorry for your hardship....
CarlaIves Premium
Good warning. I'm so sorry you had to experience this first hand. You have to be very careful out there and check your accounts constantly. Hopefully, it will be the first and LAST time.
kholmes Premium
Sorry to hear about all your troubles. I have never had that happen, however my own sister took my debit card, drivers license and two checks from my check book...while I was in the hospital of all things. She spent about 1800.00 of my money. The only way to get it back was to prosecute her, since we are sister it could look as if we were in on it together. I understand some of your pain, its not any fun at all.
Take care and feel better.
Kim :))
Funmine Premium
Thank you for sharing your story.
One can never be too careful these days. That identity theft insurance saved you from even a bigger mess.
Mylife1502 Premium
Yeah I would have lost nearly 10,000 if I had not had the insurance
TheHammer Premium
That is a really unfortunately event that you went through!! I hope your money will be returned in full and that you are not effected by getting bad marks and that your creditors understand!

Thanks for sharing the warning and reminder for us to be diligent and aware.
Mylife1502 Premium
Luckily I have identity theft insurance on my account so I didn't loose any money in the end. Thanks for your comments