More WA addiction signs

Last Update: February 28, 2015

Sorry this was late. My computer went down. Enjoy!

When you close your eyes and you see comments scrolling down on the back of your lids.

When you wake up with knot on your forehead from the tablet slipping out of your hands because you fell asleep in live chat.

When you drive by a billboard and swear it says "WA" this way.

When you drive by a billboard and see your sites and links on it. -VictorMei

When everything you do on your devices is to get ideas. - Chris2005

When your "Publish" button flashes "taking a break" -Loes

When your fingers experiences repetitive stress injury.

When your psychiatrist says "the 12 step program just tripled".

When you sign your family up to WA so you can work in peace and quiet

When you burn your coffee out the pot several times before you get a cup - Jasontw111

Your fire alarm becomes a background noise.

When ordering dinner in - becomes a survival technique.

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Loes Premium
You make me laugh :) When internet breaks down, and you make a call, when is it repaired again, and they tell you in about 4 hours, you don't know what to do in those 4 hours:)
MsDebbie Premium
I hear that!
lindon11 Premium
My eyes are closing. Can't see Can't type. Glad the computers back up!
MsDebbie Premium
Thank you! Yep, I've been there, too! Ask Jjordie! ;-)
LornaAllen Premium
And I thought there just CAN'T be anyone as bad as I am..... :-)
MsDebbie Premium
There are many of us!!!!
gappleby Premium
-When there's so many additions to the list you lose count and stop numbering them

-When one's not enough and you add multiple symptoms in the same I'm doing right now!

-When the first thing you do when you get your computer is post to WA, even at 1:18AM

-When you reply to that 1:18AM post at I'm doing right now! (I gotta see my shrink!...wonder if I can find him on WA?)
MsDebbie Premium
LOL... I'm giving up counting! :). I wonder how many we will have when the final is put together!
MisterWailor Premium
This is funny.
MsDebbie Premium
I'm glad you enjoyed it!