I made it to 100 . Designs in CANVA

Last Update: Nov 1, 2021

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Howzit to all my friends here at Wealthy Affiliate.
Long time no "SEE"
I've been popping in and out, for last couple months just to make sure you are all still behaving.
The last 4 months has been somewhat Stressful for my wife and I, we returned to the UK, and everything has been Topsy Turfy to say the least.
I must admit I am struggling with Content, but all your messages keep me going, I am trying to get my Head right so I can get on with the writing.
Fortunately I have been busy with Canva, I find this so much easier than writing.
You can imagine my surprise when I received an Email stating I had done 100 Designs, well I have and this is Post where I can celebrate with all my Friends,

Below is my Design with a few of my Posts/Pins whatever you wish to call them. Most relate to my Website, through the Pinterest, Facebook Platforms.Halloween(For Fun )Ice Cream and Tiger (Canva Challenges) just honing my skills on Canva.
The post is Static, here but if you go to Pinterest, you will see the Video.
Hope you enjoy

This is what Canva sent over the Weekend.

Please if you Like, give me a Click.

If you don't like, what am I saying, what's not to Like.

Please leave a message, will be nice to hear from you all.



Recent Comments


At least you're being skillful with designs on CanVa friend. With that skill, you could start selling your service on your website. All the best!

Howzit John, Thanks for the Compliment.
Funny enough that thought went through my Head, you have just cemented the Idea, just need to see how to set up.
Thank You Again John.


Canva is Kool, I’m just starting to use it more and more.mI have put together 2 for YouTube and imbedded video into it. I love how you can get templates for all different social media platforms.

Howzit Stephen,
I really enjoy this side of things, The specific Templates make it really easy.
Strange that I've not done a Canva Design for YouTube, must have a Look at that (Thks Stephen).
I normally just use invideo, for YouTube.


Hang in there! Erlene

Thanks Erlene, much appreciated

Well done Murray. Jim

Thanks Jim

Those designs look fantastic Murray!

We all suffer blocks from time to time when it comes to writing. But at least you have been busy with other aspects of your business!

You say you have just returned to the UK, may I ask where from and where to?

Take care my friend!

Howzit Nick, thanks for the Compliments.
I enjoyed the design side and as you say it kept me involved with the Website.
We moved from South Africa back to Scotland.

South Africa to Scotland! That'll be a shock to the system when winter kicks in properly my friend!

We knew what we were letting ourselves in for, Got my Snow Boots, Parka Clothes, Thermal Underwear lol, you name it , we are hopefully not caught out.

Thanks for Reminding us Ha!Ha.!


Sounds as if you are fully prepared for all eventualities Murray! Nice going Mate!:-)

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