Don't let this happen to you

Last Update: November 15, 2018

Don't let this happen to you

In the last few days I have seen reports of websites being hacked with new users being added with administration rights.

The issue was caused by a flaw in the GDPR Compliance plugin. The flaw was rectified very quickly and an update to the plugin is now available. But it's up to you as the website owner to update your plugins.

To check if your site has been hacked go to Settings > General and make sure there's no tick in the Membership box for "Anyone can register". And ensure that the new user default role is subscriber.

If what you see is a tick in the membership box and the default user role of administrator then your site has been hacked.

How to Update

To keep your website up to date, follow the steps in this video

If you've been hacked

Go to Settings > General and take the tick out of the box for Membership Anyone can register and change the New User Default Role to Subscriber.

Next, go to Users > All Users and delete any users which should not be there. Then change your website passwords.

When you keep your plugins, themes and WordPress up to date you will have less issues with security. I also recommend that you install Wordfence security plugin and run regular scans to check for security issues.

Please do not ignore the signs that your website needs updates. Updates are an essential part of the process. We get new features and bug and security fixes frequently. And these are provided through the updates.

I check my website every single day to see what updates are required. I urgently suggest that you do the same.

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GuyW1 Premium
That was something I was unaware of so have checked my settings.

Thank you for that important information Marion.
FKelso Premium
Valuable information. Starring this one.
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Thanks for this, Marion. 👍
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Thank you for this great message, Marion. Security is on my mind today also!
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Thank you Marion