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I've seen people do these sort of blogs in my time here at WA, they always inspired me but also seemed so far away from where I was and I wondered how on earth they did it and if I ever could. Were they all experts at some complicated marketing, did they have fancy skills with their site, were they paying for premium themes and gadgets, or is it just a 'them and us'?

As it turns out there's many ways to do this online, and the only one common denominator is:

  • To keep plodding along in the right direction with the right foundation that you get here to set up your website
  • And regarding niche be yourself and use your full skillset.

Where are you in the journey to generating income?

1. Mindset - did you know that people can block money?!

Map: do you know where you are going and are you in the right frame of mind to get there? And if you got there would you hold onto it, or be like the lottery winners who lose their money inside two years because it is not a subconscious 'known' to them...

* My secret weapon here is Mental Bank free video on youtube by George Kappas of hypnosis. edu

2. Habit

Consistency: plodding along, whether high speed or like me screeching along with the handbrakes still on, we all end up at our destination if we just keep going.

*There are many tools you can use to create habits, eg the Mental Bank, or SiteContent goal setting, self hypnosis, journaling.

3. Foundation

Skills & Training: I've deliberately divided this into two, because as affiliate marketers we need to know TWO things:

  1. How to run a website
  2. Niche mastery

1. Setting up and running a website is absolutely nailed by WA, they make it totally easy for newbies and they are extremely low maintenance, when we've got questions the community here helps out real fast too.

2. As for niche mastery, obviously there are steps to mastery and you need a solid foundation there too whatever niche you choose.

Yes writing is communicating, but you still need something to communicate whether it is something small or big. Feed your knowledge and thoughts. You can't just buy a karate black belt and wear it, well you can but who'd you be kidding, you need to work your way up HOWEVER you can earn every step of the way AND maybe you don't have any desire to be a black belt at all, maybe mastery of the level 1 white belt in your niche is as far as you want to go but we are still talking 'mastery' of whatever level you choose. When it comes to communication and content I like to take it up a notch and say:

People need to have something to communicate, and know what they are saying

Basically isn't it fair enough to expect you to have something to say, ideally resources outside of regurgitating half assed facts from wiki and top ranking websites who may only be top because of clever SEO or advertising dollars and not necessarily merit or value.

Of course it may depend on your niche, it may depend on your dedication to your niche - it is easy to hire people to write, to copy, whatever, but ultimately you get out of it what you put in both in terms of dollars, enjoyment, impact and contribution. In my niche, those big sales sometimes carry very tough questions with them and at times responsibility. But there's plenty of smaller sales to attract too.

Method & Results

So I've been writing blogs here all along on creating quality original content, on using good resources, on helping your audience, and this blog today is showing you the outcome of my focus on knowledge and original sources, doing courses and never copying. The title of this blog follows a progressive sequence now that I look back over the year.

It surprises me I got this result focused more on knowing my niche than even building out my website. I'm still learning lots of things myself both about websites, marketing, and conquering and keeping up with my niche. I also have life issues that tend to take over, like with so many people in here, but I do keep plodding along.

Niche Mastery + Marketing = $$$ More Dollars!!

My experience is when you are really passionate and knowledgeable about your niche then very targeted people tend to find you - even without a large content output, without fancy SEO, without all the usual marketing extras and tweaks

However master the training here at WA and combine it with niche mastery and those two things together will make way more than any one of them by themselves.

Ideally I'd like to be a black belt in both my niche and the website/marketing end of things - currently I'm stronger in my niche, whereas many people in here are stronger in marketing, and then many other people don't seem to realize there are two belts. So whatever level / colored belt you choose to master in your niche or in marketing at least get off the ground in your niche ;)


Update: please notice the featured image says 'study', and stop asking to see my site as I've already told you I'm an expert in my niche and all I have is the basic training, free theme, kyle's basic is expertise that speaks in my niche, not copying - all my blogs say Do Not Copy, so please don't ask to copy me, be yourself

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Mary, Mary, Mary,

That is so cool.

Thanks for inspiring me. There is so much going on and I know Wealthy Affiliate’s worth. Absolutely! I have to get this right. I have not been online for a very long time and when I happened to log in I saw this post.

Do you think the Universe is talking, lol?

I'm so happy for you.

Much more increase for you.

Becky :)

Thanks Becky, lol, there are no accidents :)

Yep, just keep coming back no matter how many breaks you have to take, story of my life lol!

Way to go! You are an inspiration.Now back to the training for me.

LOL! good idea! :)


Thanks Nemira! Best wishes!

The main key I got out of your post is when you wrote:

"To keep plodding along in the right direction with the right foundation that you get here to set up your website
And regarding niche be yourself and use your full skillset."

I love the picture of the says allot.

you nailed it, and yes lol, getting the message in above the fold for skim readers, though I was beginning to think most peeps won't see past the first dollar sign :D

consistent plodding wins, and be true to yourself - takes all the pressure off too ;)

Black belt sounds good to me too Mary- Gonna take me more time but I'm working on it :)

tortoise wins over the hare every time :)

Yes and that's me- so much more and loving every step of the way Mary
Thank you and go easy


Thanks! :)

Great job and great post! Did you earn thru affiliate marketing or another business model online?

affiliate marketing, the basics as outlined in the entrepreneur course

$2000 in a weak?! Great job!

Also, I'm glad to see people on WA telling the community about their performance. It is inspiring and it gives a little more proof about this whole thing at WA.

I don't know why people tend to be secretive about income. It's not like it will de-spawn if you tell other people about it. But seriously, thanks for sharing.

I've been lucky to see others do this in the past, we need to know what is possible out there. And I see them do it in many different ways in many different niches.

This is absolutely nothing compared to what the professionals are making! I'm just literally beginning to find my feet - this was an unusally good week in my niche but it's motivating to do more work

Keep after it.

Congrats! That's Awesome!! And you are so, so right! Thanks for taking the time to encourage us all here and here's to many, many more sales like you had today:)!

Thank you for the good wishes! People do need to be encouraged to keep at it, no matter how slow they seem to be applying themselves at first!

Thanks for sharing, Mary.

Thanks Roger, best wishes!

No problem, Mary.

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