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I want to expand on this a little bit. I am no going to change anything from the previous update, this profile itself is telling a story.

I am still growing and learning and venturing into adventures. I am obviously feeling pretty good again because I can say that I and the urge to even write this update won over this morning.

I have launched an app and met new partners and life feels pretty good again. So, as of today, March 18 / 2019, I just want you to know if you are here reading this, welcome to the community, I am honoured to be in this circle here. And here is a little more background.

The last time I updated.......was

Let's update this as of November 2017. I have finally signed on for the yearly with Black Friday. My life is completely different since my wife passed away last May.
The reasons for being here, are fundamentally life changing. I feel alive again. I feel I have purpose and I am grateful for this opportunity in my life, now more then ever before. Having said that, here is the rest of my bio, all of it still holds true.

Hi! I found this site while I was reviewing "Another" way to make money online. I have a taste for working at home and helping people so that's what I want to combine. I can do it with brick and mortar for other people so now I would like to turn it into me doing it my way.

Monetary reasons are probably the strongest reasons for being here and yet among the community is the strong sense of family that is missing in our world today. On WA, we have a cultural of care and support and it is unparalleled to anything on the internet and for my own personal experiences there is nothing outside my walls that compares to it either.

You, the community and each one of us collectively should take a bow. Together, this is the strongest, most studious and brilliant group of people I have ever shared or collaborated with.

I am blessed, honored and privileged to be here and just want the people who have supported me to know!

It has been close to 3 years now since I have been here. It has taken a long time to realize what I want to do. Thankfully, being here has allowed me to grow.

I am excited for Today. Everyday, and I am grateful.
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CandP Premium
Jared, we thank you for your follow and we follow back.
We appreciate your sharing what you have been through in the past year. We are so pleased that you take some strength from the community here. So do we.
There is no other platform out there like WA and it feels like a safe and productive place for all of us.
We wish you happiness in your life and the prosperity will come.
Colette and Philip
iJared Premium
Thanks for the very kind words.
Look forward to hearing more from all of us! Haha!
gartnerf Premium
Hi Jared. Thanks for the following. Following you back.

Sorry to hear about your wife. Also glad to hear you have found new purpose in your life. I hear you about wanting to work at home online and control your business (at least the best you can). While the money would be good, I am equally driven to share what I know in my field (CNA) and get people the help they need. Once I get some feedback hearing that I will feel satisfied I am making a difference beyond just my physical actions.

Wishing you a successful journey!

iJared Premium
I can relate for sure! Thanks for stopping by.
Cazza12 Premium
Hi Jared, it is a pleasure to meet you and wholeheartedly agree that every single person in our WA community is special.

Thanks so much for connecting with me, have followed you back also and look forward to sharing this amazing journey with you here at WA.

All the best and wish you much success.

See you around WA!

Cheers Caz :)
iJared Premium
Thanks! Looking forward to it!
BillandSue Premium
Sue and I thank you for your following. WA is the best training platform in the world.

I totally agree this Community is amazing. I have never had to sit and wait for an answer to a problem either from Community or Tech Support.

What wonderful experience this has been and still is to be associated with Wealthy Affiliate.

iJared Premium
So True! Thanks for stopping!
coxscastle Premium
Hello Jared. I'm sorry to hear about your wife. I am glad you are doing ok. Thanks for the follow I will follow you also and maybe we can work together sometime. If I can help in any way just holler. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed but I will help if I can. Michael Cox.
iJared Premium
Don't worry buddy, I am not the coldest beer in the fridge either. Thanks for saying hello!
LynnB1 Premium
Glad to meet you. I to lost the love of my life,my husband "we were joined at the hip" for 45 years. Each day that goes by it does get a little easier. I know he'd be happy with WA since our daughter always lovingly called us her dinosaurs.
Hope we can help each other in the future as well as everyone possible.
iJared Premium
Thanks fo the kind words and insight!
nathaniell Premium
I hope things are going well. I know you are getting rolling within the training and there is ONE thing that always tends to confuse people and that is "what is my niche?".

I know, same thing happened to me when I started.

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I am here if you ever want to run any niche "ideas" by me or you have any questions about finding your niche.

Get back to me when you get the chance! :)
Swangirl Premium
Hi Jared. Thank you for following me a while back. I am following you now as well. Thank you for your comment on my post.

I am so glad you have your 4 fur babies to love but sorry you lost your wife.

I agree with you about WA. It is amazing. I love the great supportive community and look forward to checking in with my friends here everyday. I truly love WA.

Nice to meet you here,
iJared Premium
Nice to officially meet you too!
DenzC Premium
Hi IJared. What you said about the comradery of the community vs outside out walls, holds true. The world would benefit tremendously from the love, appreciation for others, patience, and selflessness that exists here.

I recently joined and would love to be a part of your network.
I'm following you.

iJared Premium
Thank you very much for the kind words.

Looking forward to our success!
DKretzman Premium
Thanks IJared! I have been doing the same. I have been a member here for over a year. I have also been doing a lot of research for the past 3 years about anything and everything concerning the internet.and new technology start ups. The genre is massive and so informational. It is just so interesting and unbelievable............Donna
iJared Premium
Amazing and unbelievable indeed!
DNicholas Premium
Hello Jared, thanks for following me, I'm now following you too. I totally agree with you about this community. Imagine how different the world would be if everyone felt the way we do here. I'm still pretty new here and still struggling. I look forward to learning from your experience. I hope 2018 bring you the success your looking for. Best wishes and see you at the top.

iJared Premium
That sounds like a good plan!
Flash4 Premium
Hi Jared, your profile echos mine exactly. I find that here is a family of people willing to help and be helped.
It takes time to recover after the loss of a loved one, somehow your purpose in life is in question.
Glad that you've found your vitality again and a reason to continue here in WA.
Thank you for following me I have followed you back.
Cheers Jae
iJared Premium
Well Spoken! Thanks for the kind words and encouragement!
VeronicasLuv Premium
Greetings, Jared!

What beautiful bio. Sometimes it may take me a couple of days o respond back to a "follow" simply because I like to read each and every bio of the people I follow because that helps me connect with others. I would never have imagined calling people "friend" when I never even met them, but so it is...

Glad to be connected and looking forward to reading about your journey, Jared.
iJared Premium
Thanks, and I yours!!
keithgravlee Premium
Hi Jared, you have a very inspirational bio. So sorry to hear about your loss.

I have to be honest with you about WA, I really thought it would turn out to be another hype site. I am so grateful that I was wrong. I am enjoying the community very much and so glad to meet people like you here in WA!

Looking forward to your updates! Best of success.

iJared Premium
Yes! WA is different. Let's update each other!
Loes Premium
Hello Jared,♫Welcome! I am so pleased you found WA. Nice to meet you ツ I wish you a lot of learning pleasure and fun at WA. Thank you for adding me to your network.

From the start, I have written training for every issue I had problems with myself. And I share all my interesting findings on my blog space. I have listed them on a blog for you. When you type in “Blogs list top rated by Loes” into the search bar on top, you'll find my goodies under Blogs. I hope to help you with those.

If you have any questions, please reply to this message or leave a comment on my profile.
Success building your business in 2018. See you around, Greetings Loes
iJared Premium
Kool thanks for the chance info and wishes!
XavierPerez1 Premium
I can relate to your bio Jared. As a primary caregiver for our Mother simply put, family is everything. I also get the togetherness vibe from WA and am truly fortunate that this venue will produce through diligence and support. Continues success to you Sir, and if you need anything don't hesitate to drop me a line. Take care
iJared Premium
Thank You! Solid support systems are always a good thing!@
Thank you for taking the time to comment.
PMindra Premium
Hi, Jared.
Paul Mindra here from Ontario, Canada.

Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your network. I graciously accept by following you back.

I see from your profile that you have been here since 2014.
I am proud to know that you are still here. (Speaks mountains about WAU). I have been here since May, 2016 and will not be going anywhere else for quite a while. I returned your private message. Thank you for reaching out.

I also looked at your sites.

The below that you wrote is an incredible foundation.

Think Good Thoughts
By Jared on Nov 19, 2017 in Just Love No BS | 2 comments

I have a new purpose in my life. Every day is a bit of a struggle because the reality of my life still has not completely sunken in and I don’t know if it ever will. Even as I write, I try to not to address the huge void in my life. However, a person cannot live like that. I have to Think Good Thoughts and I have to continue to live life here. I know that Nicky was worried for me. That was just how considerate that woman really was. She worried about my happiness above her own. I want to tell you now, anybody who listens, I hope to spend the rest of my life, telling the world, love is the answer. Nicky Bosch passed away on May 27 2017. She was at peace when she died. As hard as this is to write, this is my purpose. I don’t think we stood a chance to be honest. For our family and friends that were here and experienced it first hand, I know we are still at a loss. It...

Read more here: http://justlovenobs.com/think-good-thoughts/

One day at a time. Yesterday passed, what did I learn from it? How do I apply it to today and tomorrow.

You are blessed.

Kindest regards,

iJared Premium
I am blessed. I am blessed indeed to cross your path.

I am also touched, beyond words that you would take time to read and make notice here....

I am in awe.

I will never forget any of this.
Armlemt Premium
Thanks for the follow back. I am so glad you found this place where you feel alive again. Losing someone close to you can really make you feel like you no longer have a connection. Finding your way after a loss like that is something that a lot of people never accomplish.
iJared Premium
It has been a struggle. No man or woman is an island. I am fortunate and blessed to have a strong support system. This place is definitely included.
Armlemt Premium
That helps a lot!
brichnow21 Premium
Hello, Jared...Welcome to our Sandbox...the most fun, loving, witty, and encouraging, folks one could ever meet, in One Place!
I, too, came, on at that crucile time...get a job..or...I, lacked, a purpose, though, I have plenty of civic, duties...not, what, I needed for my soul's growth.
May, this Christmas season, be filled, with the love of this community...alaways, fun hanging out and learning, around my Sandbox, without, Walls...soon to go nationwide...all due to the inspiration, I've given, right here, by, my wonderful, friends, and followers...it is a safe protected, sandbox...filled with love...
Compsol99 Premium
Thank you very much for following me. Best of luck to you in your endeavors.
Shawn - Yearly Premium Member

P.S. Please check out my websites on my profile page to get an idea of what the Wealthy Affiliate training can do for you. Any feedback or comments would be greatly appreciated.
TKCeja Premium
Hello and welcome to premium! I love WA and recently went premium myself! I figure if you are going to make all of your dreams come true, you need to have all of the tools right? If you are looking for support, motivation, and community of people that want to see you succeed, then you are in the right place and going premium just made it better!!